How Does Mending Work in Minecraft

Are your items constantly breaking or losing their durability fast?

Enchanting your items with the unbreaking enchantment can be helpful, but not a permanent solution for most players.

To help you preserve your items forever we are going to explain how mending works in Minecraft, and how your precious gears will never break again.

What does Mending do in Minecraft

Mending is one of the most powerful enchantments introduced in Minecraft 1.9, allowing players to repair items without the need for an anvil and the same type of item.

It’s a powerful enchantment type, which repairs breaking items or gears by using certain amounts of experience points. Once a gear or tool gets enchanted with mending, its durability can never reach the zero point and break.

What does mending do in Minecraft

This enchantment will also last forever, or as long as you keep earning experience points to get your tools and armors repaired.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

Getting mending in Minecraft is relatively hard, as it cannot be received from enchanting books on the enchantment table. However, there are 3 different ways mending can be acquired on single-player worlds, which have great loot chances.

Trading with librarian villager

The easiest and most common way for acquiring the mending enchantment in Minecraft is through trading with the librarian villager.

All you need to do is find a villager, and locate the librarian in it. Start performing trades with him, until he levels up, and browse through the newer trades, which could hold a mending book for a few emeralds.

Librarian Village Trading Mending Books How mending works in Minecraft

If the price for an emerald book seems too much, you can zombify and cure the villager, which drops the price by one emerald.


Fishing is an effortless way to acquire strong enchantment books, along with a wider selection of different items. One of these items is the mending book, which comes with an 0.8% drop chance.

How to get Mending in Minecraft when Fishing

Depending on your luck, a pure enchantment book may be acquired from fishing, or in the worst case scenario an enchanted with mending armor piece will fall.

If that’s the case, an anvil can be used to combine the enchanted item with another one of the same type and transfer the enchantment.

Removing the enchantment will cause it to disappear, so the only way to get it on your preferred enchanted tool is by using the anvil.

Looting chests

Looting chests is one of the most fun activities, as players love exploring Minecraft. There are currently 7 spots you can acquire mending through exploration and fun battles.

  • Dungeons
  • Desert Temples
  • Mineshafts
  • Ancient cities
  • Pillager outposts
  • Underwater ruins
  • Woodland mansions

Of all the places mentioned, ancient cities are the easiest place to acquire a mending book, along with enchanted gears with the same enchantment.

How to Use Mending in Minecraft

When the mending enchantment has been placed onto your armor, weapons, or tools, it will immediately take effect, and repair items while being used.

For the mending enchantment to work, the armor will need to be placed on your armor slots, while tools and swords will need to remain in your main hand.

Each experience level gained can be used to repair a part of your gears, meaning that acquiring experience is crucial to keep your items unbreakable.

To lower the resource of experience needed, enchanting your items with unbreaking can lower the durability usage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mending

Is Mending Worth It in Minecraft?

If you have acquired powerful enchanted gears, mending is worth it. However, gears below the diamond do not need the enchantment present, as enchantments cannot be transferred to higher-tier items.

Does Mending Last Forever in Minecraft?

Mending will last as long as you have experience points and levels. Losing your experience will cause the mending to stop working, but not disappear from your items. Acquiring levels will restore its work.

What items can I enchant with mending?

You can enchant all suitable gears and tools with mending in Minecraft.

Armors: Elytra, Helmets, Leggings, Chestplate, and Boots.

Tools: Sheers, Flint and Steel, Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, and Hoe

Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, and Sword