How to create a Minecraft Webstore in 2023

Have you ever wanted to make money with your Minecraft server?

Creating your own Minecraft webstore monetizes your server and helps you earn funds to dedicate more time to what you like.

What is a Minecraft webstore

A Minecraft webstore gives players an opportunity to create server stores and sell their in-game items.

Minecraft webstores are used for the purpose of selling in-game ranks, kits, materials, special server money, and much more.

You can set up your webstore and leave the rest to your fellow customers.

How to create a Minecraft webstore

In order to create a Minecraft webstore for your Minecraft server, you will need to have a domain name and hosting provider for websites.

In this tutorial, we will show you all the steps in how to create and set up your Minecraft webstore.

We will be working with WordPress and the recommended MineMarket WordPress webstore plugin, which lets you create your own digital stores in just a few clicks.

Purchasing a host and a domain name

Head over to Hostinger and start with their second plan for only $3.99 a month in the first 4 years.

This plan is perfect for starters and small servers, as it is cheap and stable. It also includes the popular extension called LS Cache. With LS Cache you can speed up any WordPress website, so you can rank your Minecraft website easily.

Along with LS Cache, you get a free domain name and SSL certificate, which are priced at a minimum of $20 per year.


Once you are done purchasing your hosting plan and registering the free domain, you can then proceed to the WordPress installation.

Installing a Minecraft website with Hostinger’s auto installer

When you have an active hosting plan with Hostinger, you will have the option to auto-install the WordPress website automatically.

Head over to the Hostinger auto-installer and choose the option to install WordPress with Woocommerce for your Minecraft webstore.

We will need WooCommerce as our webstore integrates with it perfectly fine. Once the installation has been done, you can then proceed with accessing your website.


Configuring our Minecraft webstore

Go to (change your with your actual domain name) and log in with the credentials you have created previously.

Go to your Settings > Permalinks and choose the post name type, so your posts can be displayed without anything extra in the permalinks.


Adding a homepage for your Minecraft webstore

The homepage is the place where all of your visitors will land, once they type in your website’s address.

It is the main hub, which can get you more traffic and advertise your server easily without no hard work.

To create a homepage, we will need to head over to the Pages > Add new and name it however we like. The best thing to do is to name our homepage as the type of server or just “Home”. Once you are done with choosing the name, you will need to click on Publish.


Now head over to Settings > Reading and choose the “A static page” option, and the homepage’s name, so your website can show as the main hub of your site.


Creating a menu for our Minecraft webstore

Another important thing for your Minecraft website is the menu. All of the important links have to exist in your navigation bar.

Go to Appearance > Menus and type in the name of your menu. You can use whatever you like, as it will not be seen by your website’s visitors.

Once you are done choosing the name, you may proceed with ticking the Primary Menu from the display location options and hitting create menu.


This will display your menu on top of the website, but can also be used as a secondary menu, which will be under the primary one.

You can add the homepage to your menu, and click Save Menu, as we don’t have enough pages to display at the moment.

Downloading and Installing MineMarket

Download MineMarket from our website and upload the WordPress extension from the Plugins > Add new tab.

Click on Upload plugin and choose the ZIP folder from your computer, and hit install now.


Once the plugin has been installed, you can directly activate it and start hooking it up with your Minecraft server.

Now go to your Minecraft server and install the plugin. After its installation, you will need to go to the config and replace 2 lines with your own.

Configure the website’s URL to your own and set a secret key, which will be used for hooking up your server with WordPress.


Now head over to your WordPress website and go to install Woocommerce. After the installation and setup are done, you can go to the settings tab and scroll to the bottom, until you see the available servers tab.


Adding elements to our Minecraft webstore menu

Since we didn’t add all the needed elements for our Minecraft website to be functional, we can do it now from the menu.

Go back to the menu and add all the needed pages or create custom posts. You can add any page to your menu by just dragging and dropping.

Once you are done with this, you can just save the changes and continue to the last 3 steps.

Creating products for your Minecraft webstore

Creating products can be a really easy and fun job. It doesn’t require more than 2 minutes of your time and after that, you can forget about them.

After a product has been created, it can easily be sold and you don’t need to collect your money. Woocommerce will automatically do that for you.

Head over to Products and add new and start filling out the product’s short name, short description, and price you would like to sell it for.


On the product data, you have to mark the Virtual and Downloadable product checkmarks, otherwise, your products will not be automatically sold.

The commands tab is the most important field, as you will need to type what exactly you want players to receive, once they purchase something on your Minecraft website.

Simply add the command(s) and choose the server you want this command executed.


Remember to add product images, as they will be shown to your visitors.

If you have done all the steps, you can just publish the product and start creating as many as you wish the same way.

Choosing a theme for your Minecraft webstore

Now that you have a fully functional website, the next step is to choose a theme, which will be shown. WordPress themes are more like designs.

They can be edited and even developed further, as each of them is open source. You will find thousands of themes added for free each day, and you can choose any of them.

For choosing a theme of your liking, you can head over to Appearance > Themes and you will be directly redirected to the themes tab.

Hit on Add new, which is on the top side of your website and you will be able to choose any of the popular Minecraft themes for free.

On the right side, you will find a search bar, which can be used to search any themes or their categories.

For this tutorial, we will be using the theme called Gaming Mag as it fits our needs.


Click on the theme of your liking to preview how it will look without any settings and once done, you can hit the install button.

Once installed, you will be asked if you would like to activate this theme. Hit the activate link and go to the homepage of your website.

You can now start editing your website and add everything important to your website.