The 5 Best Minecraft Server Name Generators

Have you ever wanted to create a Minecraft server, but were not sure how to name it? Minecraft server names are one of the most important things to choose before starting because it will be harder to change them later.

The server name is what your players will remember, and will search for you no matter what. So choosing a good name, would be the right way to go.

But if you are having issues with Minecraft server name ideas, we have you backed up. In this article, we will showcase the 5 best Minecraft Server Names Generators.

With our top picks, you can easily find a cool Minecraft server name, and start getting players by just using a simple Minecraft name generator.

What is a Minecraft Server Name Generator

Just like a random number generator, Minecraft server names generators act the same way. The developers input all the popular Minecraft words and set a random word to be generated.

Depending on the quality of the tool for name generating you are using, the chances are that you will receive a pretty flashy name, which you can use for your Minecraft server.


Nonetheless, if you don’t like the generated server name, you can always try to get a new one and see if it fits your liking. Sometimes Minecraft server name generators can display more than one name, depending on how they are made.

And the chances of receiving the same names are pretty low. Except, if you spam it for a whole day. And since the names are generated at random, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the same names, but you can always hit the generate button once again.

Will the generated Minecraft server names are available

The answer to such a question would be always “it depends”. We aren’t the only people who had figured out that this is an easy and profitable way to find cool server names in Minecraft.

Also, the mentioned websites have been on the field for more than 5 years, and have helped players to choose their server names.

But even if a server name is taken, it doesn’t mean that a domain was registered with it, or the server may have closed doors and gone offline forever.

You can make also try to make lists with all the generated Minecraft server names and choose the one that is available and suits you most.

Best Minecraft Server names Generators

Each of the below Minecraft-mentioned server name generators has been helpful to the Minecraft community and can give you an idea of how to name your server. Before proceeding to name your server, make sure to register a domain name, so you can take the name legally.


FantasyNameGenerators best Minecraft server name generators

FantasyNameGenerators is an all-in-one Minecraft server name generator solution. It works great for most of the games, but also has a special section for Minecraft Realms names. It’s not a big deal if it’s named for realms or anything else, as they can also be used for Minecraft servers.

Each time you hit the “Get Realm Names” button, the generator will start picking and displaying 10 cool server names.

Each of the names given consists of 2 words combined, and is generated randomly. The first 5 names will be randomly generated, while the 5 last ones are descriptive or specific nicknames for a realm.

You can choose the best combination amongst the given 10 names, and if you don’t like any of the names, simply press the “Get Realm Names” button once again, and you will receive a new combination.


Minehub best Minecraft server name generators

Minehub is a more optional random Minecraft server name generator, which gives you the option to customize what should your random generated name have.

You can also choose the number of words, which will be generated and even add “craft”, “network”, or “MC” to your generated name.

The main options will give you the choice between checkmarks including names from the periodic table, nature, beautiful German words, or even a start-up company name.

While the generated names look strange, you could try to minimize the words and see if a cool name ending with “MC”, “network”, or “craft” pops up.

But if nothing good is coming out of the generated names, increase the words, and start eliminating them one by one in a spreadsheet. In the end, you should have some good words to combine with the optional words and make a great Minecraft server name.


KhaozStudios best Minecraft server name generators

KhaozStudios is a good Minecraft server names generator but may look a bit outdated. That is because their generator is hosted on Weebly, and did not receive any updates for years.

But this shouldn’t stop you from trying it out. KhaozStudios have included many cool Minecraft server names, and every time I tried to hit the generate button, a cool name was popping up. None of these names was showing as used, which was a gold mine if I wanted to start my own Minecraft server.

And since you have opportunities to choose from, KhaozStudios’ Minecraft server names generator is by far the best option, because it’s hard to find, but very easy to profit from.



NameStation is a domain name registrar, which can also be a good Minecraft server names generator. With its help, you can find cool server names and even register them under domains.

NameStation will provide you with multiple choices of Minecraft names, which are available and can be purchased from their website. All you need to do is register and use their helpful tools to find the name that describes your server the most.

You also have filters to choose how your server name should start, and how it has to end, so the search can be efficient, and provide you with the best results.



Spinxo may not be the best random Minecraft server name generator, but by filling out the correct spots, you will get some ideas for a Minecraft server name. Good names may not come out fast, but believing in the odds is what gave us some cool names, such as “MoCraft”, “SkeinCraft”, and “BalCraft”.

With the use of Spinxo, we get 30 different generated Minecraft names, which can also be modified. But to get the best out of it, you will need to fill out the “nicknames”, “hobbies”, and “important words” fields. In nicknames, you can input a Minecraft item or your nickname, for the important words add “craft”, “mine”, or anything similar to popular names, and for hobbies add “Minecraft”.

With this easy trick, we managed to find these 3 names, in only 2 tries. Otherwise, strange names are popping up, but it is a good alternative to any of the Minecraft server name generators, which we had mentioned.


With these Cool server name generators, you can create a stunning name, and attract more players. Each of these websites generates Minecraft server names, which are not taken.

And to be precise, you can use it for Minecraft SMP server name ideas.