How to a make ladder in Minecraft

Do you want to craft a ladder in Minecraft? It is really helpful to craft some and carry them with you if you are going to mine, or simply want to make a great Minecraft house.

In any case, ladders can be lifesavers, as they take only 1 block and players have a comfortable building time.

What is a ladder in Minecraft

Ladders in Minecraft serve as climbable objects, which players can place on any wall-like object and directly start climbing it by pressing and holding the “space” button.

Once a player right-clicks on any block, he will see that a ladder has been placed and can start climbing or even sliding on it.

Minecraft-ladder-placing (1)

Ladders in Minecraft are potential lifesavers, as players, will not need to fall and break their armors if they want to get to the bottom of their mine or similar.

Where can I find a ladder in Minecraft

You can basically find ladders in most of the places in Minecraft. For example, villagers are willing to trade ladders with you for some materials.


And since you are in a village, you can also get some ladders, if you start searching the villagers’ chests.

They may contain a ladder or any of the crafting materials, which are required for crafting ladders.

Another way to get ladders in Minecraft is from the mines. If you go into an abandoned mine, you might stumble upon a chest, which has rails and many other items.

If you are lucky enough, you might get some ladders along the way.

What materials do I need to craft a ladder in Minecraft

Crafting a ladder in Minecraft is really simple. First, you will need to get some wood by cutting down trees with an axe.

Then you can turn those trees into wooden planks, which is the next step to crafting your ladder.

From the wooden planks, you will need to craft sticks and you will be fully ready to craft your ladder.

The type of wood and wooden planks do not matter, as all of them will grant you sticks, and these sticks will be needed in order to proceed with the crafting.

How to make a ladder in Minecraft

So now since you have all the materials, you can then proceed to your crafting table by going right next to it and clicking “E” to use.

For crafting a ladder, you will need to place all the sticks as given in the picture and you will receive 3 ladders per combination of sticks.


The more sticks you have, the more ladders you will get from the crafting table.

What can you do with a Ladder in Minecraft

Once you have crafted a ladder in Minecraft, you may be wondering what is it useful for.

Well, ladders are really helpful for climbing high places. Once you place them on straight wall-looking-like structures, you will be able to start climbing straight away.

You can also use the ladders and place them in different kinds of ways, as done in parkour servers and parkour maps.


Builders often use them for creating challenging structures, which players will use to race and compete against each other.

Can you stack ladders in Minecraft?

Ladders are stackable in Minecraft. Per each combination of sticks, you get 3 ladders, which can be stacked up to 64 ladders in a square.

If you are playing on a server and it has plugins to modify the stackability of items, you may encounter a different scenario.

In the vanilla Minecraft or basic servers, ladders are stackable up to 64 only.