How to Get a Premade Minecraft Server free

So you want to be a server owner, who seeks ways to get a free Minecraft server?

Creating a server is time-consuming, especially when you build it from ground zero. The map builds, plugins and other features are of high importance and require a lot of effort.

To make things easier for you, we will show you how to get a premade Minecraft server free, and set everything in less than 5 minutes.

What is a premade Minecraft server

Premade Minecraft servers are those that had been constructed by developers and have everything set for the end-user. Such servers could have maps, plugins, and even content in them.

You can easily find such projects in forums, or purchase a premade Minecraft server from a reputable website. Since this is a tutorial on how you can get a premade Minecraft server free, we will not show you paid options, or talk about it.

Free premade Minecraft servers can be helpful to those who don’t have or don’t want to dedicate most of their time to setting permissions, choosing maps, or deciding what kind of content you should add.

Pros and Cons of premade Minecraft servers

Since you will be getting a free premade Minecraft server, you will need to know the pros and cons of it. Some people think that they should get the best outcome from such projects.

Pros of using a premade Minecraft server

To start with, premade Minecraft servers reduce the time of learning and constructing Minecraft servers. Usually, when purchasing or getting such servers for free, you get a whole project, that is ready to run.

You also get the ability to customize the server and plugins, so you can make it a greater project.

Free updates on the content, plugins, and maps may be included with your premade Minecraft server, along with support (depending on the developer).

Ability to set your Minecraft server or Minecraft server network faster than those who built from scratch.

Cons of using a premade Minecraft server

Using a premade Minecraft server may be a great choice, and has some nice pros, but what are the cons to it?

For example, if you get a free premade Minecraft server if the developer is not active, or does not offer support, you will need to read the documentation on your own.

If you have touched a server in your life, and use a premade one, configuring the settings to your liking may be time-consuming, or you may lack knowledge. In such cases, you will need to read the documentation of each plugin, to understand how it works.

Since it’s a premade Minecraft server you may not be getting a unique project, but a copy usable by anyone who pays, or downloads it.

Some servers include licenses and have strict terms of service, which means you may not modify the setup. This depends on the developer, and how he wishes purchasers to interact with their intellectual property.

Is getting a free premade Minecraft server worth it?

Based on the pros and cons, you may think it’s not worth it, but it is very likely for newbies to learn the development of servers faster since they have the whole thing built up.

A newbie can even break the plugin list into small parts and track what keeps or breaks the server, and learn to troubleshoot some errors.

Also even if there is no support from the person creating the server, it’s easier to go to the developer of the plugin and seek support. You aren’t left alone, because there are many support sites, ready to help out.

Everything on the server is changeable, including the map. This means you can turn any premade Minecraft server copy, into an original project, made by you.

How to get a premade Minecraft server for free

Now that you know some things about premade servers, and what you should be looking for, it’s time to get yourself a premade Minecraft server for free. To get our first server will be heading out to BuiltByBit, and downloading the Basic Server Setup by InMud7.


Register in BuiltByBit and download the basic server setup. Once you have downloaded the ZIP, make sure to create a server folder, and extract the files.


The server setup contains a few ranks, permissions set for the default rank, and some staff ranks preconfigured with permissions. Assigning ranks can happen from LuckPerms, which makes things easier.

The server also has an economy plugin “Vault”, which means you can download a shop plugin and set your server’s shop. Along with that, you are receiving some lag prevention and protection plugins, which will keep your server nice and clean.

basic minecraft server setup plugins included

However, this premade Minecraft server setup is not optimized, and will not work great on low-end machines. To prevent this from happening, you can read our guide, on how to optimize a Minecraft server.

Once you have finished optimizing your server, you will need to open 25565 or can use any other number. The starting number should be 25, and the rest can be whatever you wish to use. To make sure that the port is open, you can use

Checking if port is open for a premade Minecraft server

Also, don’t forget to edit the IP address of your Minecraft server in the config file. It should be matching your IPv4 address, but you should be giving the local address for connections.

Once all confirmations have been made, you can then start your server under Windows, or simply transfer it to Linux, and test everything out.

Maintaining your free premade Minecraft server

Now that you have a Minecraft server, which is up and running, you will need to understand some basics. These basics will help you to maintain your Minecraft server, and keep it well protected.

Installing core plugins to your server

There are more than 60,000 plugins for Minecraft servers. Each of these plugins has different settings and is made to entertain the players who join your server.

But adding too many plugins could result in server crashes, and resource overloads.

Keep your plugin list small, and make sure to include core plugins on your server. If you are new to this and not sure, which plugins to install, you can check our article on the best Minecraft plugins for servers.

Prevent exposing your Minecraft server IP address

The first thing to note would be, that you shouldn’t expose your IP to other people, except if they are your friends. Sometimes hackers or spammers, try to catch such naked IPs and will happily try their best to damage your server.

using a domain for ip in Minecraft servers

If you have a bit of extra cash and wish to protect your server, you can purchase a domain name, and set your Minecraft server IP to a domain.

Updating your free premade Minecraft server

Minecraft servers and plugins get outdated, especially after new Minecraft updates. Your task as a server administrator would be to make sure everything is up to date.

The premade Minecraft server you received for free will receive updates, and you can download them. However, you should replace only the plugin files, which need updating.

One of the safest things to do is take the update for your Minecraft server version, and include it. This way you will be hosting your server on the latest version.


Some of the plugins that you had downloaded on your own to finish the setup, will require checking, or you can simply download an automatic plugin updater.

AutoPlug is a great example of such a plugin, which will make checks and update all existing plugins for you.