What are Minecraft Realms – How to Create and Join Realms

Do you want to start your own Minecraft Realms server and let your friends join your realms in Minecraft?

Minecraft Realms have become popular amongst players, who like to create teams and start adventuring right away.

Minecraft realms is a fun way to unlock new extends to having fun, while playing the game, without being bothered by unknown people.

What are Minecraft Realms

Minecraft realms are basically private servers, which are created by players, who had purchased the Realms upgrade.

The idea of Minecraft Realms is to create a private world, which can be played with your friends in an online mode and keep the pesky and unwanted people away.

Realms in Minecraft can be created at any time and kept online, without having the creator worry about his world going offline.

What are Minecraft Realms

In order to play in a realm, the host will need to create a world or use an already made one, which players can join at any time.

If you are thinking to create a Minecraft Realm, you can always set the options and keep unwanted players away and your world without grief.

Minecraft Realms is currently available for all the devices, such as Play Station, Xbox, PC, Nintendo switch and mobile phones.

Where are Minecraft Realms hosted?

Minecraft Realms are directly hosted on the Microsoft servers and do not require any upkeep from the customer side.

The Minecraft Realms that are being created every day have a 99,99% uptime and run 24/7. From time to time the realms may be paused for server maintenance and updates, which take no more than an hour per year.


The uptime and issues can be followed on the official uptime Mojang twitter account, as they will always provide updates, if there is an outage.

When a subscription is bought successfully, a virtual server is being created with allocated space and resources for the users.

Now you may be wondering what can happen if someone overloads the server?

Unlike the usual Minecraft server hosts, Mojang is allocating resources, which can be exceeded and in rare cases cause other servers to lag.

From a technical standpoint, having a Minecraft Realms Plus subscription can be beneficial, but if you would like to play with more people, it would be impossible.

How much does Minecraft Realms cost?

Minecraft Realms costs $7.99 per month for a 10 player realm, which includes a marketplace, with more than 50 different packs.

These packs include popular mini-games, character skins, maps and much more.

The minimum pricing of the Minecraft Realms costs $3.99, but is limited to 2 players and does not include any of the marketplace packs that are offered with their 10 player realm plan.

Before paying for the subscription, you can always start using the free 30 day trial and test if Minecraft Realms is what you were searching for.

How much does Minecraft Realms cost.

The Minecraft Realms plus subscription is updated each month and new packs are included in the new updates.

Can we add plugins or mods in Minecraft Realms?

Players who have their Minecraft Realms on the Bedrock Edition cannot install plugins or mods, which are created and distributed.

The sad news is that all the content released on websites, such as Bukkit or Spigot is invalid for Minecraft Bedrock edition due to the code powering it.

While mods and plugins are invalid for Minecraft Bedrock, you can enjoy modpacks from the Minecraft Marketplace and add them to your Minecraft Realms.


Each Minecraft Realms content pack is available for purchasing and new ones get released each month.

You can simply download or purchase them, you will have to upload your content on Minecraft Realms.

New content such as skins, worlds or modpacks are released in Minecraft Realms, and they will be available until the next month.

Do you have to pay for modpacks on Minecraft realms?

If you are paying for an active Minecraft Realms Plus subscription, which is $7,99 per month, you will be receiving free content, but will expire after the new content is released.

The worlds and modpacks downloaded to your Minecraft realm world will not be deleted, but will also be inactive for you and other players.

Paying for the skins or modpacks on Minecraft realms will ensure that you have them forever.


To buy Minecraft related content, you will need to have Minecoins. At the current rates 150 Minecoins are equal to $1 and 1500 Minecoins are equal to $10.

How to Create a Realm in Minecraft

In order to create Realms in Minecraft you will need to:

  1. Create a new world. You can adjust the world spawn seed, set the difficulty and choose the mode without any restrictions.
  2. Once you have set every setting for your Minecraft world, you should look for the Create on realms button, which will create your world on Minecraft Realms.
  3. After you have created your world on Minecraft Realms you will be asked to set the allowed players count. You have 2 options – 2 player or a 10 player Realm.
  4. The next thing you will need to do is to accept their Terms of Service and complete the transaction of Minecraft Realms plus subscription.
  5. Once everything had been finished you will have full access on your Realm, which includes the Minecraft Realms Marketplace.

The Minecraft Realms plus subscription can be cancelled at any time and does not require any additional fees in order to be stopped.

Can I change the settings once my Realm has been created?

Yes, you can change it at any time.

In order to change the settings of your Realm in Minecraft you will need to click the ‘edit button’ located next to your realm name.

The possible fields to be edited in your Minecraft Realm are:

  • Realm Name
  • Realm Description
  • Difficulty
  • Game Mode

While you are on the Realm edit, you can also Download World, which is your current Realm. This simply lets you to save your progress in game, in case something happens, or you wish to cancel your monthly subscription.

