How to Make a Note block in Minecraft

Note blocks are one of the most fun items in Minecraft, which can produce real sounds.

Every sound can be changed and depends on the block placed under the note block.

In this tutorial, we will explain everything you need to know about the note blocks in Minecraft.

What is a note block in Minecraft

Note blocks are special crafted blocks, which produce sounds when used. Depending on the block placed under them, we will get a musical instrument’s sound.

With note blocks, you can imitate the melody of every song you have ever wished for. But that will need the creation of a system with redstone.

Redstone systems are the only possible way to make melodies with note blocks in Minecraft. If everything is set correctly, each note block will be activated whenever needed.


Note blocks have a sound span from F3 Sharp (#F3) and can reach up to F5 Sharp (#F5). Once the sound span has elapsed, the sounds will be reset and you will hear the first sound once again.

To use a note block on your own and test each sound, you can simply right-click it one time or just hold the right mouse button to hear all the sounds.

Types of instruments in note blocks in Minecraft

Depending on the block you are placing under your note block in Minecraft, you will be hearing a different sound. If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode, you can also use bedrock and hear its sound. It’s really interesting!

Wooden blocks – When using any materials made of wood (stairs, planks, wood, etc) you will be hearing a string bass sound with different notes.

Sand, gravel, and concrete – By using sand, gravel, or concrete in Minecraft, you will be receiving a snare sound, which is seen in hip-hop or pop music.

Glass and Sea Lanterns – If you try using glass or a sea lantern, the sound you will hear will be a ticking sound. It may sound dull in the beginning, but has some potential in making a good melody.

Stone and Nether blocks – By using stone or its craftable materials you will be hearing a hard bass drum sound. The same goes for nether blocks, such as obsidian, quartz, respawn anchors, and others.

Wool – When wool gets placed under the note blocks in Minecraft it will start making .acoustic guitar sounds

Packed Ice – Packed ice produces chime sounds when placed under a note block. But if you try placing normal ice it will not make the same sounds.

Bone Block – If you make a bone block out of all the bones you’ve gathered, you can enjoy a pretty interesting Xylophone sound from your note block.

Pumpkin block – Pumpkin blocks can be found out in the wild. By finding one you can start enjoying didgeridoo sounds.

Glowstone – While some of the nether items produce a hard bass sound, glowstone is a bit different. It produces electric piano sounds, which can be really catchy if set correctly.

Hay bale – Hay bale is one of the most interesting items in Minecraft, which is perfect for villages. If you place hay bale under a note block, you can enjoy banjo sounds and make your villagers happy.

Clay – By placing clay under a note block you will be hearing flute sounds.

Soul Sand – If you have placed soul sand under your note block in Minecraft, you can enjoy cowbell sounds.

Block of gold – Block of gold can help your note block produce a special bell sound, just like the soul sand, but a bit different.

Iron block – Once you have placed an iron block under your note blocks, vibraphone sounds will be heard when used.

Emerald block – Emerald blocks can help your note block to produce 8-bit wave sounds, which were often used in video games.

Other blocks – Any other blocks which haven’t been mentioned will make your note block produce harp or piano sounds.

Where can I find a note block in Minecraft

Note blocks cannot be found in Minecraft, nor be traded with the villagers. The only way you can find a note block is by making it yourself.

What materials do I need to craft a note block in Minecraft

To make a note block in Minecraft you will need to have 2 materials.

One of them is planks and the other one is redstone. To be exact, you will need 8 planks and 1 redstone.

Planks can be found on the surface while spawning. By cutting trees and turning the wood into planks you can get the first material.

Redstone on the other hand can be tricky. It can be found from level 8 to -64 deep in the underground.

And to mine redstone, you will need to have at least an iron pickaxe crafted or better.

How to make a note block in Minecraft

Once you have gathered all the materials for making a note block in Minecraft, you can then proceed to your crafting table.

Fill up all the spots with wood except the middle one. A chest will pop up directly, but you will not need that.

Place the redstone block in the center where you have no blocks and the note block will pop up.

Can I stack note blocks in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 note blocks in Minecraft. If you want to stack more than that you can use a plugin or a mod for stackability.

Otherwise, you will need to use shulkers to carry a larger inventory.