How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft

Campfires are one of the most useful items, which were first introduced in Minecraft 1.14. With the ability to help you cook faster, they also help with scaring piglins off. However, a campfire can always hurt players who walk above it, causing a loss of durability, and growing hunger.

To protect yourself from the burning forces, we will show you how to put out a campfire in Minecraft with 4 different methods.

How to put out a campfire

If you no longer wish to use your campfire and wish to just extinguish the fire from it, you have a few options that may be helpful.

To start off with what you can’t do to put out a campfire, you cannot simply step on it and remove the fire. Enchanted apples, potions of fire resistance, and others will not help also.

How to put out a campfire in Minecraft

Putting out a campfire with water

To put out a campfire or soul campfire in Minecraft, you will need to have a water source or a bucket of water at least.

Once you have any of them, you will need to aim for the water to hit the top of your campfire.

If you have a bucket of water, you can simply pour the water on top of the campfire and the fire will be extinguished.

This will work both for campfires and soul campfires in Minecraft. However, if you try to do this in the nether, it will not work, as the nether has been patched to now allow water.

Putting out a campfire with a splash potion of water

If you want to be more creative with putting out a campfire, you can try using splash water potions. To make one of these, you will need to have a brewing stand and some gunpowder, which can be acquired through mining or creepers.

Once you gather the needed ingredients, you can start crafting your splash potions and start throwing them in the campfire or soul campfire.

Putting out a campfire with a splash potion of water

The campfire you have targeted will be immediately extinguished and will not work anymore.

As with the previous method with the water bucket, splash potions that contain water will also not work in the nether due to the patch.

Putting out a campfire with a shovel

One of the easiest and most followed ways of putting out a campfire in Minecraft is by using a shovel. For this, you will not need to have an overpowered diamond or netherite shovel.

Even a wooden or stone shovel can help you to put out the campfire. All you need to do is craft it and left-click on the campfire or soul campfire.

Putting out a campfire by breaking it

The least efficient way, which will directly return the soul campfire or campfire to you is by just breaking the campfire.

By doing this, your campfire will be returned back as an item in your inventory once picked up.

This is the only method that puts out your campfire’s flame but does not keep the item placed.

How to relit a campfire

If you have extinguished your campfire or soul campfire in Minecraft and want to reuse it again for cooking purposes or scaring piglins, you will need to do one of the following.

A campfire or soul campfire can be relit by using a flint and steel, or by breaking and placing the campfire back.


If you wish to use the flint and steel method, you can right-click on the campfire and it will immediately start burning once again.