How to enchant on Minecraft in 2023

Enchanting is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft. Enchanting either makes the game easier to play or harder.

The person must use a lot of materials, but it can be worth it if you want to make it easier.

It may take up a lot of time to find all the materials you need for starting your enchanting adventure on Minecraft.

But once you find all of the needed materials and start enchanting, you will be saving a lot of time in Mining or doing PVP on Minecraft.

What is enchanting in Minecraft

The enchanting feature in Minecraft is a mechanic to make items, tools, equipment, and armor better. This includes diamond armor which is the hardest armor in the game.

 The cheapest item or enchantment is an Efficiency I, this takes 10% of the time off of any action that uses the tool.

Minecraft has a number of features that are used to make items more powerful. One of these features is enchanting.

So you play Minecraft and you want to enchant your items, huh?

Well, this article is for you! There are 3 ways you can do this.

The first way requires that you have found an enchantment table, if not then the second way will be the only option available to you.

You can either trade with villagers or, if you don’t like villagers (or they are not in the game), try trading with other players who may have found an enchantment table themselves (if you are playing on a Minecraft server).

The third requires a bit more attention. If you build a fishing rod, you can go and start fishing.


Fishing can help you earn a book or two for enchanting. These books can be used with an anvil and add the enchantment to the tool you like.

What materials do I need to Enchant on Minecraft

To start enchanting your weapons and amours you will first need the following:

  • EXP earned through killing mobs or mining ores.
  • An enchanting table and/or Anvil.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • The tool that you would like to enchant.

Farming EXP

Farming EXP is an easy job in Minecraft. All you need to do is wait for the night to come and start fighting with the mobs around you.


The nether world is also a great place, which could provide you with many zombie pigmen to fight with.

But you will need to remember that hitting one zombie pigman can cost you your life. Attacking one of them means you are attacking all of them.

The zombie pigmen react to attacks and directly start fighting with you until you are dead or burned in the lava.

Farming Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is used for enchanting your gears, dying your armors, or even dying the color of your wolf’s collar.

Nonetheless, you can be also crafting fireworks if you have gunpowder.

Lapis Lazuli is a rare stone that should be mined in the later stages of the game.

It can be found in clusters underground, which need to be broken with a pickaxe. After some updates were done in-game you can also find lapis lazuli inside of chests.

Once you have dug deep in the cave you have chosen, you may get lucky and find some lapis lazuli ores, which cannot be missed.

They have a royal blue color and the drop rate can vary from 4 to 8 lapis lazuli pieces.


Getting an enchantment table

Getting an enchantment table in your hands can happen in 2 different ways.

  • You can craft an enchantment table.
  • Or finding one in chests.

Imagine being able to walk up to a chest and unburden yourself of your excess enchanting materials. What if you could find an enchantment table?

Crafting an enchantment table will require you to have 3 nether blocks and 2 diamonds. The recipe for crafting an enchantment table can be found below.


If you stumble upon a village you can find many villagers, which are ready to trade items with you.

They were mainly seeking emeralds before, but now you can do various types of trades with villagers and if you get lucky, you can get yourself your own enchanting table.

How to enchant on Minecraft

Enchanting in Minecraft is easy. Once you have your enchanting table, lapis lazuli and exp farmed through fighting mobs, the only thing you need is the placement of your times.

Once you have placed all of your items on the enchanting table, you will be given a choice of enchantments, which will be applied to the armor, weapon, or tool you have chosen to enchant.


Choosing the enchantment you like will then destroy the lapis lazuli and take exp from your character, however, the enchantment will be applied.

You can make only one enchanting with an enchanting table, so you will need to choose wisely.

How to add more than 1 enchantment

In order to enchant a weapon more than 1 time, you will need to get some enchanted books, which can be acquired from villagers, fishing, looting chests, or simply enchanting books on the enchantment table.

Once you have acquired an enchanted book, you can then go to the nearest anvil and place your armor, sword, or tool, and right next to it your enchanted book.


After the enchantment has been finished, the exp mentioned in the enchantment process will vanish from your account and the enchantment will be added to your tool.


In conclusion, enchanting on Minecraft can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. However, it is possible to enchant without too much difficulty if you know what to do and where to look.

You’ll need a tool, which you would like to enchant, an enchanting table, and lapis lazuli.

Or by just using an anvil and enchanted books, you can do the same process and add as many enchantments as you wish.

Make sure your experience level is high enough before trying to enchant a weapon, as this will make a difference in terms of effectiveness.