How to make Soul Campfire in Minecraft

Are you a chef or designer, since you want to learn how to craft a soul campfire in Minecraft?

With our guide, you will learn how to craft, use and what a campfire in Minecraft is most beneficial for.

What is Soul Campfire in Minecraft

Unlike the basic campfire, the soul campfire has a different flame and requires players to have a nether portal to gather the needed blocks for crafting.

The soul campfire has a unique blue flame, which has special effects and can cook food twice as faster than the ordinary one.

Except for the cooking fact, a soul campfire can also scare the piglins and keep you safe, while resting.

The light level of a soul campfire is 10, which is a bit lower than the original campfire, but still has a lot of uses.

Does soul campfire burn forever

A soul campfire cannot be put out easily. Even the rain does not harm it. The only way to stop the fire of your soul campfire is to pour water on top of it.

After the water has extinguished the soul campfire, it loses the ability to cook food faster or keep you safe from the piglins.


If you want to relight it, you will need to use a flint and steel or just break the soul campfire itself.

Every tool can break it fast, but axes break soul campfires faster than any other tool.

Where can I find a soul campfire in Minecraft

Soul Campfires cannot be found in Minecraft. Villagers do not trade them, nor use them in the villages. The only way to acquire one is to craft it on your own.

The needed materials can be found in the overworld and the nether, which means players will need to have a nether portal and perhaps good gears, so they don’t get killed easily by the piglin hordes.

What materials do I need to craft a soul campfire in Minecraft

The only materials needed to craft soul campfires in Minecraft are soul sand, which is acquired from the nether, sticks, and woods.

Woods can be gathered by exploring the world and breaking trees, while the sticks can be crafted from planks.

The only hard to acquire material is the soul sand, which as mentioned requires the nether portal. The easiest way to break the soul sand is by using a shovel.

However, players can still break soul sand with their hands, but it will take them a bit more time.

How to craft a soul campfire in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all the needed materials, you will need a crafting table to proceed. You will need to put 3 blocks of wood, 3 sticks, and only 1 soul sand or soul soil.


Once you have placed the items in the correct order, as shown in the image, a soul campfire will appear as a crafted material.

Can you stack soul campfires in Minecraft

Yes, you can stack up to 64 soul campfires, per grid. If you exceed the number, the next grid will start to get filled.

Without the use of mods or plugins in Minecraft servers, the number cannot be changed.