How to Make Glowstone Dust in Minecraft

Making stronger potions or light sources in Minecraft is one of the most essential things not only by the book but also if you want to get stronger.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to make glowstone dust in Minecraft and use it for powerful crafts.

What is Glowstone Dust in Minecraft

Glowstone dust is a material that can be found in the Nether by breaking glowstone ores. Glowstone is a soft material and can be broken fast with a hand, or you can use a pickaxe to speed up the process.

Keep in mind that you cannot get glowstone dust if you have a silk touch enchanted pickaxe. Silk touch allows players to get the block they were mining, without extracting its ore or drop. But even if you get the glowstone whole, you can use it for making glowstone dust and we will explain how this happens later.

Where can I find glowstone dust in Minecraft

Glowstone dust can be found while trading with the cleric villager, who will want emeralds in return.

Another way of finding glowstone is by creating a nether portal. You can find nether portals in the overworld, that will need restoration, or create your own by acquiring obsidian.

Other than that, glowstone could possibly be found while fighting with witches or by finding the wandering trader.

If you find the wandering trader, you can trade 2 emeralds for 1 glowstone.

You can later mine this glowstone with a fortune enchanted pickaxe and get more glowstone dust drops.

The fortune enchantment lets you get more materials from mining and may reduce the costs of obtaining materials through trading.

What materials do I need to craft glowstone dust

To craft glowstone dust in Minecraft you will need to have glowstone. As before mentioned you will need to trade with villagers, wandering traders, or kill witches to get it.

How to make glowstone dust in Minecraft

Once you have gotten enough glowstone in Minecraft, you can start breaking it with your fortune enchanted pickaxe.

Using a fortune enchanted pickaxe can bring you more glowstone ores and reduce the costs of glowstone.

With the glowstone dust, you can start brewing thick potions or making spectral arrows for fighting mobs.

Can you stack glowstone dust in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 glowstone per slot in Minecraft.

If you are exceeding the limit or run out of available slots, you can craft glowstone blocks and increase the available slots.