The Complete Guide on Piglins in Minecraft

Did you come back to Minecraft or simply try to research the piglins in Minecraft?

Without a complete guide on piglins in Minecraft, you will learn everything from where piglins spawn in Minecraft, to how you can interact and be safe from them.

What are Piglins in Minecraft

As you may have heard, Minecraft has changed quite a bit. To be specific with the updates, it was Minecraft 1.16, which is also known as “The nether update”.

With the nether update, we started seeing a new type of ore, which is netherite, news biomes, and a brand-new mob – the piglin.

The piglin is the evolutionary mob, which came from the pigman in Minecraft, but has further enhancements and abilities than it.

Piglins can be seen spawning in the nether wastes, bastion remnants, and crimson forests in groups from 2-4.


Piglins can be broken down into a set of three groups, which have their specific behavior and way of interaction.

A fun fact about piglins is that they do not wish to go near soul sand, and will not chase you. They are scared of the soul sand, as it may be lit on fire.

Except for soul fires, piglins in Minecraft are also scared of soul lanterns, soul torches, and zombified piglins.


They are also not good swimmers, so if you ever pushed them into the overworld, and try to make them swim, they will not swim but will drown.

Another great fact about piglins is that they are not immune to lava, even though they are nether mobs. If they ever step into the lava, they will start taking burn damage and eventually die.

Below we will leave and explain all characteristics of each piglin family mob.

Baby Piglins

Just like ordinary mobs in Minecraft, such as sheep, pandas, and others, piglins can also spawn as babies.

A baby piglin has a 20% spawn rate chance for Java Edition and a 5% spawn rate chance for Bedrock Edition, which means that every 1 to 5 piglins spawned will be a baby.

The baby piglins like to play with the hoglins by jumping and riding on their back.

Baby piglin on a hogglin in Minecraft

Unlike baby zombies, baby piglins cannot attack you and once they are hit, they start running away from you.

They are completely carefree mobs, which will not attack you, but also do not age, just like baby zombies.

Zombified Piglins

Zombified Piglins is a rare type of mob, which does not spawn. They can become zombified if they are hit by lightning in the overworld.

However, if a piglin enters the overworld or end world, after about 15 seconds, it will become zombified due to the conditions.

It’s a mutation caused by being in another world, which means that piglins cannot be protected from this rule. Even if you hide them from the sun or underwater, they will again transform.

Zombified piglin in Minecraft

And if you try to cure a zombified piglin with the same process as curing a zombified villager, nothing will be changed. The zombification cannot be undone.

Piglin Brutes

The piglin brute is the most aggressive version of the piglin family, which is not scared of anything and is harder to defeat.

They can be distinguished from the others easily. Piglin brutes have a yellow belt and a black suit.

Their main task is to watch over gold, and chests, or stay with their spawned group. A piglin brute can sense a player from 11 blocks and will start attacking.

Minecraft piglin brute

Even if you use an invisibility potion, the piglin brute will not attack you or find you, until you first hit it. Then they acquire your location and start attacking immediately.

Can Piglins in Minecraft attack players?

Piglins by default will not attack the players, however, if you ever make them angry by hitting one of their kind, or trying to harm them with potions. Be sure that they don’t like these things and will eventually attack you.

One of the best ways to deal with piglins is by wearing golden armor, which will not protect you but will not make them attack.

Golden items protect players from Piglins in Minecraft

While wearing golden armors, you will be protected from piglins and their zombified form, but piglin brutes will not care and just attack you.

There is no way to escape the piglin brutes in Minecraft, except if you have a potion of invisibility.

Can you trade with Piglins in Minecraft?

Unlike villagers, piglins do have a special way of trading their items with payers, which is called bartering.

In order to start bartering with a piglin, you will need to have a golden ingot.

Simply throw the golden ingot at them, and they will give you another item in return. It may not have the same quality, but you have a chance of receiving better items.

Trading with Piglins in Minecraft

In fact, the items that piglins are willing to barter with you and their quantities are:

  • 1 Warped Nylium
  • 1-4 Nether Quartz
  • 1 Obsidian
  • 2-4 Glowstone dust
  • 1-3 Magma Cream
  • 2-4 Ender pearl
  • 1 Shroomlight
  • 1 Fire charge
  • 4-12 Gravel
  • 2-5 Porkchop
  • 2-7 Leather
  • 1-2 Warped fungi
  • 1-4 Soul sand
  • 1-4 Red mushroom
  • 1-4 Brown mushroom
  • 3-8 Flint
  • 4-12 Rotten flesh
  • 1-4 Crimson fungi
  • 1-4 Nether brick

These are all the items and their quantities, which you may receive from piglins, but only from them. Piglin brutes are not willing to barter items with you and will directly attack you.

However, you can cast the piglin brutes away by throwing golden ingots from high places. The piglin brutes will directly follow the golden ingots and will not bother attacking you anymore.

Even if you drop them from a high place, the brutes will straight jump and follow the gold.

Piglins can open doors in Minecraft

If you are being chased by piglins you have absolutely no chance to escape if you are thinking to lock yourself with a door.

Piglins are not as dumb as you think. They can easily open any doors and start attacking you.

However, piglins in Minecraft cannot open fence doors, or jump over them, which could give you an opportunity when you battle them.

The only way to hide from a piglin in Minecraft is to barricade yourself with solid blocks, or start building up to the sky.

It may be a bad idea to build up, but it is a safe way to escape, however, piglins may be on top of you and jump to kill you right away.

Piglins celebrate when they kill you in Minecraft

If you have gone to a battle with piglins in Minecraft, you should be noticing that they start celebrating over your dead body.

And not only that. The piglins can loot the items you have and equip them, but this is only valid for golden items.

Piglins celebrating when they kill players

However, if you ever drop raw porkchop on death, piglins can take it from you by defeating you or if it is dropped on the ground, so they can use it as food.

What do piglins in Minecraft drop?

Each piglin is unique and will drop different items, but if we look into the baby piglins, they will not drop anything, except for a small amount of XP.

Precisely a baby piglin can drop you 12 XP orbs whenever it is killed by you or a tamed wolf.

Zombified piglin drops

The zombified piglin is a mob, which can drop 1 rotten flesh upon dying, but in certain cases, you might get 0-1 gold nugget or even a golden ingot.

For Java players, there is an 8.5% drop rate to receive whatever weapon they are holding, along with 5 XP orbs.

For Minecraft bedrock players, the chances of getting the piglin weapon are 25% with 5 XP orbs.

Piglin brute drops

For both Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition players, the piglin brute has an 8.5% drop rate of giving you the weapon they are holding.

Once a piglin is spawned, they have a 50% chance to spawn with a crossbow or a sword.

For Java players, you will get the item as a brand-new one, while for Bedrock players you will receive the rest of the durability left. In some cases, the weapon may break when dropped, as the piglins have used it too much.


The pigman is one of the most ancient mobs in Minecraft when it comes to the nether. Its evolution to a piglin opened in the 1.16 update and delivered us a new set of features and opportunities to the community.

With the piglin family now, Minecraft will never be the same but will be much better for newcomers or returning veteran players.

With this guide, you should pretty much understand the behavior and consequences when you are next to a piglin. Along with that, you should be able to escape from them and gather the resources you needed.

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