How to Create a Minecraft PE Server in 2023

Minecraft has grown to be a very popular sandbox game for a lot of reasons, which include its easiness to pick up and learn.

The flexibility gives the player to do what he wants in the game, essentially, it is endless, and it allows you to build anything you want if you are creative enough.

The main reason, however, that Minecraft has grown to immense levels of fame, is its providing of the ability to play with other people.


It gives, you, the player, and your friends to fashion an entire universe from the ground up, with nothing to hold you back. Playing with your friends, however, requires that you have a server that you can all connect to.

Benefits of creating a Minecraft PE Server

A Minecraft server gives the ability for a group of people to play together, in a common Minecraft world.

The ways to get access to a server are diverse, which gives you the ability to make the best choice.

Using a third party like Hostinger or ApexHosting, you can rent a server that does nearly everything for you.


The only issue may be that you will have to pay monthly fees to keep your Minecraft server alive.

However, to avoid the expenses, you can host your own Minecraft PE server, which will also give you total control over how your server is used.

Minecraft also provides the ability to run personal multiplayer servers, which can be also done on Minecraft realms.

The world you fashion is online, on Realm, and is accessible all the time, even upon logging off.

Ever since the Minecraft designers released the pocket edition, many players are interested in learning how to make Minecraft server pe.

If you are wondering how to make Minecraft PE server, but the terminology or file modification is confusing, do not fret. It is fairly straightforward to create a server as long as you follow the required steps and commands precisely.

Benefits of having a Minecraft Pocket Edition server.

When you create your own server, you can change the game in unique ways. For instance, you can deny or assign roles to other players, tweak the in-game physics, and control the way objects spawn.

If you have kids, creating a Minecraft PE server means that you can control the people who play the game online with the minors. It is a type of parental control.

Minecraft PE Server Parental Control Settings

It gives you complete control over the whole server all the time, which gives you the ability to have something done as quickly as you can with no need for another person to do it for you.

The setting up and configuration of the network can turn out to be enjoyable and informative since you get to know some network features that you might not have otherwise gotten to know.

Apart from what it takes for you to run your computer, you incur no more of the costs incurred by the use of a hosting company.

The downside of hosting your own Minecraft PE server

Running your own server requires you to have the right hardware; a computer with a Windows 7 Operating System or higher, or a Mac running on macOS 10.4 or higher.

It also requires access to a router and an active internet connection along with proper computing.

Depending on the number of players being hosted at a given time, a higher amount of RAM and more advanced components might be required.

Adding mods also causes you to dedicate much more amount of RAM to your server.

You will require very reliable and strong internet connectivity hardwired to your computer to avoid lagging and booting every now and then for modem restart.

The responsibility to make sure the server is up and running and fixing any glitches that occur along the way becomes entirely yours.


You have to learn how to configure your network and the router, port-forwarding, and the use of the command line in editing configuration files.

All these activities render your computer and private very vulnerable to cyber-attacks like DDoS attacks and your IP address falling into the wrong hands.

How to create a Minecraft PE Server

Downloading the latest version of Java

The first step should be the creation of a folder that will be holding all your downloads, in an area that is easy to access, probably on your desktop.

Right-clicking on your desktop gives the “New Folder” option, which you can rename to your liking.

The next thing will involve you downloading all the files necessary to host and run your own server, the most important being the latest version of Java.

You will then add the installer to the folder created, double-click, then follow the prompts through.

Downloading the Server.jar file

After downloading the latest version of Java, the next step involves downloading the server.jar file.


As is normal for any .jar file, you might get a warning of it being harmful to your computer. When given the option, you should save the file into the folder you created, and if not, you should drag it in once you are done running it.

Creating your server configuration files

Now that you have the server.jar file in your folder, you should right-click > open it in order to automatically create your configuration files.

To avoid your user immediately crashing, there is an End User License Agreement (EULA) that you will need to accept.


You should open the EULA (something like eula.txt, depending on your computer) file and change eula=false into eula=true, then save the document.

Running your server

By double-clicking your server.jar file, you generate some new files and start your server. If your intention was to create your own Minecraft server to use with your friends over the same internet connection, then you are good to go.

 You should log on to Minecraft, and by clicking the Multiplayer tab, your friends will find the server you have just created.


For those friends who are on an internet connection different from the one you are using, there are a few more steps to go.

Setting up port-forwarding

Warning: Despite this being the hardest part of the tutorial, it is also the part that generates the vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

If your friends are connected to an internet connection different from the one you are connected to and still want them to connect to your server, you will require port forwarding.

This is a step that has many degrees of variance, depending on the type of router you are using.

To get your Xfinity router set up for port forwarding, the steps are as follows;

•          Navigating into the Port Forwarding section on the Xfinity website, via running a search engine for ‘Port Forwarding my Xfinity router’, though this should depend on the specific name of your router.

•          The next step involves the use of common configurations, and when that option is unavailable, the crucial thing will be knowing that for Minecraft, you will use port number 25565. This is the point where your IP address may be exposed. Xfinity provides you with a reserved custom IP address to share with your friends, otherwise, you’ll have to use your own IP address.

•          Your friends are now able to log in to Minecraft and click the Add Server button, where they will give whatever name they wish to the server, but the IP address will have to be yours.

Configuration of server properties

In the folder you created, there will be a file by the name server. properties which you should right-click and open with the text editor of your choice, to find a list of different server properties which you can edit as you like.

Some of the properties you will find will include;

•          Difficulty, which sets the level of difficulty of your server into integer values 0, 1, 2, or 3, or string values peaceful, easy, normal, or hard.

•          Hardcore, which takes a Boolean value (true or false) of the way the players are supposed to be handled if they die in the game.

•          Level-seed, which is blank by default and generates a seed when the server is started. You can also type a seed that you may have found online and would like to use.

•          Max-players, which sets the maximum number of players who are allowed to use your server at a single time, which comes in handy when your computer has limited capacity.

•          Motd, which sets a Message of The Day for the players to see upon logging in to your server.

•          PvP, which is a Boolean value that allows people to kill each other when set to true.

Since you now know how to make a Minecraft server pe, you canrun your own server, and invite your friends to join. You manage the settings of the game, add your own server plugins, customize your own white-list, and allocate all the amount of memory there is to spare.

You should however be careful not to share your IP address publicly or with people, you do not know or trust.