5 Best Minecraft Servers With Minigames

Are you looking for fun to play Minecraft servers with minigames, where you can queue up with your friends and enjoy endless battles?

It’s not unusual for players to enjoy the minigame content, as it brings the most popularity to Minecraft servers.

A great example of such a server would be The Hive, which had to close doors and start operating only for the Minecraft Bedrock edition.

But even without The Hive, we will be showcasing the best Minecraft servers with minigames, which you can enjoy right now!

What are Minigames in Minecraft

Just like in Fortnite or any other multiplayer game, there is additional content, which is not very competitive but requires some skill.

And since additional content is a great way to enjoy your favorite games, minigames were also added to Minecraft servers.

To be exact, Minecraft minigames are introduced in the form of plugins or can be bought from the Minecraft marketplace, if you are a Bedrock Edition player.

There are many types of minigames, which can be enjoyed and each of them has a different level of hardness and can be played solo or multiplayer.

Types of minigames in Minecraft

One of the most popular minigames content introduced in Minecraft is the Bedwars, Eggwars, and also the building battles, where players join teams and have to clash with the enemy team and finish an objective.

For example, in bedwars, the objective is to destroy the enemy team’s bed and eliminate each of their team members, so they can be disqualified and never respawn.

But that’s only one of the minigames introduced in Minecraft. There are a lot more, and we will introduce them in this article.

Best Minecraft servers with minigames

Every minigame Minecraft server in our list is open for both Java Edition and Bedrock edition. It can be joined from your PS4/PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even your windows PC.

If you are a cracked Minecraft player and wish to join any of these servers, go ahead. They are all open for both premium and cracked players.

1. Hypixel

  • IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

As always we like to start with the most popular, custom-made Minecraft server with lots of content and very fun-to-play Minigames.

Hypixel is now the world’s most popular Minecraft server, which gets over 60,000 players per day and offers in-game content, which no other server has.

They are widely known for their Skyblock, which is just like an MMO game. You can easily start your own island and start growing it to level up their gear and play versus stronger monsters.

But along with their very popular Skyblock, you can always opt-in for their Survival, Casual, Competitive, or other 17 minigames, which are custom-coded and have fast queueing time games.

If you are worried about the cheaters in Hypixel, they usually get banned in less than 24 hours, as their team continues to develop a better anti-cheat, so you shouldn’t give up so fast.

2. PikaNetwork

  • IP Address: play.pika-network.net

PikaNetwork is another large competitor to Hypixel, which has tons of minigames, but features their widely known pixelmon mod. If you haven’t heard about their pixelmon, you should definitely start from there.

They have absolutely amazing pokemon that you can catch, feed, let them battle against others, and evolve them just like in the original series.

The rest of the servers that PikeNetwork offers, are 3 but are very customized and player specific. If you are the type of player who wishes to play minigames or just play casually, you can always go for their Bedwars, which have different player modes. The maximum number of players that can join there are 4 teams of 8 players, which makes it more competitive.

And just like Hypixel, they have a custom Skyblock with starter kits, minion farmers, lands to expand, and thousands of items you can choose from.

Overall PikaNetwork offers extremely fun content for its players and will continue growing, due to the additional content that they are planning to add at the end of this year.

3. JartexNetwork

  • IP Address: jartex.fun

JartexNetwork is the third largest Minecraft server network, offering multiple types of modes in Minecraft, and featuring many custom types of minigames.

They currently have only 10 minigames available to be played, from which they feature the 6 different modes SkyWars, where you can even vote for a random type of playing. Depending on the choice the server makes, you have chances of playing a totally weird SkyWars game.

The players there are ready for any type of clash against you, so be prepared, otherwise, you may get stunned or feel dizzy and fall off the map.

But except for the SkyWars, we really enjoyed the custom SkyBlock they have. It gets a reset every season, which makes players ready to start all over and build their islands with spawners. The main objective is to stack as many spawners as you can, and gain mobcoins.

But along with the mobcoins, you will need a good grasp of the enchantment and gears, as they will help you to fight the bosses. They have 6 different areas where you can fight more than 5 bosses, who have custom status effects and can go wild at any time.

You should be careful and prepared, because some of the starter areas have item protection, and you can keep your items upon death, but the further you go, the fewer chances to have protection in the world.

4. MineHut

  • IP Address: mc.minehut.com

MineHut is one of my favorite Minecraft hosts and servers with minigames. Not because we are affiliated, because we aren’t, but because they have the largest plugin showcase, which cannot be done that easily.

By scrolling through their plugins section, you can find at least a hundred custom-made Minecraft plugins and find anything for your Minecraft server.

And if you are curious what minigames they have, the most popular one is the block hunt minigame. It’s not like your usual hide and seek Minecraft server, as it has some custom scripts. In fact, their block hunt minigame has been made with the help of Skript (a popular script plugin, which requires no coding).

But not only that. MineHut is a Minecraft hosting provider, which can offer you the best experience if you play on their server. They have dedicated enough resources to hold up more than 15,000 players.

And in total, MineHut has a whopping 15 different minigames, from which most of them are made on Skript, while others are in the form of plugins and offered on their website.

5. CubeCraft

  • IP Address: play.cubecraft.net

CubeCraft is another Minecraft minigames network, which has many different modes to play and custom content for its players. They are well-known for their BlockWars, where professional builders join to fight for the best building project. You can play versus one or more players, and the judge is their server, which can check how well you have built the given project.

Other than that, MinerWare is also one of their best minigames, which is their own creation. In MinerWare you have to look out as the floor is lava. Once a player touches the lava, they will immediately die and be disqualified. So watch your step and act fast.

But that’s only one of the few micro minigames they offer. To be fair MinerWare is a major plugin, containing more than 10 minigame modes.

Other modes include completing parkours, breaking torches, mining certain materials, and much more. MinerWare is CubeCraft’s biggest project, which every player wishes to have, but costs a lot of resources to be handled.

Except for the MinerWare minigame, CubeCraft also features Battle Arena, LuckyBlocks, SkyWars, EggWars, and some other experimental minigames. In total, they have 8 minigames and more sub-minigames.