Fuel Sources in Minecraft – Complete Guide

So you just started in Minecraft, or need to know about the fuel sources in Minecraft?

In this guide, we will review all the items, which can be used as a fuel source in Minecraft to cook or smelt and help you with your adventuring.

What are fuel sources in Minecraft

You have crafted your first furnace, blast furnace, or smoker in Minecraft, but you are not sure how to use it.

Each of these blocks can help you differently. Back in the good old days, we had only a furnace to help us with any kind of job.

But since the blast furnace, smoker, and campfire came out, things became easier.

When you have a furnace or any other material mentioned above you will need 2 things. The material which you want to cook or smelt, and fuel.


Items that are gathered throughout adventuring in Minecraft, can be used as fuel, which will help the burning symbol to fully light up.

Depending on the level of the burning light, we have some time until the fuel ends. If we have placed one item and the burning level fell to 0, then our material may not be smelted or cooked.


But if we have more materials to burn as fuel, we will always reset the fire and keep it at a maximum level, so the process doesn’t just stop there.

From where can we acquire fuel in Minecraft

Most of the materials we craft or find in chests, biomes and through trading even can be burned. The easiest way to get your first materials for burning would be to get wood from a forest.

Each tree we break will give us one log, which can be turned into planks and help us get a starting kit for acquiring better gear for fuel.

The next level as we all know would be getting coal, which is the most common fuel for any kind of purpose in Minecraft. It can hold up a lot of time and will always ensure that our furnace will continue working.


But as we progress in Minecraft and get a lot of items through crafting, exploring, looting, and such, our inventory can get big enough that will require some material destruction.

Rather than throwing most of the materials, a more beneficial thing would be to use them as fuel sources for your furnace, smoker, or blast furnace.

Fuel Sources in Minecraft

Each of the below-mentioned fuel sources in Minecraft has its own burning time, which will be explained in TPS (ticks per second) and in seconds.

Lava Bucket


A lava bucket can be gotten by crafting a bucket and searching for a lava pool. Right-clicking and filling the bucket with lava will turn it into a lava bucket, which has the longest burning time.

To be precise, a lava bucket can burn for a total of 1000 seconds, which is 20000 ticks.

Block of Coal

Block of coal in Minecraft

The block of coal is a set of 9 coals crafted into a single block. It is the second best fuel source, which can burn for a total of 800 seconds or 16000 ticks.


Coal in Minecraft

Coal is one of the materials we know best for burning and being a great fuel for our furnace. Each coal that we use has 80 seconds of burning time or 1600 ticks. If we combine it into a block of coal we get an additional 80 seconds of burning time.


Charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal is made from burning wooden logs and can help us as fuel before we get our first coal. It has 80 seconds of burning time or 1600 ticks, but cannot be turned into a block of charcoal.

Wooden tools


Crafting wooden tools, such as a sword, axe, shovel, hoe, and pickaxe is very helpful when starting out in Minecraft. They are helpful when it comes to collecting cobblestone and can help you advance in gear.

Once you are done with these tools it may sound like a good idea to dispose of them, but they can also be used as a fuel source. Each wooden tool has a burning time of 10 seconds or 200 ticks.

Huge Mushroom Blocks


Every once in a while, we can find some huge mushrooms. If we break those mushroom blocks, we can use them as a fuel source for our furnace. The huge mushroom blocks have a burn time of 10 seconds or 200 ticks

Fishing Rod


Fishing rods are a really fun Minecraft item and a good fuel source. If you like fishing like me, then you wouldn’t want to throw them away. But once they reach their end of life, we can simply use them as fuel. They can burn for 15 seconds or 300 ticks.


Minecraft crossbow as a fuel

Crossbows can be dropped by the pillagers or piglins in Minecraft. It is hard to obtain it though. Once we obtain a crossbow we can use it in battles or as a burning material. Each crossbow has a burning time of 15 seconds or 300 ticks.



Some players get lucky and find mushrooms at the beginning of their journey in Minecraft. Making a bow is also an easy task. But once you stop needing the ball, you can throw it in the furnace and use it as fuel. Each bow has 10 seconds of burning time, which is 200 ticks.

Bee Nest


Bee nests can be acquired by using a silk touch pickaxe or any other item enchanted with it. They can burn just like some wooden items for 15 seconds or 300 ticks.

Wooden Door

Minecraft wooden door as a fuel

Unlike most crafted materials the wooden door and some of the other wooden items have a smaller burning time, but can be useful if you are in a rush. Each wooden door will burn for 10 seconds, which is 200 ticks.



