The 6 Best Minecraft Servers With Guns

Have you ever wanted to replace the weapons and tools in Minecraft with something better?

Gun Minecraft servers are the best way to do that since Minecraft does not include guns in its updates. With such weaponry, you can easily make a fun-to-play server, including various game modes.

What are Minecraft servers with guns

Minecraft servers with guns are those who use special mods or plugins with textures for converting basic tools to guns. But the difference between mods and plugins is big, due to the resource usage and requirements.

With a guns plugin for Minecraft, you can change the entire texture and design of your default tools, so they become usable.

What are Minecraft Server with Guns

Do I need mods to join gun Minecraft servers

Since some Minecraft servers are using gun mods in Minecraft, you will need to download the appropriate mods, listed by the server. Otherwise, you will not be able to join the server and play with the guns mods.

They have all the popular mods pre-installed, or ready to be installed, which can help download the mods required for the server more efficiently.

What are the Best Minecraft server with guns

Cosmic Craft

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Best Minecraft Servers With Guns - CosmicCraft Server with Guns

A truly unique and wonderful play Minecraft server for a big proportion of the community would be Cosmic Craft. It’s a Minecraft server network, which includes 4 different playable game modes. Each of these game modes is its own guns server in Minecraft.

They have a custom-made Paintball with the main SMG gun, and a pistol shooting paintballs. Depending on hitboxes players can eliminate one another with a few bullets shots.

Another great mode that they feature on a separate guns server would be their TeamFortress mode. It’s a representation of the original TF2 game, but with Minecraft graphics and weapons.

In the TeamFortress mode you choose between any of the classes given by Cosmic Craft, and join their respawn or competitive games. Each class has its own weapons, and class specifics, which can be changed at any time.

The next game mode is Annihilation, which results in a one vs all game mode, where each player is on their own. It doesn’t use guns, but each weapon has special effects, used to battle against other players. To be precise, the Annihilation mode gives players the opportunity to play on a role-playing survival Minecraft server, with more additions to it.

Last but not least game mode offered by Cosmic Craft is the GTA. It is a recreation of the Grand Theft Auto game, which we all know, but with blocky graphics.

In GTA you can choose any type of role that you wish to play, and directly get access to weapons depending on your role. For example, if you want to join a criminal role, you can always get a wider arsenal of weapons. managing to grow yourself, will result in more weaponry and gang ranks as well.


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Best Minecraft Servers With Guns - CometCraft

CCNet is a customized Minecraft server, including a special battleship game with many weapons, and special effects. The main idea of this game mode is to create a ship, which is ready to sail away and fight with other players.

Players can use their ship cannons to play one vs another. Each landed shot will result in breaking the opponent’s ship. The main purpose of this mode is to create a navy ship, filled up with a military arsenal to protect your stocks.

The ships are mainly used for transporting materials, which would earn you money. The server’s main role may be Towny, but it includes guns from SlimeFun and many other features.

Players can also construct towns and create their own nations, with hundreds of sailing ships ready for war or live peacefully in a great economics server.


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Best Minecraft Servers with Guns MCDrugs Minecraft Server with Guns

MCDrugs is a drug Minecraft server, which includes real-world aspects. Some of these aspects are the drugs, which you can create by growing, cooking, or trading them with other players.

The server consists of many roles, which players can take. You can be a normal Citizen doing your duties, and not be bothered by anybody in-game, become a drug dealer or even a police officer.

If you wish to become a drug dealer in the server, you will be given the opportunity to create as many drugs as you want, and even sell them to other players on NPCs. Those who don’t like the idea of drugs, can easily become police officers, and climb the ranks, by serving the purpose of catching criminals.

Police officers are well-packed with weapons, such as guns, tasers, and handcuffs, and have more perks, which they need to use for catching criminals on the server.

Each role you take will give you features, which are unique, and you can create your own storyline by playing the server with style.


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Best Minecraft Servers With Guns - MCDayz Minecraft Server with Guns

If you have ever enjoyed playing the survival game called DayZ, or any of the other survival-based games, such as Rust, Unturned, or Escape from Tarkov, you would definitely enjoy playing MCDayZ.

It’s a Minecraft survival server where players are spawned in certain locations, with just one aim. They will need to survive by acquiring materials to craft their shelters.

Players are required to gather resources for food and make their weapons, so they can evolve into predators, and start hunting their prey. Other players are also spawned around the map, which makes them vulnerable, but may also escape due to their survival instincts.

In MCDayZ players can craft guns and ammunition, for the sole purpose of their survivability. Once a player dies, he will be extracted from his death place, leaving all items from his inventory on the ground.

Managing to kill other players, will give a small boost, as their inventory will become obtainable, and can help with surviving for longer time periods, as well as advancing in crafting.


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Best Minecraft Servers With Guns - GunColony Server With Guns

GunColony is a Minecraft gun server with all kinds of shooting modes in one single world. With a custom mechanics system, and hundreds of gun models, GunColony makes Minecraft gun servers better than some FPS games.

Each gun has specifics, such as punch rate, recoil, ammunition, upgrades, and a dynamic spread with accuracy indicators.

For the players who prefer to play with snipers, they can enjoy real scopes for better aim, and faster shooting rate.

Weapons have a different fire rate, which is realistic, and the bullets shot at a wall or another block, will be indicated. Players hit by a bullet will also start bleeding, making them easier to find.

Each player can join different game modes, such as Mob-Arena, Infection mode, and even a PvP shooting mode.


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Best Minecraft Servers With Guns - CraftTheftAuto Server With Guns

HavocMC is one of the servers, that offers a one of a kind zombie shooter server with guns, that looks like The Living Dead. In fact, their server represents this name.

The Mining Dead is a special creation by HavocMC, which gives a chance to players, to spawn in an abandoned city, and start struggling for gears.

Each player will be spawned with a set amount of a rifle, ammunition, knife, and some money, but it depends on them, how they will survive the incoming waves of zombies.

These zombies are hidden in every building, or can be seen walking in the abandoned city, carrying enormous amounts of goods, and special items, which players can benefit from.

Buildings are also filled with boxes that have the needed supplies for each survivor, however, they are guarded well, and can be very hard to succeed in obtaining items from them.