How to make an axe in Minecraft

So you have just started out in Minecraft and wish to learn how to craft an axe or understand what can you do with it.

With our tutorial, you will have the full knowledge of how you craft an axe in Minecraft and on top of that learn some tricks, that you can apply in the game.

What is an axe in Minecraft

So basically an axe is used for woodcutting in Minecraft, but not only. It is a utility tool, which players use to craft at the beginning of the game, along with a sword, shovel, pickaxe and hoe (hoe is optional).

The axe is one of the tools, which can help you ace the game faster, as wood is really important in Minecraft.

With it, you can chop faster trees and prepare yourself to build a house, so you can hide from the mobs at night (yes there are mobs at night, which can kill you).

Where can I find an axe in Minecraft

You can’t simply find an axe in Minecraft. There are no chests that will give you the item in the game, but you can actually get one by trading.

If you stumble upon a village in Minecraft, you will find villagers who are ready to trade certain items and in return you may get better ones.

For example, you can find a toolsmith villager, who will be willing to trade an axe for a couple of emeralds.

Don’t get discouraged if you do not have enough emeralds, or you have none at all.

There are many ways that you can obtain emeralds in the game and one of them is through trading with the villagers.

Some of them accept food items, which could bring you a ton of emeralds and help you get better gears in no time.

What materials do I need to craft an axe in Minecraft

In order to craft a pickaxe in Minecraft you need sticks and any of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Gold is a precious material, which you will not find easily, but keep in mind that it is the worst material for crafting tools.

Golden materials are not really worth it, as they can break easily and hold no value.

While it’s not worth crafting tools with gold, you can actually use it to make better food, such as golden carrots and others!

How to craft an axe in Minecraft

So once you have gathered all the needed materials for crafting an axe, you can now proceed to your crafting table and open it.

Once you open the crafting table, you will need to place the sticks and the desired material in the correct order, and an axe will pop up.

Once you craft the axe, you can start cutting down every possible tree as it has no limits, but that’s not all. There are many more materials that can be broken with an axe faster than others can.

What can you do with an axe in Minecraft

Besides cutting trees with an axe, it has many more uses. As a good use for an axe, we would like to mention killing.

You can do PVE content and PVP content with an axe without a problem.

The axe is so overpowered that with one shot, you can really damage players and mobs.

Aside from the PVE and PVP, axes are great for breaking wooden materials. You can destroy bookshelves, fences, doors, wooden planks and much more.