5 Best Cracked Minecraft Servers

Are you tired of trying to join Minecraft servers, which require you to pay for the original Minecraft?

It can be tough sometimes because Minecraft can be expensive for some countries, and this makes most of the players struggle with playing the game.

In this article, we will showcase the best Minecraft Servers for Free, which can be played on cracked Minecraft.

Is playing a cracked version of Minecraft illegal?

Minecraft was originally released back in 2013, which was costing a lot of people in some countries, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the most popular games. It even became one of the most purchased games in the world.

As some players couldn’t buy Minecraft premium since it seemed too expensive for their pockets, a new Minecraft was born.

People were calling it cracked Minecraft. But there is no difference between cracked and premium Minecraft.

In short, cracked Minecraft launchers and cracked Minecraft servers are not illegal.


As cracked Minecraft and cracked launchers are becoming more popular over time, Notch got the idea that he cannot stop or file a case against all these people.

So he decided to advise all people who play a cracked Minecraft edition, to keep playing, so they can understand how good the game is actually, and purchase it if they had enjoyed it.

Later on, Microsoft bought Mojang for a high price and started changing things. For example. Minecraft Bedrock edition. It’s a safer Minecraft edition made to be lightweight and better protected than Java. At least that’s what Microsoft says.

What are the best Best Cracked Minecraft Servers

Since the newer edition of Minecraft came (Bedrock), it could not be cracked and such servers could no longer be created. But that still doesn’t mean Java servers are dead. In fact, Minecraft Java Edition is performing way better, and still has thousands of servers up and running.

And as you may be a cracked player (nothing wrong with it), you may be wondering, which are the best cracked Minecraft servers you can play for free?

Below we have created a list of all kinds of cracked Minecraft servers, which are worth playing and have a decent player base, active forum communities, and great support.

1. Jartex Network

  • IP topd.jartex.fun

Jartex network is one of the largest and oldest cracked Minecraft servers available to be played for free. It has survived and developed decent over the years.

They have dedicated programmers and server developers who work season after season delivering new content and trying their best to please their active player community.

Jartex Network is well-known for its custom Dream Skyblock world, which has tons of features and special ways to introduce a new way of playing Skyblock. They offer custom biomes for starting out and have special PvE content.

If you are a PvE player, you can start leveling up your island and gears, so you can start traveling more biomes and fighting different bosses. Each boss has its own special drops and crate keys, offering you great gears to sustain most of the boss damages.

Aside from SkyBlock, which is one of their most popular game modes, they also offer fun-to-play minigames, PvP games, Prison content, and survival content for those who wish to chill in the wild.

2. Pika Network

  • IP Address: topd.pika.host

Pika Network is known for being one of the largest minigames of Minecraft servers. It has great minigame content, OP Factions, special coded Survival features, and much more.

While Pika Network started out as a premium-only Minecraft server, later it became open for the cracked Minecraft players, ensuring that nobody is left behind.

There are tons of features and game modes you can try out, but make sure to join in fast, as the developers are continuously releasing new in-game content on every server reset.

Their most played game mode, which also receives the biggest updates is the OP Factions, where you can make overpowered weapons and fight against other factions for land.

It may seem to most players that Pika Network is a p2w Minecraft server, but actually, even the players who don’t pay can get the same gears throughout continuous trading and grinding.

3. Herobrine.Org

  • IP Address: herobrine.org
HerobrineOrg Cracked Minecraft Server

Herobrine is an old and very fun-to-play Minecraft server holding the name of a mob, which we never had the chance to have in Minecraft.

The name of the server originates from a community made-up story and votes for a mob, which will have the default Steve skin, but without eyes, and act as a danger to every Minecraft player.

But naming the server after Herobrine doesn’t make it bad at all. It is one of the best Minecraft-free servers, which offers players various choices in their gaming time.

You can choose to play on their vanilla survival, earth survival, One block challenge, or even go for the fun Towny mode, along with your friends.

For the minigame server lovers, Herobrine.org offers an interesting way of playing Bedwars. And not only that. You can enjoy any of their Minecraft modes with your friends across multiple devices, as Herobrine.org is made for crossplay.

4. LifeSteal SMP

  • IP Address: lifestealsmp.eu
LifeSteal SMP Cracked Minecraft Servers

Many of you have probably heard of a special game mode where you can fight with other players in a different way. Once you kill a player in this mode, he will lose half a heart and is added to yours.

This special mode is called LifeSteal and is created by the developers at LifeSteal SMP. The plugin offers a new way of playing in anarchy servers, where you can go and raid players to gain their hearts.

Hiding will not be easy, because others can grief and destroy your house (if land protection is not installed). LifeSteal is a fun way to play on survival, making players try to thrive for their lives and keep their precious hearts.

And if you manage to lose all of your hearts, you will be banned from the server for a certain amount of time. But on the other side, if you are a buffed 100 hearts raider, an army will be needed to take you down.

5. 2b2t

  • IP Address: 2b2t.org

2b2t is known as the oldest Anarchy, which is free to play Minecraft server, which has open doors to both premium and cracked Minecraft players.

It is the most vicious, attacked, exploited, damaged, and newbie unfriendly Minecraft server, which has also existed. If you have never heard of the name 2b2t (2 builders 2 tools), you will need to know this before you start.

The whole server has been destroyed from top to bottom, and massively built with obsidian for traveling and fighting purposes, making it unsafe for new players.

They have no special plugins, or rules on the server, making it an unsafe place for every player seeking fun to play Minecraft server.

However, if you are a type of player who wants to be toxic in a toxic community, this may be the perfect free Minecraft server, where you can try to join a team and receive protection as well.

2b2t is still running on Minecraft 1.12, which makes most of the players wonder why it hasn’t received any updates, but that is because of the large file size of over 10TB.

If you ever want to join 2b2t and try surviving in it for even a day in Minecraft, you will have to wait for your turn in the queue. They have a special queue system, which counts the number of players and lets other players join the server.

But for those who hate waiting in line to play on 2b2t, there is always the priority queue, which is paid per month but will get you on the server in less than 5 minutes.