How to fix a Crashing Minecraft Server

If you are a server owner, whose Minecraft server keeps crashing, then you might want to find out what makes a Minecraft server crash so often.

To fully understand why a Minecraft server is crashing, you will need to learn to read the error logs. Sometimes they may be frustrating, but we will take out the most obvious reasons for it.

A Minecraft server can often crash due to low resource allocation, or too many files to load.

That’s the basic troubleshooting. But some server owners allocate more than enough resources and find their Minecraft servers not working properly.

We are going to dive in and show you all the potential quick fixes for a crashing Minecraft server.

10 Ways to Fix a Crashing Minecraft Server

Except for the troubleshooting tips, we would also like to note that a computer with old parts may be the issue for your server to keep crashing.

Too many mods on your Minecraft Server

While some server owners like to keep their Minecraft servers clean, others like to add all the fun to play mods.

These mods can be sometimes heavy for the Minecraft server, which you are locally hosting. In such cases, the server will try to load all mods and their respectful files but may die after some time.

Too many mods causing minecraft server to crash

To stop your server from overloading and potentially stop its crashing, the best way is to remove all mods and install them 1 by 1.

Keep on placing mods and turning your server on. If your server crashes on one of the mods, then you might want to search for an alternative to it.

Too many plugins on your Minecraft Server

Too many plugins on your Minecraft server can cause the same issue as mods. The only difference is that plugins are not that heavy.

Still, some of them require you to use addon plugins, which can result in too many plugins installed on your server.

Again loading too many plugins in Minecraft, and having a big player base can cause potential crashes in your Minecraft server.


Limiting the total number of plugins is always a great thing. And if you found a plugin to be so cool that you don’t want your server to run without it, you can simply search for an alternative, which is lightweight.

Outdated hardware used when running your Minecraft server

Users who would like to start hosting their own Minecraft server, often start with their own PC or even buy a cheap one, so they can start clean.

As we all know Minecraft servers do need some resources to be kept running and while you add plugins, mods, or do modifications, more resources will need to be allocated.

But even if you do add a lot of resources, servers may keep crashing. It’s not only in the number of RAM added. You also need fast RAM sticks, with a good speed of at least 2400MHz.


Filling up both slots may also help your server with processing the data and keep it running well.

Except for the RAM, which is the most important factor for a Minecraft server, you will also need a GPU and Processor.

A good video card for running Minecraft servers may be any video card, which is at least 4GB. For a processor, you can use any of them, but a personal minimum requirement would be 7 or 8 Gen.

Corrupted files in your Minecraft server

In some cases, if you had downloaded a nulled plugin or server, you may experience server crashes.

One of the reasons for your Minecraft server to crash is because these nulled plugins are insecure and may get hacked easily.

Minecraft corrupted files causing server to crash

Avoiding such plugins or whole server files will ensure the safety of your Minecraft community and your whole computer.

A single virus attack may take everything down and believe that it is really hard to recover your computer in such cases.

Bad internet connection

One of the most common issues for your Minecraft server to crash is the internet connection you have. And it’s not only you. It’s also the other players, which can join your server and have slow internet.


The server processes requests based on player join,  item breaking, commands initiated to players, and so on. If it takes a longer time for players to join, get items, break, and such, it is common for the server to stop responding in real-time and just crash.

The same goes for the Minecraft server hoster. If your internet connection is slow, your experience may not be as you had imagined. A strong internet connection is beneficial to upkeep your Minecraft server stable, or it will just stop responding.

Port being blocked or used by another device

Another reason for a Minecraft server to crash is the port usage. If your Minecraft server has stopped, another application may take it.

Applications such as skype, team speak, or others tend to take a port, so they may end up blocking the Minecraft server port, which may cause it not to start, but to continuously crash on start.

Minecraft blocked port causing server to crash

Making sure that no application is blocking your server port is crucial. And if there is an app that is blocking the port, you may simply put it on another one, and let Minecraft use the default 25565.

Overclocking GPU or CPU

Overclocking your CPU and GPU gives more speed and a better gaming experience, but that’s not the same for everybody.

Sometimes overclocking old computer parts, which haven’t been cleaned for ages, or don’t have a change in the thermal paste can start heating up pretty quick.

Even though you have a cooling system, this doesn’t protect your computer’s components from overheating.

A great way to maintain a non crashing Minecraft server is to leave the overclocks and even clean your computer from dust. This way you can ensure that everything is cooled and will not malfunction in the near future.

Updating your drivers

Sometimes when you may start seeing that your Minecraft server is constantly crashing you may want to check the drivers on your video card.

Your drivers may appear as corrupted or missing, which tells you that you need to delete them and install them again.

The newest driver updates are also stable and will ensure a smooth gaming experience, once you start your server and go directly into it.

Disabling anti-virus

The antivirus you have on your computer may point to your server as a potential threat, thus it may continue crashing and being blocked.

If you ever experience any notifications coming from your antivirus you may need to allow its access or just turn it off.

The same goes for the firewall because Minecraft players are joining your domain or IP, which makes an outside connection, and they may get blocked.

Turning EULA into true

The rarest, but still a reason for a Minecraft server to crash is the EULA. If you don’t accept the Mojang EULA your server will not start operating.


Setting up your EULA to true will prevent your Minecraft server from crashing and will ensure that you abide by their Terms of Service.