How to make a sign in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about blocks and decorative items, but they’re also other items, which could help you out with your adventure time.

For example, learning how to craft a sign in Minecraft can help you out with a big proportion of your things.

What is a sign in Minecraft

A sign in Minecraft is a decorative Minecraft block, which lets you place it anywhere and gives you the opportunity to add some text, so you can indicate something.

Most of the players back then were using signs for sorting their chests.


Adding a sign, which has the text cobblestone or another block can help you to find the material you actually need.

This was until the item frames were released and players started using them more often for sorting materials.

Where can I find a sign Minecraft

You can find signs in Minecraft either in the caves’ chests or perhaps in villagers’ chests.


There are no villagers who are willing to trade signs in Minecraft for any kind of item, as the rarity of the sign or craft ability is pretty basic.

Making a sign in Minecraft doesn’t require any game progress or expert knowledge. It is actually fast and easy to craft one.

What materials do I need to craft a sign in Minecraft

So in order to craft a sign, you will need the most basic materials in the game. You need planks and sticks.

All of these items come from chopping wood with your axe or breaking it with your hand.

You don’t need any special abilities or other materials.

So once you have gathered all the wood you need, you can just turn it into planks and sticks. They come from using a crafting table and placing the needed materials in the correct order.

How to craft a sign in Minecraft

Since you have acquired all the needed materials for crafting a sign, you can then proceed to your crafting table and right-click to open it.

Simply fill up the top and middle rows with wood and place one stick on the bottom middle spot, just like in the picture.

Once all the items have been put in the correct order, 3 signs will appear, which will be ready to be taken.

The more combinations you do for signs, the larger amount you will receive when crafting them.

What can you do with a sign in Minecraft

You can use signs for many things in Minecraft, and some of them are really tricky.

For example, the most basic way to use signs in Minecraft is to shift + right-click on any of the chests. This will let you input any text. You can write the name of any item and sort your items more efficiently.


Another great way to use the signs in Minecraft is for water climbing.

Since you have to hold your breath in Minecraft and have a certain amount of bubbles, which pop away, you need a better and more efficient way to climb water.

The best way is to use signs. If you have a second floor in your Minecraft house, you may want to craft ladders or find another way to climb up.

Placing a sign on every first and third block, while adding water between them will help you to climb and the water will not kill you.


This is an old trick, which most of the players in Minecraft were using.

But not only this. Some players have also used signs to act like objects, which can hold a painting. If you break a block, the painting may break also.

But if you place signs and wish to have a secret room, the signs can actually help you and save a ton of time.

The last way to use signs in Minecraft is to have a plugin, which lets you protect chests or perhaps to make the item inside them tradeable.

Can you stack signs in Minecraft?

Since signs are special, they are not exactly like other materials. You can stack only 16 signs per slot.

If you are playing on a server or using any mods, you can see that sometimes you are able to stack more than the mentioned amount.

Some servers or mods allow you to stack over 256 items per slot in your inventory.