How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

How to craft crafting table in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game, which represents the real world. The only difference is that it is all about blocks.

The great thing about Minecraft is that you can break and craft. Just like in the real life.

One of the things that can unleash your crafting potential and let you build up your own world is the Minecraft crafting table.

But how do I make a crafting table in Minecraft?

In this guide we will cover all the steps and give you hints on how you can make or find a crafting table in Minecraft.

What is crafting table in Minecraft used for?

One of the most important tools in the game is the crafting table.

Crafting tables are used for creating items such as swords, armor, food, tools, blocks for building and many items that can buff your character.

Crafting tables are critical for gameplay, since they help keep players engaged by giving them something to do while playing in their survival world in Minecraft.

In order to craft something on the crafting table you will need to have the items needed and place them for the creation of a new and better item.

If you are unsure of what items you can create with a crafting table, you can check out our recipe guide and start using your crafting table for every item in the game.

Where can I find Crafting table in Minecraft?

The only way you can find crafting table in Minecraft is if you are searching in villages.

Like the furnace the crafting table only spawns and can be found in village biome.

Crafting tables often spawn in village homes or can be found in the village chests. If you also go for mining and find a cave, or a lost mineshaft with railways, you can get pretty much lucky and find a chest filled with items.

It may also contain a crafting table, along with some ingots, swords or any kind of items.

Otherwise, you will have little to no chance finding one in the wilderness and you will be left with one option which is to craft one.

How to craft crafting table in Minecraft?

To craft a crafting table in Minecraft is very easy and we congratulate you if you know how to make one, but if its your first time we will show you how you can make one.

Before you make a crafting table in Minecraft you will have to gather the necessary components:

The necessary ingredient is wood planks, which can be acquired by placing 1 wood into your character. This will create 4 wood planks.

It does not matter what kind of wood or wood planks you are using. The crafting table will remain the same and will not change design or its functions.

Put 4 Wood Planks of the same type of wood in each box of the 2X2 crafting grid.


The crafting table is the most essential item in game, which lets you proceed ahead and craft even more items.

One of the best things that a crafting table is used for are the tools. With a crafting table you can craft a good Iron Pickaxe and start searching for diamonds.

If you want to learn some tricks to get more diamonds, you can check out our article on how to get diamonds on Minecraft.