How to Install Maps in Minecraft

Do you want to play on a premade Minecraft map?

Learn how to download and install Maps on Minecraft.

Minecraft maps can enhance the experience and unlock various new adventures, while you are playing in a single player world, or you have created a Minecraft realm to play with your friends.

There are way too many Minecraft maps that are free to download, with many different purposes, which we will discover further ahead.

What are Maps

Minecraft Maps are whole single or multiplayer worlds, created and saved by the players. The maps created by the players can be saved and re-used in any kind of conditions.

If you are looking for a premade world to download and use it for your Minecraft server or single player world, you can always find something in planetminecraft.


However, some players are also looking for a premade map to use on their server, but something that is unique.

Most of the people nowadays create Minecraft building team and start developing astonishing Minecraft maps, which they sell around the internet.

Most of the Minecraft maps that you will find in websites will have:

  • A spawn for a server
  • Dungeons for fighting mobs
  • Custom made villages
  • Mini game maps
  • Speed runs and others

How to Install Minecraft Maps

In order to install maps on Minecraft, you will first need to choose a website from which you will download the desired map.

minecraft planet maps
  1. Go to your browser and type Planet Minecraft.
  2. Choose the Minecraft maps options and search for a map.
  3. Once you have chosen a map you can click on download and save the map anywhere your computer.

Your map will be downloaded in a zipped folder and will require extracting. You can create a folder for your map and extract the contents inside the file you have downloaded.

minecraft map download

Once you have extracted the contents, drag and drop them inside the Minecraft map folder you have just created.

Installing Minecraft Maps

Installing Minecraft maps on your computer is a piece of cake, once you have downloaded the map you would like to use.

So in order to install maps on Minecraft you need to:

  1. Open your Minecraft (the game).
  2. Click on Launch Options and turn the Advanced settings switch to on.
  3. Once you have enabled the Advanced settings you will be able to add click on Add New.
  4. Then toggle your Game Directory to on and a folder will pop up right next to it.
  5. Once you click this folder it will take you to the Minecraft folder, which you will be using to add maps.
  6. Once you are in the .minecraft folder all you need to do is click on the saves folder and add the Minecraft map folder you had previously saved on your computer.
  7. Now you can open up your Minecraft.exe once again and check your worlds. Your map should exist with the name you had given it.


Installing maps on Minecraft can be a piece of cake and bring much more adventures.

And Minecraft maps can look even better if you are using a realistic Minecraft texture pack.