How to make a door in Minecraft

Do you have a home in Minecraft, which lets mobs inside it? Well, you should craft a door, so you can protect yourself.

As we know doors are well-designed blocks in Minecraft, which help us to protect ourselves from intruders while playing Minecraft.

What is a door in Minecraft

A door in Minecraft is a 2 blocks tall object, which is used to let players close themselves from mobs or other players.

Just like fence doors, the ordinary door can help you out to keep animals inside the home and keep intruders away from it.

You can open and close the door by just right-clicking and it will do its magic.

Doors also have a placement requirement. For example, if you go out of your house and place a door, it will be placed on the outer part of the ground block.

But if you put the door while being inside the house, it will be on the inner half of the block.

There is a small chance that zombies may try to break into your home, by breaking your door. Zombies have the chance to break doors.

Where can I find a door Minecraft

You can find doors in villagers if you stumble upon them. Villagers have doors on their houses, which can be taken.


You can easily break their doors and run away with it free. Except if the iron golem catches you because he can kill you for intruding into the village.

What materials do I need to craft a door in Minecraft

So if you would like to craft a door in Minecraft, the only materials needed are planks. Planks are crafted from wood and wood can be found anywhere in the world of Minecraft.

If you want to chop wood faster, you can use an axe.

Axes in Minecraft are the perfect tool for breaking wood and you can gather it more efficiently.

Depending on the tree, you will get a different door type.


How to craft a door in Minecraft

So once you have gathered enough wood and made it into planks, all you need to do is to right-click on your crafting table and fill up 2 straight lines with wood.

Once you place the planks in the correct order, 3 doors should appear as a crafted material, which you can.

Depending on the planks, you will get a different door variation.

What can you do with a door in Minecraft

Doors in Minecraft are used to lock your house and secure yourself. Although you can actually make traps with doors.

The idea is that many mobs or players can fall into these traps and there are many ways to create one.

All you need to do is to use a pressure plate and the right amount of doors, so players or mobs can get stuck.

Can you stack doors in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can stack up to 16 doors in a player slot. Except if you configure the game, play on a server with plugins, or use any mods, the stacks cannot be more.