How to Show Coordinates in Minecraft (2023)

Have you ever felt lost in Minecraft, and wanted to go back to your home, but couldn’t find a lead? Using coordinates in Minecraft can prove beneficial, when in such situations.

Most pro players save their coordinates, so they can always pinpoint their location if they don’t have a map crafted.

Coordinates can prove quite useful once you get the hang. That’s why in this guide we will teach you how to show coordinates, so you can follow them, and mark your trails without issues.

What coordinates in Minecraft

Coordinates in Minecraft show player locations, and point out how far, how high, or low a player is while standing on a block.

They are represented by X, Y, and Z. Each of the letters has a different meaning and is used to find different locations.


Naturally, players in Minecraft get spawned around the X 0 and Z 0 coordinates. While this may not be always the case, players can often get spawned around these, which points to the middle of the world.

However, if a Minecraft server owner decides to move the spawn location to different coordinates, newly joined players will not be spawned at the random X 0, Z 0 spawn location, which is natural.

How to see Minecraft coordinates

Every Minecraft player can enable his coordinates in Minecraft. It is also available for server owners to enable coordinates.

However, the process of showing coordinates is different for each Minecraft edition.

Enable Minecraft coordinates in Java Edition

The most common method to display the coordinates would be by pressing the F3 button for Windows users, or Fn + F3 for Mac OS users. This way players will be shown a debug screen, which contains all the information about resource usage, along with chunks, and coordinates.

How to see Minecraft coordinates

If you are specifically looking for the coordinates only, they are located on the top-left of your screen by starting with the letters XYZ, and their respective numbers.

Enable Minecraft coordinates in Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft Bedrock edition things are a bit more simplified and do not require a debug screen to simply find your location.

2 different methods can be used, from which one is for multiplayer, and the other can be used on both occasions.

The first method can be used for both single-player, and multiplayer variants of Minecraft. All you need to do is to access your world’s options section and move the “show coordinates” slider to enable.

Once you see the slider in green color, the coordinates will be shown and active.

The second method requires a multiplayer world and the use of the gamerule command. When the gamerules command is used, all players will be affected by the rule.

To turn on coordinates visibility server operators can simply type /gamerule showCoordinates true.

How to enable coordinates in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Once the command has been applied, all players will be able to access the coordinates tab and view their current location in an XYZ variant.

Since Minecraft Bedrock is exclusively available for PS4, PS5, XBOX, Windows, and other devices, these settings can be applied, no matter what console Minecraft is being played on.

Each of these consoles is using Minecraft Bedrock Edition and will inherit the game rules, or changing the world settings will provide you with the same result.


Whether you are traveling for the next quest, or simply searching for forgotten treasures, coordinates can be useful to any kind of player.

Especially in multiplayer servers, where there are no rules or commands, coordinates can be a best friend, when it comes to locating bases.

But if coordinates are not added to a Minecraft server, you can always install a coordinates plugin, or coordinates mod to help you further.