How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

Are you getting tired of close-ranged combat in Minecraft, or want to fight your enemies from distance?

One of the best fighting tools in Minecraft is the bow and crossbow, which use arrows as ammunition and can help you survive in ranged battles.

And in this article, we will explain to you how to make arrows in Minecraft and how you can use them.

What are arrows in Minecraft

Arrows are one of the easiest things to collect in Minecraft. They are essential fighting ammunition, which is used fired with a bow or a crossbow.

While using a bow to shoot your arrows, you can achieve a range of up to 52 blocks. As for the crossbow, the range is quite less.

And if you are wondering which weapon you should use, it will always depend on the fighting mechanics. For example, crossbows have lesser durability than bows, but can be enchanted with multishot. The multishot enchantment will let players shoot 3 arrows per shot, and can take the effect of the arrows used.

There are 22 different types of arrows, which can be made in Minecraft, and 17 of them have effects.

While in battle, you can use the arrow of poison, or arrow of weakness, while other arrows are self buffs. These buffing arrows are good to be used with a dispenser, so you can point yourself as a target.

Where can I find arrows in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can find arrows in many different ways.

One of them is by trading with the fletcher villager. In both Bedrock and Java edition, you have a small chance to receive 16 arrows for a single emerald.

Another great way to find arrows in Minecraft is by fishing. For this, you will need a fishing rod and patience.

But the easiest ways to get arrows are by looting hidden chests in the overworld, or by fighting skeletons in the game.

Aside from these ways, you can make arrows in Minecraft but will need some materials.

What materials do I need to make arrows in Minecraft

To make arrows in Minecraft, you will need to get flint, feather, and stick.

The flint will need you to dig for gravel and while breaking it, you have chances to receive a flint from it.

Feathers will need you to kill chickens, as they are the only mob who can drop them. Aside from that, the farmer villager may be willing to trade a few feathers for an emerald, but it is a tough trade.


How to make arrows in Minecraft

To make arrows in Minecraft, you will need to have 1 string, 1 flint, and 1 stick. All these materials will make 4 arrows per combination.

If you want to make more arrows, you will need to grind for more materials, or give up and trade with the fletcher villager.

So once you have gathered all the materials for making arrows, you will need a crafting table and place the materials in a vertical line.

The first material needs to be placed in the flint. Below the flint, you add the stick, and the last one is the feather.

When all the materials have been placed in the correct order, you will be receiving 4 arrows.

Can I stack arrows in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can stack up to 64 arrows per slot, even if they are specially crafted ones. You cannot change how many arrows are stacked by default, but if you are using special stacking plugins or mods, you can change this number.