How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft

Have you ever gotten tired of holding books and writing journals in them, or simply want to educate players on your Minecraft server?

Learn how to make a lectern in Minecraft and how it can be a solution to many of your problems.

What is a Lectern in Minecraft

Lecterns in Minecraft are used as an educative block, which is easy to craft and helpful in many cases. It works really well if you would like to write something down on a book and quill.

Once you finish writing the book and quill, you can just right-click on the lectern. The book and quill will get placed on it, and every player can right-click to interact with the book and quill.

Except for reading purposes, you can also use a lectern to assign a job to a villager. To be more specific lecterns give villagers the Librarian job.

This job is one of the best if you would like to enchant your items at an early stage because librarians can trade some good enchanted books for a few emeralds, which would mean you won’t need an enchanting table to craft powerful gears.

Where can I get a lectern in Minecraft

The lectern is an item, which can be found in the villages, as a villager may be working this job. If you are into adventuring and searching for villages or using a Minecraft village seed, you could possibly find one.

Aside from finding a village with a librarian villager in it, you can make a lectern by getting a few materials.

What materials do I need to make a lectern in Minecraft

To make a lectern in Minecraft you will need a few items, which are easy to get from the overworld.

Precisely you will need 4 slabs, which can be crafted from planks. It doesn’t matter what kind of slabs you are using.

Mixes between different slabs are also possible, so you will not need to worry about the lectern recipe.

The next item is a bookshelf, which would be a bit hard to get, as you will need to craft books and turn them into a bookshelf later on.

How to make a lectern in Minecraft

Once all items have been gathered, we will need to use a crafting table as it has 3×3 crafting grids.

The recipe for making the lectern in Minecraft will require us to put 3 slabs on the first crafting row.

You can use any kind of slabs combination, and you will not make a mistake.

Right after that, you can place the bookshelf on the 2nd row in the middle. And on the third row, under the bookshelf, you can place the last slab.

If you have followed the recipe correctly, you should be receiving a single lectern, which can be used for reading or villager job purposes.

Can I stack lecterns in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 lecterns in Minecraft and this number is not changeable, except if you use a plugin or a mod.