How to Make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

So you have been playing Minecraft for a while and have gathered certain materials. But have you ever felt the pain of falling into lava, losing air too fast, or getting bored from being slow?

Making potions in Minecraft can really help you to buff your character, and give yourself resistance from certain aspects of the game.

But to make potions you will need to have a brewing stand, which can be quite tricky to get, but highly rewarding when playing.

In this article, we will explain how you can make a brewing stand in Minecraft and use it for brewing potions, which will protect, buff, and even give you special effects.

What is a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the brewing stand is a special block, which is used for making potions. You can brew 3 potions at a time, which includes upgrading your potions, making them splash potions, lingering potions, or brewing a potion.

Each potion has different effects, which can cause damage to other mobs, poison mobs, heal yourself, give you more strength, or even make you resistant to lava.

However, the potion effects have timers. If you have made your first lava resistance potion, you will see that the status of the potion is pretty low. You can easily upgrade it and have higher status effects.

Or if you are playing on PvP Minecraft servers splash potions would be a great thing. Throwing one of these will directly affect you and the ones near the splash effect. But you can also use this on your enemies.

And if you want to brew more potions and do it faster, you should definitely make a cauldron in Minecraft. This way you can fill up 3 glass bottles and add them to your brewing stand.

Where can I find a brewing stand in Minecraft

Brewing stands are not the most common loot, but they do generate in the overworld. They can be found in the end ships, which will require you to find a stronghold and teleport to the end world.

If you stumble upon an end ship, you will be able to find a brewing stand with two instant health 2 potions. But it can be a hard thing to enter the end world without proper gear.

The next choice for finding a brewing stand would be the villages. If the village has a church, you are lucky. Churches have small chances to span a brewing stand and have a villager working as a cleric. The brewing stand can be used as a job block for the villagers, which makes them clerics, and will offer you options to trade.

If you need the villager to have the cleric’s job, you can simply break the brewing stand and put it again next to him, but in a place where you can also use it.

What materials do I need to make a brewing stand in Minecraft

The materials for making a brewing stand are not that hard to obtain but will require you to have some knowledge. to make a brewing stand you will need 3 cobblestones and 1 blaze rod.

The cobblestone can be broken with a wooden pickaxe even, so it is not hard at all for you to obtain.

However, getting the blaze rod will be difficult, because you will need to find a broken nether portal with obsidian, or make one yourself. Making a nether portal will require you to have a diamond pickaxe for gathering obsidian. But if you loot the broken nether portals and find obsidian in the chests, things can be easier.

Before you enter the nether make sure you have gold and at least 1 gold gear equipped. This way you will not be attacked, and you can also barter your gold ingots with piglins.

When you enter the nether world start searching for a nether fortress. The mob that drops the blaze rods is called a blaze. They spawn on top of the nether fortresses, but sometimes can be seen inside them.

They are spawned from blaze spawners, so don’t break them, or you will lose the entire farm. If you have snowballs you can kill blazes with them, as it is a very fun way to use them.

Once you get at least 1 blaze rod, you can proceed with crafting your brewing stand. But don’t hurry. Gather more blaze rods just in case, because you can make blaze powder from them, and use it for brewing potions.

How to make a brewing stand in Minecraft

Once you have exited the nether realm, you can go back to your home and access your crafting table. The cobblestone that you have gathered can be placed on the 3rd line. Fill up the whole line and place the blaze rod on the 2nd line in the middle.

A brewing stand should immediately pop up ready to be collected and used. You can place it anywhere, but it is recommended next to a villager if you have one, so he can get the cleric job.

Can I stack brewing stands in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 brewing stands per inventory slot. Going further would be impossible because you will need a plugin or a mod that enhances this number.