How to change your name in Minecraft in 3 easy steps

Minecraft usernames are a critical part of our gameplay and experience. Players often choose a name, which they like, but later need to change it to something better.

So how do you change your name in Minecraft?

In this article, we will explain to you, how you can change your name in Minecraft by following 3 easy.

If you wish to change your skin in Minecraft along with the name, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Minecraft name and why does it matter?

A name in Minecraft represents who we are just like in the real world. It makes us different from other players and makes us recognizable by the community.

If you are a multiplayer person and like to play on Minecraft servers, I am sure your name is one of the most important things when started.

Disregarding the UUID, which is a Universally Unique Identifier, used by machines to identify us as premium or cracked players, others cannot see them.

The only way to find a player’s UUID is by looking it up on a website like NameMC.


While Minecraft names are important for us, they aren’t important for the Mojang API or Servers and vice versa.

Celebrities using Minecraft names to get noticed

As you may have seen or heard, there are multiple celebrities, YouTubers, or even streamers, who often choose a Minecraft name related to their streaming account or their business.

These names are often noticed by the community and can help you or me to find out if this person is legit or an impostor.

For example, Pewdiepie never used his YouTuber name in Minecraft, but chose the name sub2pewdiepie12.

While many people search for his actual YouTube name Pewdiepie, an impostor comes up in the searches.


The only way to find out who is the real one, you should utilize the Name History and UUID of the player.

That’s where the UUID proves useful to us and not only the machines.

How to change your name in Minecraft

Changing your name in Minecraft is relatively easy and requires you to do no more than 3 clicks to get the job done.

However, there are some requirements to be met before you legitimately change your username to whatever you want.

Requirements to change your Minecraft username

The requirements to change your Minecraft username are simple and are part of the Terms of Service.

They may not be exactly on point, but you will need to abide by them, so you don’t suffer future consequences.

Use appropriate names

Don’t just go for any username, which can explicitly hurt someone else’s feelings or describes hate speech and such.

Not only you will be getting yourself banned from Minecraft servers, but also get your Minecraft account shut down.

Have a 3 to 16 character long username

Minecraft names, which don’t meet the minimum letter requirements are no longer allowed.

Your Minecraft username should follow this requirement, otherwise, it will not let you proceed with the changes.

And on top of that, you can use up to a maximum of 16 characters for your Minecraft username. Anything above it, will not get added to the box or be displayed when doing the changes.

No spaces allowed

When you are creating a new username for your Minecraft account, you cannot add any spaces between your characters.

For example, MinecraftGuider is a good username and will work, but if we try with Minecraft Guider, it will not get accepted.

If you want to have space between characters, you can use the underscores “_”, which do the same trick but look in a different way.
Changing your Minecraft username

To change your name in Minecraft you will need to be logged in to your Microsoft account.

Go to the official page and log in with your credentials.


Once you are logged in, you will need to choose the Profile Name link from the Minecraft panel.

The link will directly transfer you to the username panel, where you can do any changes to your username.

Changing profile name in Minecraft

Now that you are on the profile name screen, you will see your current username in Minecraft.

You can type in any username while following the requirements.


Once you are done choosing your new Minecraft username, you can go ahead and change your profile name.

The process is instant and you will have an immediate effect on your new Minecraft name.

Just keep in mind that changing your username will put you on a cooldown for 30 days until you can change it to something different.

Can I use the same username as someone else in Minecraft?

You can play with the same username as other players and join the same servers. Except for cracked Minecraft servers, any other server will take your username and let you proceed.

For Minecraft servers who use the Mojang API, there is no problem in using another player’s username, because the UUID is what matters, and not the name, which you have chosen.