The 7 Best Minecraft Lucky Block Servers

Would you like to play on a survival Minecraft server with custom blocks, which include surprises?

In this article, we are going to showcase the best Minecraft Lucky Block servers, that you should join right now.

What are Lucky Block Minecraft servers

Lucky Block is originally a mode, later developed into a plugin, which adds a mysterious block to Minecraft. These blocks can be found in the wilderness or given as rewards. This fully depends on the server owners.


So to explain further about Lucky Block rewards, they can be added into 2 separate groups.

The first group we have is the good rewards. They will reward players with in-game items, buffs, or perhaps award them with mob spawning, etc.

The next group we have is the bad rewards one. This includes de-buffs, enormously hard-to-kill mob spawns, poison damage, fire damage, and many other effects.

Chances to expect one of the rewards would be around 50%, but depending on the way the plugin has been set by the server developers.

Best Minecraft Lucky Block Servers

OpLegends (IP:


OpLegends is a Minecraft server that is focused only on unique experiences. They have been in the game for quite a while, and have a large set of custom plugins, including lucky block.

They are mainly hosting a Skyblock server, filled up with amazing PvE content, and hundreds of custom items. Players all around the world have been gathered into this small server, just to try out their Skyblock setup.

And to be fair, they are offering great rewards for each player, which include in-game ranks, money, or special PvE/PvP sets, that can be leveled up through gaining XP.

LuckySkyBlock (IP:


LuckySB is one of the servers, based on Skyblock, but created with only custom plugins, just like Hypixel. They are a small community, which has created a very detailed and customized Lucky Block experience.

Players will not only earn basic rewards, such as effects or items. They may also receive a special in-game rank, PvP/PvE gears, or even get a bad reward, such as getting killed or changing their gear with bounded ones.

However, their lucky blocks can be found in the form of a sponge. Once you picked an island for survival, you will directly receive your first reward.

There are 2 types of rewards, which you can earn from LuckySkyblock. You can get a nice reward, or something terrifying, such as a strong mob spawned, or negative effects.

For the players who are scared to open Lucky Blocks, they can simply use the shop to exchange them for better in-game items, directly from the server shop.

Most of the streamers on the server would be more than happy to buy those Lucky Blocks, as it helps their content to grow.

SkyKingdoms (IP:


SkyKingdoms is one of the next-generation servers, which has included one of the best game modes to be played in Minecraft. They have a wide variety of game modes including Skyblock, Hypixel-styled Skywars, Parkour, and Bedwars servers.

Each of these servers has multiple maps that players can play. For example, Skyblock has a large set of islands, which can be chosen and upgraded to unknown extents. However, any of these islands will have the same items, including some custom Lucky Blocks.

Each lucky block will have a large number of rewards, which varies depending on ranks, and the luck factor. Players cannot collect and trade any of the lucky blocks.

But if the drop is a material item, they can easily add it to the auction house, and trade it with other players.

Creation Nation (IP:


Creation is a fun unique survival server, with the most friendly community. They have a very well-categorized server market, with 25 custom perks, and many collectible items. Some of these collectibles include trophy tags.

As for the rest of their special market offers, they have nicely made donator ranks, which will open doors to exclusive shops. Each donator rank gives you extra perks, and access to 6 tiered shops, which can be accessed by other donators.

Creation Nation also specializes in custom plugins and has created a one-of-a-kind Lucky Block plugin, which may reward players with donator ranks, custom weapons, or even effects.

Keep in mind that there are also bad de-buffs that you can roll, but they will not remove your donator rank, which makes it a safe trade.

The world offered by Creation Nation is a 25k x 25k survival world, including custom PvE, and PvP content.

OPBlocks (IP:


OPBlocks is one of the most known Minecraft server networks, offering a huge server set for the Minecraft community. In fact, they are very well-known for their prison and Skyblock servers.

Their Prison server is the Original candy Prison, which gives it the most popular, among other Minecraft servers.

As for their Skyblock servers, they have created many plugins, which further enhance the experience. One of their best things is the private mines, where players can invite others to join and earn money together, or get paid on the go.

They also have boss fights, where players can fight a boss for the sole purpose to earn special boss drops and exchange them for custom items.

But since we are here for the Lucky Block experience, OPBlocks has included some very special rewards. You can easily earn some special boss drops in the lucky block, but the chances are slim to none.

In most cases, you will be earning yourself some custom drops from other mobs, or special in-game currencies, including ranks.

BlocksMC (IP:

BlocksMC is a Minecraft network, which has recreated your favorite Lucky Block plugin into something far better. Since Minecraft players like the Lucky Block and SkyWars game mode, BlocksMC have turned them into a single game mode.

In the past, BlocksMC was one of the SkyWars servers with lower player base, but after adding a Lucky Block mode to it, they became very popular.

The LuckyBlock SkyWars mode gives players the chance to find better equipment, by breaking the lucky blocks. Once a LuckyBlock is broken, a chest piece, or any other item will be introduced to the player.

Each land can have a random amount of Lucky Blocks added to it, which makes the SkyWars even better.

WildPrison (IP:

WildPrison is a prison Minecraft server with many customization. It is one of the most unique prison servers, which has included most of your favorite Minecraft plugins, and created a whole new prison mode.

In WildPrison you can get many custom roles and features, making your journey easier, and entertaining. They have added a brand-new token system, which can be used to upgrade, sell or buy features for your pickaxes and sets.

To make things more entertaining for the Minecraft community, WildPrison has added Lucky Blocks, which can be found while mining in the prison levels. Each Lucky Block contains rewards like tokens, pickaxes, upgrades, or a secret reward, which can be learned by playing with them.

Players can also join wild events, and can participate in earning more rewards for their hard work. You can also join their weekly and monthly giveaways, which can earn your free ranks or perks..