How to Get Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft

Have you ever seen servers who have items placed on the wall like it’s from a plugin or a special mod?

In this article, we will explain how to get invisible item frames in Minecraft and place items on the servers.

What are invisible item frames in Minecraft

The invisible item frames in Minecraft are like ordinary item frames. There is only one difference.

Once they are placed, you cannot see them, but you can interact with them.

When an item is placed on the invisible item frame, this item will stay in the frame and can be rotated by right-clicking.

The frustrating part of using them is that they cannot be seen. Unlike the barrier blocks in Minecraft, the invisible item frame cannot be discovered even when broken.


Players will need to be extra careful when putting them on the ground or on walls because there is no way to find them later.

If we look into the usage of the invisible item frames in Minecraft, we can see that they are pretty useful for all cases.

Invisible item frames are used as decorative items, like the normal ones. You can use it to tag chests and store items in them.

Other useful things would be to make pointers in caves, so you and your friends can dig around caves.

Invisible item frame vs Item Frame in Minecraft

As a Minecraft server owner, you may have the issue of letting players use item frames in Minecraft, as they can be used for making a server lag.

The more item frames placed, the more it will lag due to rendering issues.

Not to mention that the glowing item frames, which are made with glowstone can cause more lag in a Minecraft server than the default variant.

Invisible item frame vs item frame in Minecraft MinecraftGuider

But it’s not the same case with the invisible item frames. An invisible item frame does not have entities, which will need to be rendered. They are an entity, but an invisible one, which has no details.

The only detail in the will be the item that you have placed.

And by using the invisible item frames on your Minecraft server, you are giving your players the ability to decorate their chest rooms without causing lag to other players.

How to get an invisible item frame in Minecraft

Invisible item frames cannot be crafted in Minecraft. It is a material that has no recipe but can be acquired under one condition.

While you have cheats enabled on your Minecraft server, LAN world, or even single-player world, you can enter this line of code.

/give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}

With this command, you will be giving yourself an item frame. But not an ordinary one. This will give you an invisible item frame, which looks like the basic one only in your inventory.


Once the invisible item frame is placed on a wall or on the ground, you will no longer see it, but you can place items in it.

Any player holding the invisible item frame can use it in the game. If you are hosting a Minecraft server, you can easily add permissions to players, if you don’t want them to use that item.

How many invisible item frames can I stack in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 invisible item frames per slot in your inventory.

But if you wish to keep them in a chest, it would be best to place them in shulkers and then the shulkers in chests.

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