How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft and Cook Faster

Have you ever gotten tired of waiting for your food to get cooked in Minecraft? And we are talking precisely about meat?

In this guide, we will explain to your how to make a smoker in Minecraft and forget about slow food cooking.

But first, let us take a look at what a smoker is and how it can be used in Minecraft.

What is a smoker Minecraft

Since ancient times the furnace was used for cooking food, turning ore into ingots, or providing you with charcoal.

Now that we have an upgrade to the traditional Minecraft furnace, food can be cooked much faster.

And the upgrade is called the smoker. With a smoker, you can cook food twice faster than with a furnace.

The food you can cook with a smoker is limited but can be helpful for many reasons.

With a smoker in Minecraft, you can cook any kind of meat food, such as rabbits, fish, pigs, and much more.

It follows the absolute same way of cooking the food, where you will need to have a type of burnable material, along with the food to be cooked.

Smokers are also used to assign jobs to your villagers. For example, if you place a smoker next to a villager without a job, he will become a butcher.

Where can I find a smoker Minecraft

In Minecraft, smokers cannot be found or traded with the villagers in Minecraft. The materials you will need for a smoker can be found in the overworld and won’t require more than 5 minutes of your time to get them.

What materials do I need to make a smoker Minecraft

To make a smoker in Minecraft, you will need to make a furnace and acquire 4 wood from chopping down woods.

For making a furnace, you will need to have 9 cobblestone, which can be acquired with a wooden pickaxe, while wood can be broken with a hand.

Any kind of wood can be used in the recipe, so you can just gather the first wood you see. You can add 4 different kinds of wood in the recipe and expect to get a smoker.

How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

Once all materials for making a smoker have been gathered, you will need to use a crafting table, as it requires the 3×3 grids.

You can place the wood in the form of a star, or in other words to fill add a wood block in the center for the 1st and 3rd line.

After that, you can fill out the 1st and third place with wood and place the furnace in the middle.

When the recipe has been followed, you should receive a smoker, which will be ready for use.

How to fuel a Smoker in Minecraft

To fuel your smoker, you will need to have a burnable material. The fastest to acquire material is wood, which can be turned into planks.

Planks can burn really fast, so your best bet would be to turn the wood into charcoal or start digging the mines for coal.

Can I stack smokers in Minecraft

You can have 64 smokers per inventory slot, which cannot be increased, except, if you are using a plugin or a mod for manipulating the numbers.