How to Download and Play Minecraft for Free

Minecraft is a very popular sandbox blocky type game, which managed to sell over 400 million copies, earning Mojang billions of dollars.

While it may be the game everybody would want, it also comes at a very high price, which is not affordable for people around the world.

To give you an opportunity to play your favorite blocky game, we created a tutorial on how you can download and play Minecraft for free.

How to Download Minecraft Without Paying

If you want to get Minecraft without paying money, you can follow these 3 ways we have prepared for you, but be aware that the second way is illegal, and you should proceed at your own risk.

Downloading Minecraft Free from Mojang

While Minecraft is paid, and you will need real-life currencies to acquire it, there is a way to download and play it without paying anything.

The first thing we need to do is access the official Minecraft website and get to the Minecraft demo download page.

How to Download Minecraft For Free Mojang

From there we can just download and install the demo version of Minecraft, which means we get the game for free.

The only drawback is that it cannot be used for more than 100 minutes or 5 days in Minecraft time.

Downloading a free Minecraft Cracked Launcher

Another possible way to acquire Minecraft free without paying is by using a cracked Minecraft launcher. In terms of security, you will need to access authoritative websites, which gives you to download the game.

If you are not careful, your computer might get infected with malware, and cleaning it might cost more than purchasing the game itself.

For this tutorial, we recommend using the Tlauncher, which is by far the most popular cracked launcher for Minecraft.

Downloading a free Minecraft Cracked Launcher Tlauncher

Simply head over to the official website, and choose the Tlauncher downloads page.

Download the latest version of Minecraft and proceed with installing the game. Once the installation has finished, you can play the game as a single player or join cracked Minecraft servers from the multiplayer tab.

There is no need to worry about getting banned on cracked Minecraft servers, as they are not illegal, but deemed unsafe.

Play Minecraft Classic Free

The last option on playing Minecraft without paying money is to access Minecraft Classic. This is one of the earliest Minecraft updates, applied on a website that allows you to access the game, without downloading it.

Play Minecraft Classic Free Play Minecraft for Free

You can play for as long as you like as there are no trials or similar, but this also comes with its downsides.

Minecraft Classic may be entirely free but it does not support multiplayer worlds, and it’s very limited to blocks, chunks, items, and mobs.

If we have to be exact, the game includes around 8 different items from the original game, but it still makes it a free option to play Minecraft without paying for it.

Is it legal to download Minecraft without paying?

If you wanted to try Minecraft but didn’t have the money to afford the game, you could always try the trial versions, which lets you download Minecraft without paying money for it.

While the trial version will give you 5 in-game days (100 minutes in-game time), downloading a cracked Minecraft launcher would be more beneficial to players.

Cracked launchers are also known as unapproved and illegal copies of the game. Therefore, using pirated software could resort in legal actions from Mojang’s and Microsoft’s sides.

However, there is no need to worry much about pirated copies of Minecraft, as Notch has been pretty clear, that using a free copy of the game could help people make choice, about whether Minecraft is worth purchasing.


While Minecraft is not a free game, thus downloading it free is almost impossible, using the cracked version of the game, is the closest to a free download, but not a legal option.