Best Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers With Guns in 2023

Do you like zombie games, where you have to collect weapons and survive as much as you can, but also love playing Minecraft?

What if I told you that you can put a zombie apocalypse into Minecraft?

Today we will reveal the best Minecraft zombie survival server with guns, where players have to gather strong weapons, and survive the zombie apocalypse.

What are Minecraft Zombie Servers With Guns

Unlike traditional gameplay where zombies kill you, zombie servers with guns are a popular Minecraft genre, where players try to survive.

It gives the feeling of playing DayZ or even Unturned, but with different kinds of setups. In Minecraft, zombie servers are usually played in game mode, and you will often experience the rules of a player turning getting infected.

Zombie Survival Server With Guns Minecraft

The zombie has to infect all players, or the survivors will have to kill the infected player to win the game.

Zombie servers with guns in Minecraft follow the same rules, with one difference. There is no limit to infected players or zombies who got killed. At any point, a player can get infected by a plague or simply become zombified by another player.

In other types of servers, you will usually see that AI is controlling the zombies, and players will have to survive by acquiring guns and ammunition.

Both of these game types are a small fraction of the zombie survival servers in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft zombie survival servers with guns


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Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers With Guns - DeadMC

DeadMC is one of the first Minecraft zombie survival servers in Minecraft, built by 3 mods, and turned into a very popular project for the community.

The server features Towny, where players can build towns from the ground up, and defend them from zombie hordes. Every 7th night becomes has a blood moon, where zombies will go on a rage, and fearlessly attack players, until they have completely demolished everything built.

The most fun part of playing on DeadMC is the upgraded survival experience, where zombies become more powerful, by learning how to climb, shoot, explode, and even more.

To survive in DeadMC, players will have to complete a wide variety of tasks, and continuously upgrade their skills, to defend better.

Aside from the fun zombie survival experience in DeadMC, many events occur in the server and reward players with cool features, such as pets, trails, or special upgrades.

The Mining Dead

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Best Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers With Guns - GunColony

If you have ever played the Walking Dead and love the story, The Mining Dead is based on the same idea. TMD is a unique zombie survival server with guns, multiple upgradeable items, and an open world to explore with your friends.

The main objective of this server is to survive and try to loot as much as you can. In The Mining Dead, there is no safe place to hide, and if the zombies don’t get you, perhaps bandits will.

Aside from brainless zombies, bandits can be very tricky and shoot from long-range, causing easy deaths, but drop incredible loot for fighting the undead.

Gearing your character in the early stages can be one of the best pieces of advice given, as zombies in The Mining Dead can easily infect you. During the early stages of infection, curing yourself can happen by applying healing supplies, and eating food.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Players have a hydrant-leveled bar, which drops pretty fast, and requires water supplies for one’s survival. Not to mention the wide variety of food, which can be found by looting places, or by fighting bandit hordes.

As an inspiration from The Walking Dead, The Mining Dead is one of the most popular Minecraft zombie survival servers with guns, which attracts hundreds of players, and manages to deliver a very pleasant experience.


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Best Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers With Guns - The Mining Dead

GunColony is another great Minecraft zombie survival with guns, where players can join the unique zombie infection minigame.

It’s a Call of Duty-inspired minigame, where players will be separated into two different teams, with the single objective to win.

To start the game, a random player will be chosen, and once the game has started, the player will become a zombie. The infected player has the task to infect all survivors, to win the game before the 3-minute timer expires.

As for the survivors, they have the objective to destroy the zombie hordes, before their timer expires, otherwise, the game will result in a draw.

Survivors can choose between multiple kits before the game starts, while zombies can choose their class.

WalkingDead by MinecraftZ

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WalkingDead by MinecraftZ Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers With Guns

WalkingDead is another popular Minecraft zombie survival with guns, which is inspired by The Walking Dead, and created for surviving in the post-apocalyptic zombie world.

Created and hosted in Russia, WalkingDead is a very popular Russian server, but also gets players from around the world, to battle against zombies in an open world, filled with zombies and stronger enemies.

The zombie survival rules in WalkingDead are simple. After finishing the introduction stage, players will be spawned in a random place, with the objective to try and collect guns for their zombie survival experience.

WalkingDead is one of the few unique servers, which feature extraordinary gun skins which can be applied to weapons, and do not require money to be spent.

Apart from their guns and armor arsenal, players also receive jetpacks with fuel to help them travel faster. However, riding on a jetpack can be a limited experience, since the fuel runs out fast, and bandits can always shoot you from the sky.


Minecraft zombie servers with guns can be a very fun genre, which allows players to explore, and be less competitive, unlike in PVP-based servers.

The idea of surviving in Minecraft zombie servers is also a way to chill with a community of friends, or simply challenge yourself in a zombie survival with guns minigame, for competitive gameplay lovers.