How to make a fence in Minecraft

So probably you are just starting out in Minecraft and thinking about how to craft a fence in Minecraft.

Or perhaps you would like to find out some ways to use your fences?

We are here to cover all the things you need to know about fences in Minecraft, so you have no issues or distractions while playing the game.

What is a fence in Minecraft

Fences in Minecraft are considered as obstacles, which are 1.5 blocks high and can keep animals, mobs, and even players away from trespassing a certain area.


There are multiple types of fences in Minecraft and you probably know them, but for the people who don’t, these are the types of fences that exist in Minecraft:

  • Wood Fence (has many variations)
  • Cobblestone fence
  • Stone Fence
  • Nether brick fence
  • Warped Fence

Where can I find a fence in Minecraft

If you are looking for a fence in Minecraft, you can find them.

Villagers are willing to trade all types of fences, except for the nether brick or warped fence.

Most often you will be able to find the wooden fences from the village traders.

Other places that you can look around are the chests in villages or strongholds. Treasure chests may also contain fences, so it is worth trying your luck.

The last way to gather a fence in Minecraft is through going to the nether, which will be a hard task if you are an inexperienced player.


If you are not willing to go exploring and challenge yourself, then perhaps you can proceed with crafting a fence on your own. It’s not that hard.

What materials do I need to craft a fence in Minecraft

Crafting a fence in Minecraft requires you to have basic crafting materials. That’s if you would like to craft a wooden, cobblestone, or stone fence.

Nether brick fences can also be crafted, but may also be found in the nether world, which you will be allowed to enter after you had created a portal to the nether

So to craft a fence in Minecraft, you will need sticks and one of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Cobblestone
  • Stone
  • Nether Bricks
  • Warped planks

The easiest materials to gather are wood, stone, and cobblestone, as the rest of the materials will require in-game experience.

How to craft a fence in Minecraft

So once you have gathered the sticks and desired materials for creating a fence in Minecraft, then you can go to the crafting table, press “E” and start putting the items.

If you have placed the items just like shown in the picture, you will be receiving 3 fences, which you can use.

What can you do with a fence in Minecraft

Fences in Minecraft are mostly used for blocking certain areas. They can be used to block an area from which you can fall, surround an entire area for animal farming, and much more.

In fact, most of the players who use fences to surround the animals and start breeding them, are also using a fence gate.

The idea of having a fence gate is the same as having a door, but it will look better.

Not to mention that fence gates are the same height as the fences, so you will not have any issues with escaping animals.

Can you stack fences in Minecraft?

Yes, you can certainly stack fences in Minecraft. With each combination to craft a fence in Minecraft, you receive 3 of them.

They can be stacked up to 64.

In some cases, you will find that you can stack more than 64 fences if you are playing on a server, which has such plugins.

Otherwise, the maximum number of stackable fences is 64 and will remain, until further updates.