Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosts in 2023

Do you want to start your own Minecraft server? Check out the best and cheapest Minecraft server hosts and start building now!

Hosting a Minecraft server became a trend nowadays. You can find more than hundreds of different Minecraft server genres, from which one of the preferred ones are Minecraft RPG Servers.

Hosting a server on Minecraft can be a fun thing to do and make you some extra cash, but if you are looking for a way to host a realm for you and your friends, it is advisable to check out this guide on Minecraft realms.

Best and Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosts

When looking for the best and cheapest Minecraft server hosts, you will need to be aware that a good deal is hard to be found.

A good Minecraft host should:

  • Have great speeds, because players from other countries may want to join.
  • Give a good amount of resources and keep them private.
  • Have support ready to answer and help you with any kind of issue if needed.
  • Not make you prepay a table of money so you can host with them.

And since people say that such hosts are as rare as the pink sheep, we have made a list of such pink sheep, which you cannot just miss.

1. Apex Hosting


The best and cheapest Minecraft server hosting provider is and will always be Apex Hosting.

You can find so many ads from them and activities around the web, where they show presence and capture hundreds of people.

Apex Hosting is no ordinary Minecraft server host. They offer your own resources and once you start with them, you will never want to go away.


The cheapest Apex Hosting plan costs you $7.49 for the first year and renews at $9.99 for every next month, but for this price, you get flawless support, good hosting with many locations, and unlimited plugins.

If you are starting your first Minecraft server and you are not sure how things will turn out, it is advisable to start small and periodically increase your resources.

With Apex Hosting you can always increase resources and climb plans by paying the difference only.

2. GGServers


GGServers has been always an outstanding and cheap Minecraft server hosting solution, which provides top-notch work of art and optimizations for each client that signs up with them.

They offer really nice Minecraft hosting plans, with cheaper prices and good locations.

You will miss a lot if you do not sign up with them.


The cheapest plan that GGServers offer is starting a $3 per month and can support up to 12 players, which is perfect for you and your friends.

The resources they provide are not shared with other servers and your servers cannot get slowed that easily.

They also have a good firewall and optimizations done, so your servers will always be blazing fast.

3. Bisect Hosting


Bisect Hosting is a decent choice and one of the cheapest Minecraft Server hosts, which gives you a good starting point for you and your Minecraft server.

It is not the best solution for big servers, which hold hundreds of players, as it is a small server-oriented hosting provider.


The cheapest Bisect Hosting plan is starting at only $2.99 and has no renewal fees. Although their plans are cheap and give you decent resources, they do not store backups on your server.

You will need to think of a solution and store backups because once you get attacked your server may crash and lose information.

The good thing about Bisect Hosting is that they have good protection and firewall, but not as quality as Apex Hosting or GGServers.


Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting ServerPro is owned by a Swedish company for hosting games. They offers plans on a free and paid basis. It is easy to use, while at the same time acting as a high-rewarding and low-risk game hosting which enables you to host Minecraft games without many expenses.

Some of its advantages are seamless editing of files by sleek file manager, access to gaming with no lag from the data centers.

They provide hosting services for over eight countries, with daily backups and help you with bug fixes.

5. ScalaCube

Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting ScalaCube

ScalaCube has data centers located all over the world to provide a hosting service that is free of failure and ensures low ping.

It is a free Minecraft server hoster with the full functionality that a paid server provides.

ScalaCube also allows you to switch to premium without loosing data. The game servers you had installed, their maps, IP addresses, plugins, and uploaded mods will remain safe as backups.

The ScalaCube servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure nothing can interrupt your gaming session with strong internet connectivity and low ping.

They also provide premium security against DDoS attacks. It supports plugins and mods, while at the same time allowing you to run multiple Minecraft servers simultaneously on a single server.

ScalaCube also allows users to change the .jar file of the server, and have unlimited slots. You can also install MySQL via the control panel, and have a free domain to apply, so users can access your Minecraft server through it.

6. Hostinger


Hostinger provides you with an immediate setup for your server, a DDoS security to protect your Minecraft server, a multi-craft dashboard, a free MySQL, and also comes with a PCI-DDS which has dual CPU.

Some if its advantages include:

  • Automatic offline backups
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team
  • Representatives to help you choose the right option.

Hostinger also provides you with tutorials that will help you to get your server running as quickly as possible.

Some of its undersides include the requirement that you have to login, in order to use their live chat support, and the absence of a traditional cPanel.

Hostinger uses it’s custom panel, but also offers cPanel, CyberPanel and others in their offers. Some may be paid, while others are free.


Even though the list is small, these 6 hosting providers are the best for their prices and are unmatched in terms of service and resource sharing.

Once you start with them, you will see what a game-changer it is, to be hosted by professionals.

Although there are more hosting providers, most of them may offer good plans with reasonable if not perfect prices, but most of their reviewers are actually paid to write about them.