How to make a compass in Minecraft

Have you ever traveled thousands of blocks and lost your home? Making a compass can save you the stress and forget making 50 blocks tall obstacles to find your way.

What is a compass in Minecraft

The compass in Minecraft is first seen in the early 1.1.0 Alpha update, which was released way back in 2010.

A compass is a tool in Minecraft, which is used to locate your spawn. In Minecraft single-player, the compass will help you find your bed spawn if located.

While in multiplayer the compass can help you find the server’s spawn until you create your own spawn point by laying down on a bed.

Compasses in Minecraft are active while in your inventory, hand, and even if set on an item frame.

While a compass can work in the overworld in Minecraft, going into a different dimension breaks the laws of physics in Minecraft.

This means that a compass will not work if you go to the nether or in the end world.

Where can I find a compass in Minecraft

While players can craft their own compass and start exploring safely in Minecraft, there are certain ways that you can find a compass hidden in a chest.


If you are into discovering new things in a newly created Minecraft world, searching for a village may be the best choice for you.

Compasses can be found in villagers’ chests, but the chances of a compass being found are pretty low.

However, you can find good loot, such as iron, which is one of the ingredients of making a compass in Minecraft.


If a village has an iron golem protector, you will have to be a bit precautious as iron golems attack thieves, and the outcome is your death.


Another great way for finding a compass in Minecraft is by searching for shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks are broken underwater ships, which have chests inside them. Each chest contains a buried treasure map and more loot.


If you are searching for a shipwreck, they often spawn on the beach, ocean, and river biomes. Using a boat for faster traveling may help you to find shipwrecks easily.


The stronghold is one of the hardest places to find in Minecraft. Except if you are lucky enough to stumble upon it, you will need an eye of ender.


The eyes of the ender a crafted by combing an ender pearl with blaze powder.

Throwing the eye of ender with a right-click will start showing you the stronghold. Inside strongholds, you can find chests filled up with loot. Chances are higher to find a compass in the stronghold, but not 100%.

You may end up unlucky from your loot, but the items that can be found may be useful for making your own compass.

How to make a compass in Minecraft

Ingredients needed to make a compass in Minecraft

A compass in Minecraft is fairly easy and cheap to build. It will not require too much hard work but can help you to locate your spawn point.

The ingredients for a compass in Minecraft are the following:

  • 3 iron ingots
  • 1 redstone.

To get the redstone, you will need an iron pickaxe, otherwise, the redstone will break without dropping anything.

Using an enchanted pickaxe with fortune may end up giving you, even more, loot, but enchant your diamond and netherite gears only.

The recipe for making a compass

Once you have gathered iron ingots and redstone, you will need to proceed to your crafting table as it requires a 9×9 grid to start placing the items.

First, you start by putting the redstone in the middle, and on the other sides, you add one iron ingot. The outcome should look like a plus sign with redstone in the middle.


Can you stack compasses in Minecraft

If you wish to create more than one compass in Minecraft, which would be strange to do, you can.

The compass stacks up to 64 per grid and is currently unavailable for more. If you wish to stack more than 64 compasses, you will need to use a plugin or a mod for increasing the stackability.