How to join Minecraft Realms

If you are wondering how to join Minecraft realms, it is pretty easy to be honest.

Joining Minecraft Realms is the same for Xbox, Play Station, PC, mobile phones and even Nintendo Switch.

So in order to join Minecraft Realms, you have to:

  1. Go to The Minecraft Realms Menu.
  2. From the list of realms that are available, you can choose the ones that you would like to play on.
  3. Once you have selected the Minecraft Realm you would like to play on, you will need to await for approval.

Once a player has been approved for joining a certain Minecraft realm, there will be a certain light, which will indicate the status of eligibility to play.

The green light indicates that you are permitted to play on a certain Minecraft Realm.

The yellow light indicates that your permissions to play on a certain Minecraft Realm is about to expire.

The red light indicated that a certain Minecraft Realm has expired or the owner has stopped his subscription for Minecraft Realms plus.

How to Backup my Minecraft Realms World?

If you have an active Minecraft Realms Subscription and wish to download or backup your world, you will need to have your Microsoft credentials.

Simply log in to your account and enter Minecraft.

Go to your Minecraft Realm world and visit it. Then you can simply click on the edit button next to your realm and choose to export your world.

Once the world has finished downloading locally, you will have a safe copy, which can be uploaded to any Minecraft world or realm with active subscription.

What happens if I stop paying my Minecraft Realms Subscription?

Download Minecraft worlds from the marketplace can be a really fun activity. With an active Minecraft Realms Plus subscription you are entitled with more than 100 worlds.

While it can sound too much, you can always replace the current world with a newer and better one.

But before replacing your Minecraft Realms world, it will be best to backup your current world and then proceed with the replacement process.

For replacing Minecraft worlds, you will need to go to the edit button, which is next to your realm and choose to replace the existing world.

Replacing your world is also effective when you have backups, or you see your current world corrupted.

Keep in mind that each world has a different file size and content. It may take up to 5 minutes for your Minecraft Realms world to be fully uploaded and ready to play.

The uploading time depends on your internet connection and components.

Do I need Minecraft Realms subscription to join Realms?

No you don’t need to pay for a Minecraft Realms subscription if you would like to join a certain Realm in Minecraft.

If your friend has a Minecraft Realm with an active Realms Plus subscription, you do not need to pay anything in order to play with him or join his world.

Minecraft Realms subscription plus is only for the people who would like to host Realms on Minecraft and invite people to play with them.

The marketplace monthly content or paid one, will be available for the subscription payer and also for everybody who joins the Minecraft realm.

How to cancel Minecraft Realms subscription

If you wish to cancel your Minecraft Realms subscription on your PC, you will need to go to the Microsoft Account page and login to your account.

However, in some cases the Realms subscriptions are made on different websites, such as Amazon and other competitors.

To stop your subscription you will need to enter the website where you pay for your Minecraft Realms Plus, and choose to end your monthly subscriptions.

At the beginning of the next month you will not be charged for an active Minecraft Realms Plus subscription, however your world will become inactive, until your subscription is renewed.

Can Java and Bedrock players join the same Minecraft Realm?

Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players cannot join the same realms. Each of these editions has its own coded realm and it will be impossible for cross-platform play.

While the original Minecraft Bedrock Realms gives players to connect to realms through consoles and other devices, Java edition cannot.

In Minecraft Java Edition accounts, players can join other realms from their Mac, Windows and Linux devices.

Can Java Bedrock players join Minecraft Realms

The sad news about cross-platform playing in Minecraft is that Mojang announced the merge of Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition cannot happen.

They are planning to keep both versions of the game as separate copies with unique features.

However, if you have purchased or will purchase any of the Minecraft editions in the feature, you will get the other version for free.

Can I host a Minecraft without paying for Minecraft Realms Plus

Owning and playing on a Minecraft Realms world is fairly priced and well hosted with Microsoft. But if you wish to have your own server and don’t want to pay for subscription there are certain ways.

You can start a self-hosted Minecraft server, or use services like Aternos to create a Minecraft server for free.

However, there are some drawbacks when you are hosting your own Minecraft server, or chose to host one free from a service provider.

Depending on the genre of the Minecraft server, you will find different ideas and ways to play the game.


While traditional Minecraft server hosting is still a popular and wide choice, Minecraft Realms became a great alternative.

It’s an official hosting provided from Mojang themselves, which take the hard work and leave your with creation of your world and the rest of the fun activities.

As a good thing, Minecraft realms are harder to be backdoored and are safer than traditional hosts. Mojang hides their IP addresses and protects your from bot attacks.

But if you want to set a bigger server and to be protected, you can go for a Minecraft VPS deal and get all the good stuff from both worlds.