How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Minecraft can be a fun to play game, but sometimes we need to chill a bit. The best way to have some alone and quiet time is to go fishing.

Starting your fishing experience does require materials, so in this tutorial, we will learn how to craft a fishing in Minecraft.

What is a fishing rod in Minecraft

Fishing rods in Minecraft are used for catching various types of fish. The concept is just like in the real world, although you don’t need fishing bait, to catch the fish.

The fishing rod is being thrown, by right-click and will stay above the water, until a fish gets near and gets caught.


You will be seeing animations in the new Minecraft updates, which show how fish are nearing your thrown hook, and once they get caught, you will need to right-click one more time to pull your rod and collect your fish.

Although you will be catching fish with the fishing rod, you also have chances of receiving other items, such as miscellaneous items, or even some rare rewards like enchanted books and others.

Where can I find a fishing rod Minecraft

If you are not the type of player who wants to craft his own fishing rod, you can then try to acquire one through these possible ways.

Getting a fishing rod from the underwater ruins

While exploring Minecraft you may find underwater ruins. Except for the mobs which will try to attack and kill you, there are chests placed in the ruins, which hold various treasures.


If you get lucky enough, you may be able to find a fishing rod inside a chest in the underwater ruins, but chances are low.

Trading with villagers for a fishing rod

The second and last way to find a fishing rod in Minecraft is to trade with the villagers. The journeyman villager is the only one, which offers fishing rods and the price may vary from 7 to 22 emeralds.


No other villager is trading fishing rods but can be professionally trained to become a journeyman if you have the proper items for this profession.

What materials do I need to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft

If you wish to craft a fishing rod, rather than searching or trading for acquiring it, you will need certain materials, which are not hard to find.

The first material is sticks, which are the easiest to acquire material. The next required material is strings, which can be acquired from killing spiders.

Spiders have a medium chance to drop strings, but you will get them really fast.

You will need in total 2 strings and 3 sticks to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft, and this takes doesn’t take too much time.

The only time consuming thing is for the mob spawn time, as they come only at night.

How to craft a fishing rod in Minecraft

Once you have gathered the needed amount of strings and sticks, you will need to proceed to your crafting table and place all the materials in a combination, just like in the image below.

Fishing rods cannot be crafted in the player 2×2 grid, so they require a crafting table placed.

The sticks should be placed from the bottom block all the way to the top in a diagonal way. The strings should be placed one on top of another from the last stick.

If everything is done properly, then you should be receiving a fishing rod, which can be used for fishing or other activities.

What can you do with a fishing rod in Minecraft

With a fishing rod, you can go fishing in Minecraft and start receiving various items, from which most of them will be really common.

You will be able to receive one of the many types of fish and in rare cases, you will be getting other items.

Except for fishing, you can use the fishing rod for harming animals and mobs. The fishing rod gets stuck in the mob when thrown, and if you pull it back by right-clicking the mob can be pulled to you.

Using the fishing rod for pulling animals and mobs also uses durability, so you will be exhausting it faster.

Can you stack fishing rods in Minecraft?

You can’t stack fishing rods in Minecraft. Only 1 fishing rod can be added per slot.

If you are using mods or plugins, you can change these settings and manipulate the stackability of fishing rods.