Trees in Minecraft: The Beginners Guide

When it comes to trees in Minecraft, people always try to disregard them. But in fact, trees are the most common and important aspect of the whole game.

Without trees, Minecraft would be doomed without them, and we will explain why in our beginners guide about trees in Minecraft.

Different variations of trees in Minecraft

Minecraft has 13 different types of trees, which have their own height specifics, types of leaves, and most important biome locations.

1. Oak

Oak tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Oak trees are the most common type seen in Minecraft. They have a wide range of variety, which grows over 20 blocks, and drop apples once their leaves get broken.

When searching for oak trees, they can be found in all biomes, including plains, swamps, oak forests, rivers, wooded badlands, and mountain biomes.

2. Spruce

Spruce tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Spruce trees are another very common tree variant, which can be found in almost every biome. A spruce tree can also appear as giant spruce in some biomes.

Their mega variants can also be found in some biomes and appear higher than in jungle trees.

3. Dark Oak

Dark Oak Tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

The dark oak is one of the few rare trees in Minecraft, which can be found growing 2×2 wide, but not very tall.

As an opposite to their thick variation, the 1×1 thick dark oak trees are often found in woodland mansions.

Dark oak’s don’t have saplings, and can only be found in roofed forest biomes mainly.

4. Birch

Birch tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Birch trees can be seen in two different variations, tall and regular, but both have a unique zebra stripe design. Aside from their white and dark color mix, their leaves are brighter than other trees.

The uniqueness of the tall birch trees is that they can be found only in tall birch forests.

5. Jungle

Jungle tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Jungle trees are a very rare type of tree in Minecraft, found only in the jungle biome. They are tall in size and can be found growing over 30 blocks tall.

The jungle tee is always found in thick variants and is used for growing cocoa, or collecting vines from them.

6. Azalea

Azalea tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Azalea trees are counted as the rarest tree in Minecraft, found only in the lush caves biome.

They usually spawn in the empty spaces in the lush caves, along with lush flowers and bushes, which can be used for design purposes.

Even though Azalea trees are rare, they still drop azalea saplings, that can be grown with bone meal.

7. Acacia

Acacia tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Acacia trees can only be found in the savanna biome, growing diagonally, and are counted as one of the few rare trees.

They have a unique grey color, with orange mid, and can also be seen with grown vines.

8. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Cherry blossom trees are another biome-specific tree, found in the cherry grove biome. This type of tree has small cherry blossom flowers, obtainable with the whole bush, and used for decorative purposes.

The unique thing about cherry blossom trees is the falling particles of flowers, which are specific to this tree only.

9. Mangrove

Mangrove tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Mangrove trees can only be found in the mangrove swamps, where frogs spawn. They are grown with muddy mangrove dirt, which is biome specific.

A unique thing about mangrove trees is their red-orange color found deep in the deep part.

Mangrove trees drop their specific saplings and do not require special soil to be grown. Once the tree has been grown, its dirt will become mangrove root, which is darker than usual soil.

10. Crimson Tree

Crimson tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

The Crimson tree is a special variant of a tree, grown in the nether realm. It can only be seen in the crimson biome and has a special bloody red color with vines.

To grow yourself a crimson tree, you will need to have crimson fungus, and bone meal, placed in the nether soil.

While growing your crimson tree, you may see some crimson roots growing out from the ground, which is a biome-specific decorative item.

11. Warped Tree

Warped Fungus Tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

The warped tree is a special nether realm tree, which has a maroon color and can be found on special lands.

Warped fungus is surrounded by climbable vines, and can be grown with bone meal. To grow one you will need warped fungi.

12. Huge Mushroom

Mushroom Tree Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

Mushroom trees are not a tree, which drops saplings or seeds, instead, they drop mushrooms when destroyed with a non-silk touch pickaxe.

They can be found in most biomes such as mushroom fields, dark forests, and swamps.

Mushrooms do not have leaves or branches. Instead, they grow mushroom stems, which do not decay like the other trees mentioned.

13. Chorus Flower

Chorus Flower Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

The chorus plant is another world-specific plant, which can be found only in the nether and can grow more than 10 blocks tall. The chorus flower can be grown on end stone and grows in multiple branches.

Destroying a chorus tree will not drop any flowers, but instead chorus flower, which is replantable.

Aside from other trees, chorus plants cannot be grown with bone meal, and do not need a specific light level to grow.

Destroying the root of the tree will completely destroy its branches while destroying the fruits on top will keep the tree whole.

Specifics about trees in Minecraft

Every tree in Minecraft has a specific biome(s) where it can be seen growing, and certain heights they achieve. While almost every tree can be acquired as a sapling, it can only be seen as fully grown.

In Minecraft, trees have two forms only, which are sapling form and fully grown.

Height and biome for all trees in Minecraft

As mentioned before, each tree is very specific, and we have enlisted everything you need to know about the trees in Minecraft.

Regular OakAll7 blocks
Big OakAll10 blocks
Regular SpruceAll10 blocks
Big SpruceAll30 blocks
Dark OakAll9 blocks
BirchBirch Forest8 blocks
Regular JungleJungle26 blocks
Big JungleJungle32 blocks
AzaleaLush caves9 blocks
AcaciaSavanna10 blocks
Cherry BlossomGrove 9 blocks
MangroveSwamp20 blocks
CrimsonCrimson (Nether)27 blocks
WarpedWarped (Nether)27 blocks
MushroomAll13 blocks
ChorusHighlands (End)22 blocks

What sapling does every tree drop

To plant a tree in Minecraft, you will need to acquire its sapling. However, not every tree has its sapling, and to make things easier for you, we have outlined which trees drop a sapling.

OakOak sapling
SpruceSpruce sapling
Dark oakDark oak sapling
BirchBirch sapling
JungleJungle sapling
AcaciaAcacia sapling
Cherry blossomCherry blossom sapling
CrimsonCrimson tree
WarpedWarped fungi
Huge mushroomMushrooms
Chorus plantChorus flower

Stripped variants of trees in Minecraft

All trees in Minecraft can be stripped naked, removing their wood lines, by using an axe and the action button.

The only trees that cannot be stripped are mushrooms, and chorus plants.

Stripped logs in Minecraft Trees in Minecraft Beginners Guide

What are trees used for in Minecraft

After learning all the specifics about the trees in Minecraft, you may be wondering what are their uses. Since trees are the main item for progressing ahead, they are used for various activities such as:

  • Crafting
  • Creating beginner tools
  • Decorations

The main purpose of acquiring wood is crafting. Almost every item in Minecraft requires at least one piece of wood in its recipe, making it one of the most important items.

Trees can also be converted into charcoal, which can be turned into torches before finding coal in the mines.

Another use that they have is for creating your first tools. Every player needs at least a wooden pickaxe to get stones and progress further in making diamond tools.

And since trees are a very important item, most professional players create tree farms, where limiting tree height is important, for a faster wood collection.

However, others prefer to acquire saplings and create custom trees or use them for decorative purposes, which is an activity that has nothing to do with completing the game’s objectives.


Now that you understand everything about each type and how to grow trees in Minecraft, the next important step is to learn to utilize wood, as it has many purposes.

One of their biggest uses is for making beds to point your spawn point if moving from one location to another is of huge importance.