How to make a painting in Minecraft

Do you want to decorate and enhance your Minecraft builds even further? Learning how to craft painting can show you brand new ways of building and decorating.

Using paintings isn’t only for decoration and you will understand more about them in this tutorial.

What is a painting in Minecraft

A painting in Minecraft is a decorative block, which has many variations and sizes. Depending on the odds, you may receive a different painting each time.


There is no need to craft another painting if the previous one was not by your liking.

Simply by destroying it, you will receive a new variant, which can be changed by destroying and placing it again.

Where can I find a painting Minecraft

You cannot find paintings in Minecraft, as they are a craftable material, which no villager trader or chest holds.

Although you can get one of the first items for crafting the painting from villagers or simply farming it.

You can trade some emeralds and get shears from the farmer villagers, as you will need shears to finish your painting crafting.

What materials do I need to craft a painting in Minecraft

For crafting a painting in Minecraft, you will need planks and wool.

That’s where the shears come in place. With shears, you can go and right-click with them on any sheep. You will then acquire wool from them.

The color of the wool doesn’t matter, because, in the end, you will get the painting.

The other material needed for crafting paintings in Minecraft are sticks. The sticks are being crafted from planks.

How to craft a painting in Minecraft

Once you have gathered enough materials for crafting a painting, all you need to do is right-click your crafting table and proceed with placing the materials.

Now you need to fill up all the slots, except the middle one with sticks. In the middle grid, you have to place the wool.

If all the materials are placed properly, you should receive one painting per combination.

What can you do with a painting in Minecraft

With paintings, you can design better in Minecraft and use them for decorating your house.

There are 30 different variations of paintings in Minecraft, from which you can choose by putting the painting on the wall.


If you do not like it, you can always break it and place it once again.

Another great thing to use paintings for is secret passages. Many players have been using them, so they can pass through secret places in their houses, which won’t be seen by the other players.

Using signs to hold the painting is a great way to make a secret pass. Or if you want to go even further, you can use trapdoors, so you can block other players.


This way they will think that there is nothing. Since you know that there are trapdoors, you can right-click them and unblock them your way.

Can you stack paintings in Minecraft?

Paintings are stackable in Minecraft, but you can have up to 16 paintings per slot. If you are playing on a server with plugins or mods, which maximizes the stacking, then you will be able to stack more than 16 of them.

You can also use a mod in your world and have more stackable materials.

But without mods or plugins, the stackability cannot be changed.