Best way to find diamond in Minecraft


Diamonds in Minecraft are rare mineral that can be found generating deep underground known as Diamond ore and can be mined or can be found containing in treasure chests in dungeons underground.

Learning how to find diamonds in Minecraft can be a helpful thing, as you will need the material, so you can be able to proceed to the next level. The nether realm.

In order to enter the nether realm, you will need to craft a diamond pickaxe, which requires 3 diamonds and 2 sticks.

Using the diamond pickaxe can be helpful for not only farming the obsidian blocks, but also gather resources faster.

Enchanting your diamond pickaxe will also improve the power of the pickaxe and its stability, so you have no hard times while farming.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

Getting into the mine is the first step to begin with getting the materials to start searching for diamonds in Minecraft.

In the previous updates of the game people were always searching for a helpful resource on how to find diamonds in Minecraft, but there was nothing.

After a few update releases, people started finding many different ways to find diamonds in Minecraft and also mine them faster.

There are so many tricks that you can find while starting to play the game, but will require you to know the basics.

If you are currently a beginner at Minecraft and are not sure how to start playing the game, you can check our Beginners Guide to Minecraft and start learning the right way.

Currently we had found out three different ways that answer the question how to find diamonds in Minecraft.

1. Finding a village and trading with villagers

While starting in Minecraft the best thing to do is to start searching for villages in the game.

Villages have villagers, who wander around their houses or outside of the village and look after their crops.

Each of the villagers is a trader and holds different items, which he is willing to trade with you.

If you get enough lucky, you can even get to a trade with diamonds. Pretty good, huh?

Well, actually the chances of villagers trading diamonds in Minecraft is currently 40% and is an easy way to get diamonds fast.

The only requirement to trade with the villagers in Minecraft is to use emeralds. This farmable can be found while mining a cave in Minecraft and is worth trading with villagers or powering a beacon.

Sometimes once you enter a village, you may also find an emerald in the chests that villagers leave behind them, so you may get lucky and earn some free diamonds in Minecraft.

The cheat sheet to find a village fast in Minecraft is actually to add the seed, so you can directly spawn in one.

By including the village seed, you can spawn in a Minecraft village without any problem. The village seed is 10101010.

You can include it only when you are creating your own Minecraft world in single player.

2. Finding diamonds in Minecraft while mining

Second is where you will have to find diamond ore which is deep underground and to do that you have to be between level Y-11 to Y-13.

That is 8 blocks above bedrock.

That will be the ideal place where diamonds can be found.

You can find that information if you have a map equipped on or if you don’t you will have to open the Debug Screen by pressing F3.

What you will have to do is dig straight or down until reaching level 11 or 12 and from there dig a straight tunnel.

Now that you have done that you can begin to look for diamonds by mining from the sides and going straightforward.

We will give you a little trick that will make things easier for you and that is when you start mining first what you want to do is mine one block and skip step 2.

Since you are mining straight, you can tell what are the blocks next to you.

We advise before you begin bringing chests for storage, because your inventory may be full with stone, gravel and dirt quickly.

For a better chance in finding diamonds in Minecraft is to have an enchanted pickaxe with fortune (preferable is III).

3. Finding diamonds in Minecraft by biome

The third option is that to find Diamonds in Minecraft you need to be looking for them in swamp and lake biomes.

We would advise you to stick to swamp and river biomes because the chance of getting diamonds there is higher than digging stair style holes and hope that you will find it diamonds in other biomes.

Ideally the bigger the swamp and rivers are the more chance you have to find more diamonds giving you 50% chance of success for the swamp biome.

Here is what you will have to do when you get to swamp or lake biome:

For a swamp biome

You should be firstly looking for clay batches and once you find it will dig and mark the middle block and will start counting, afterwards press F3 + G to activate the chunk boarders so that you can see where the starts and ends (this is very important to know).

Once you have done that you have to position yourself so that you will be moving forward on the opposite side of XYZ or you should be looking south and move forward.

You will begin by placing six blocks from the center of the clay batch and by reaching the seventh you will have to mine straight down.

But what if you are facing south and you run into the junk border?

In that case you place as much blocks as possible when reaching the junk of the border and then you will have to place the other blocks starting opposite and beginning from end of the border and once again when reaching the seventh block proceed with mining.

For a lake biome

Once again you will begin with marking the center and afterwards you will place one block forward in the positive Z direction or just by facing south.

Right after that on your second block you should mine straight down and you will find the diamonds

Another good tip when mining that way is to use a potion of vision and also potion for fire resistance if you find lava, as you may fall and lose all of your items.


Since you know how to find diamonds in Minecraft, you can become a lot better and develop yourself faster in Minecraft.

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