Signs can be helpful in many ways in Minecraft. They can indicate ways, be used for Redstone projects, or just have funny texts on the Minecraft server. If you wish to burn a sign in Minecraft, it can be good fuel for 10 seconds, which is 200 ticks.

Wooden Slab


Wooden slabs are treated as half a burnable block in Minecraft. They have one of the lowest burning times, which is set to 7.5 seconds or 150 ticks.

Wooden Pressure Plate


Wooden pressure plates are a nice block for making custom traps or opening hidden doors. However, they are not a very good burning material, as they have only 7.5 seconds of 150 ticks of burning time.

Wooden Button


The wooden button is just like the wooden slab and pressure plate. It may have many uses, but using it as a fuel source in Minecraft is not of the greatest ideas. It has 7.5 seconds of burning time, which is 150 ticks.



When it comes to banners, the first thing that comes to every person’s mind is the pillagers’ banner. If you kill the raid and acquire their banner, you can use it as burnable material for revenge. It has 7.5 seconds of burning time or 150 ticks, which isn’t very good but can still be a fun thing to do.

Boat and Boat With Chest


A boat and a boat with a chest are very useful items for traveling the seas. It is much faster than swimming and can help us discover new lands. If you wish to use them as fuel for your furnace, they have a burning time of 60 seconds or 1200 ticks.


minecraft Jukebox as a fuel

Jukeboxes are one of the fanciest items in Minecraft due to being hard to obtain. The only way to get one is through crafting it, which will require getting diamonds. They also have some good records from artists (recommending c418), which you can listen to while inserting a disk.

But if you wish to flex in Minecraft servers, you can make a couple of jukeboxes and use them as fuel for your furnace. A jukebox has only 15 seconds of burning time or 300 ticks

Note block


Note blocks are the alley’s best friend. Once they get near this item, everything in their hands is dropped. However, they can also be used for burning purposes. Just like any other wooden material, which is unmentioned, they have 15 seconds of burning time or 300 ticks.

Wooden materials


The rest of the wooden items, which we haven’t mentioned in this list have 15 seconds of burning time or 300 ticks. These items can be quite a good fuel source in Minecraft, rather than throwing them.

Mangrove roots


Mangroove roots can be found on Mangroove trees, which can be found in Mangroove swamps. If you ever take some with you they can be perfect for decorations or be used as a fuel source. It can fuel for 15 seconds, which is 300 ticks.



Saplings can be found in the overworld by cutting trees. Once you cut one entirely, a sapling will drop on the ground. If you leave the sapling or use a bone meal, it will surely grow into another tree.

But except that, saplings can also be used as a fuel source in Minecraft, since they are a wood material. Saplings aren’t a great fuel but can be useful in rare cases. They have a burning time of 5 seconds or 100 ticks.



Azaleas are usually found in lush caves, which look awesome once found. The azalea can be a great decorative material for every house or other building project. Aside from building purposes, azaleas can also be used as a fuel source in Minecraft.

They have a small burning time of 5 seconds or 100 ticks, which is small, but also useful if you have nothing else to burn.



Wool is another great decorative block, which was very popular back in the day. With wool, you could build mansions, small shops, or even decorate your villager’s houses. You can still do it, but it’s not as popular as before.

And since we can make automated wool farms, why not use it as a fuel source in Minecraft?

It burns for 5 seconds, which is 100 ticks, but if you have infinite wool and produce it fast, you can keep your furnaces working all day.



A carpet is made from wool and can be used for decorative purposes. They are really good when it comes to designing your floor or hiding secret underground passages. If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, I am sure you have been decorating most of your floors with carpets.

But except the decorative purposes, carpets are also used as a fuel source in Minecraft. Just like the wool, they can burn for 5 seconds, which is 100 ticks.


minecraft Bamboo as a fuel

Bamboo is usually found in the jungle biome. It can grow until it reaches the height of 12 or 16 blocks. If you wish to grow bamboo on your own, you can always feed a panda in Minecraft. They have a really great effect when it comes to eating time.

But bamboo is also a great fuel source in Minecraft. If you make an automated bamboo farm, you can easily fill up your furnace, blast furnace, or even smoker with bamboo and use them forever.

A bamboo will burn for only 2.5 seconds, which is 50 ticks. It may have the smallest burning time, but it would be too good if the burn time was longer.