How to make a boat in Minecraft

Do you want to sail ahead in Minecraft or go fishing in deep sea, but don’t know how? Learning how to craft a boat in Minecraft can help you out with your hobby of travelling or simple fishing.

If you are wondering how to craft a boat in Minecraft, simply scroll down and you will fully understand the simple process.

What is Boat Used for in Minecraft?

A boat in Minecraft is a non-solid block that one can use to travel from island to island across a body of water, as a means of navigating the ocean, lakes and it can also be used as a fishing vessel.

You can choose between 6 different variations of boats to make and that is oak, birch, jungle wood, acacia and last but not least dark oak.

You will have to be careful not to hit the boat with your fists or while sailing to hit it in near blocks like lilypads or other blocks near the shore because that can lead to destroying the boat. 

Where can I find Boat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are many ways to get a boat.

If players have the time and patience for it, they can create a boat from wood planks and sticks.

Finally, if players find a witch hut, desert temple or deep in dungeons, they may come across a boat there inside treasure chests.

How to craft Boat in Minecraft?

To begin crafting a boat in Minecraft you will need the following crafting materials:

You will need to have 3 blocks of preferred wood, then you will have to open your crafting table if you have already craft and turn the wood into wood planks you will need 5 wood planks.

After you have turned the wood into wood planks you can proceed into crafting the boat in Minecraft.

There should be 2 wood planks placed in the first row at either sides (it’s important that the middle box should be left empty) and 3 oak planks placed in the second row.