How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 2023

Diamonds are one of the most essential minerals when it comes to crafting powerful equipment and tools in Minecraft. It is no secret that you will need diamonds if you wish to obtain the highest tier set as well.

And this is due to the fact, that netherite is only used for upgrading your diamond crafts into more powerful ones.

But how can you obtain diamonds in Minecraft, and where can you find them faster?

In this article, we are going to help you find diamonds in Minecraft fast and efficiently, so you can craft better gears and tools.

What are diamonds

Diamonds are one of the rarest ore that was ever introduced in Minecraft. Not long ago (from writing this article), netherite was introduced, and became one of the rarest finds, putting diamonds in second place.

However, diamond ore is a mineral, that is found deep in the caves, but always changes its location with newer Minecraft updates.

what are diamonds in Minecraft

How can I get diamonds in Minecraft

To get diamonds in Minecraft, you will need to have an Iron Pickaxe or higher. If you try mining diamonds with a lower-grade pickaxe, the ore will break, but will not drop you anything.

That’s why you will need to find iron first in a village, or at least dig in the caves. Otherwise, you are risking losing the diamonds, which you will find when exploring.

Where can I find diamonds in Minecraft

The best places to find diamonds in Minecraft are the caves, which are below the Y-level of 16. In this spot, you can easily find loads of diamonds in each chunk. As we know, a chunk is 16 blocks long and wide.

finding diamonds in Minecraft fast

Finding a diamond from a Y-level of 16 or lower will give you the highest chance. However, you can also go in search of diamonds from the Y-level of 5, but the diamonds will not be that common.

That is why digging deeper will give you more chances, and even more diamonds than you could have ever imagined.

More ways to find diamonds in Minecraft

If you aren’t the type of player to go down and start mining in the caves, we have a few more ways to get diamonds without the need of breaking blocks or search the caves for the mineral.

Getting diamonds from villager trades

If you aren’t the type of player to dig down a cave, and search for diamonds, then finding a village would be a better option for you. Search for the nearest village in your area, and once you arrive, check the villagers’ trades.

By any chance, you should be able to get a sweet diamond deal, and easily start crafting more powerful gear, by just playing around with villagers.

villagers trading diamonds in Minecraft

We’ve even heard that in some cases, players will not need to grind hard for items, but just trade with villagers, and not travel anywhere outside of the village.

Getting diamonds from the surface

Minecraft generates worlds that are at least 30 million or more blocks long. With that said each terrain that you stumble upon has different structures, and some of them are open mines.

Without having to dig down deep, you can always check those open mines, because diamonds, emeralds, and other ores may have been spawned there.

diamonds in the overworld in Minecraft

While the chances of this happening are very low, you can always get more diamonds by just exploring the areas, and getting yourself a nice deal, without having to dig at all.

Getting diamonds from chests

The most common way for starters nowadays is to obtain diamonds from the chests they find. If you ever go to the warden, you will see a bunch of chests placed all over the cave.

Sneaking next to a chest, and opening it can give you a nice diamond item with enchants, or even diamonds to craft anything you wish.

getting diamonds from chests in Minecraft

However, you will need to be extra careful when entering the Warden’s place, as the sculk sensors will pass your sounds, and will trigger a Warden to spawn after 3 sounds have been collected.

Can I stack diamonds in Minecraft

You can stack up to 64 diamonds in Minecraft, however, the best-case scenario would be to completely turn your diamonds into diamond blocks. This way you will have more diamonds stored, without taking up too much space.