How to make eye of ender in Minecraft

Do you want to finish Minecraft’s last boss, but need ender eye of ender?

Now you can learn how to make eye of ender in Minecraft and defeat the Ender Dragon with no issues.

What is an eye of ender in Minecraft

The eyes of ender are materials, which are used to indicate the existence of strongholds in Minecraft or build up the end portal.

With an eye of ender in Minecraft, you can find a stronghold and loot it, by just right-click throwing it in the sky.

The eye of ender starts flying and falls after 3-5 seconds. While it’s in a flying state it will be searching for the nearest stronghold.

Eyes of ender have a chance to break, which comes in every 1 to 5 eyes of ender, and breaking it will require you to use another one or farm Enderman for more.

Where can I find an eye of ender in Minecraft

The eye of ender cannot be found in Minecraft. It is a material built by acquiring ender pearls from killing Enderman and placing blaze rods into your crafting table for making blaze powder.

Aside from crafting the eye of ender, you cannot acquire them in any other way.

Even if you stumble upon the stronghold there may be eyes of ender placed, which cannot be taken.

It is required that the player fills ups the 12 spots from the broken end portal with eyes of ender to travel to the end.


How to make an eye of ender in Minecraft

The eye of ender requires players to kill 2 different mobs, which have a 50% drop chance rate.

You will need to kill both the Enderman and Blaze for acquiring the materials.

Enderman can be found in the overworld, while a Blaze can be only found in the Nether realm, which can be accessed through making a nether portal in Minecraft.

Materials needed to make an eye of ender

The materials needed for an eye of ender are the following:

Ender pearl – Acquired from killing Enderman with a 50% drop rate.

Blaze rod – Acquired from killing Blaze with a 50% drop rate.

Recipe for making an eye of ender

Once you have gathered the ender pearl and blaze rod, you will need to make blaze powder for the final creation of the eye of ender.

You can use your character’s crafting slots and simply place the blaze rod in any of the crafting grids. A material called blaze powder will appear, which you will need to take. Each blaze rod results in 3 blaze powders.

After making the blaze powder proceed with placing both the ender pearl and blaze powder one next to the other.

Once the materials are placed you will then receive a single eye of ender.

Depending on the broken end portal, which needs a fix, you will have to gather the right amount of ender eyes and blaze rods.

The fastest and most efficient way to do this is by staying longer time in the nether for farming Blazes next to their spawner and searching for the Enderman in the overworld.

Can you stack eye of ender in Minecraft

Eyes of ender can be stacked in Minecraft and each stack consists of 16 eyes. If you wish to modify the number you will have to use special mods or plugins.

Otherwise, the number of stackable eyes of ender cannot be modified.

Can you find a stronghold in Minecraft without eye of ender

Yes, you can find a stronghold. It will be a hard thing to do, but you may eventually find it.

If you don’t have an eye of ender, you can still loot the chests and see how many eyes are needed to complete the portal, but you cannot repair it.

How many eyes of ender does it take to find a stronghold

It takes from 1 to 3 eyes of ender, but the chances of breaking your eye of ender are 1 to 5.

Nonetheless, an end portal needs 12 eyes of ender, so you may end up needing more than what you have.

Does eye of ender work in the nether

The eye of ender doesn’t work in the nether, so you shouldn’t try throwing it, as it won’t help you find a stronghold or anything.

The only place where an eye of ender works is the overworld, as its usage is to find the nearest stronghold.

Can a stronghold spawn without an end portal

As Minecraft has been continuously developing the biomes, you may end up finding a stronghold, which is connected with a mineshaft or any other underground structures.

It is a common bug, which looks natural but shouldn’t be in the game. However, Mojang hasn’t still removed it or worked on it.

How many end portals spawn per world

For Minecraft Java and Bedrock players, there is a total of 128 strongholds spawned per world, with 13 end portals per stronghold. This makes the total of 1536 end portals.