The 9 Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

Have you ever wanted to start a Minecraft role-playing server, but are not sure what plugins to use?

To help you create a unique server, we have created a list of the best Minecraft RPG skills plugins for servers.

What are Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

RPG skills plugins allow players unique character abilities beyond basic combat skills. With ability plugins, anybody can choose to grow various skill trees and level them.

RPG skills plugins add a new way to play Minecraft by adding role-playing elements.

One of the biggest draws of each RPG skill plugin is the sense of abilities they provide. As players level up their masteries, they feel a real sense of accomplishment preventing them from leaving.

Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

1. mcMMO

mcMMO Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

McMMO is the most popular RPG skills plugin, that ever existed in Minecraft. It allows you to turn any basic server into an RPG adventure.

Packed with an RPG-like skill system, players can enjoy 13 skills and infinity levels. On top of that, mcMMO adds special abilities and mechanics for a better PvP Experience.

Upon each level, player tools and weapons receive new effects and buffs.

Even though the plugin became premium, it is still the most used RPG skills plugin. For the price of $20, you can upgrade from a Vanilla to an RPG server within a click.

2. ValhallaMMO

ValhallaMMO Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

ValhallaMMO is a complete masterpiece that earned a top spot in our RPG skills list.

The plugin features a skill tree with 11 different abilities and levels. Skill trees can be unlocked with power levels, earned from progressing in professions.

Integrating ValhallaMMO with mcMMO can give more skills and combat strategies to players.

Both plugins don’t overlap or cause issues. In fact, they improve the player experience.

While Minecraft can be easily beaten, ValhallaMMO overcomes this. By hiring the difficulty of the game, players have no choice, but to progress their skill trees.

3. FreeRPG

FreeRPG is a complete alternative to mcMMO, created with the idea of being free. With a wide variety of skill trees and token systems, leveling skills has never been easier.

FreeRPG is a token-based, skill-leveling plugin that offers endless RPG elements.

Based on the progress of a profession, players can earn 3 sets of tokens:

  • For every level, a passive token is given
  • For every 100 levels, a skill token is given
  • For every 1000 levels, a global token is given

While the system is very simple, acquiring levels is much harder. Players need to start utilizing each aspect of the game to earn one level. Following the natural elements in Minecraft rewards hundreds of levels.

Leveling a skill tree is another fun aspect, as it can be done through the Hypixel-inspired GUI.

4. Heroes Premium

HeroesPremium Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

Heroes Premium is a role-playing plugin designed for the premium server Herocraft. It is a unique solution providing classes, skills, and experience systems.

Each class has its unique set of bindable skills. Each skill can be retrained and repurposed by using special in-game perks.

On top of that, each class has special passive skills. Most of these passives give buffs, permissions for certain weapons, and advanced mechanics.

Picking a class will restrict you from using weapons that are not class specific. Yet, classes can be changed and skills re-done.

With Heroes Premium you receive a unique multi-tiered character system. This means you can create a unique PvP & PvE-styled RPG server without extra plugins.

5. Aurelium Skills

Aurelium Skills Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

Aurelium Skills is a Vanilla-enhancing RPG plugin. You get 15 unique skills, each with separate leveling techniques and stats.

Leveling skills can be done by following the skill requirements. For example, taking damage from mobs enhances your defense skill. Similarly, other skills get leveled, while you survive in Minecraft.

Farming experience levels will cause both skills and stats to upgrade. Currently, there are 6 statistics, which are automatically upgraded with each skill level.

Some of these stats include higher damage, more durability, archery skills, and others.

6. SkilleMeUp – Survival RPG Skills

SkilleMeUp is another unique Vanilla skills plugin. Its main idea is to enhance the core gameplay, without adding extra content.

Similar to Aurelium Skills, this plugin introduces 8 skill sets with levels. Each skill set can be leveled through the use of tools or weapons.

As a unique add-on, SkillMeUp introduces configurable experience boosters. On certain occasions, players can get increased amounts of XP while playing.

The number of levels, primary skills, and XP boosts can be configured from inside the plugin. Levels and skills can also be set per group or individually per player.

7. EcoSkills

EcoSkills Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

EcoSkills is the best RPG skills plugin for Minecraft. It adds a variety of skills, indicators, and effects. The plugin is nicely packed with a simple GUI as well. Players can easily choose their skill tree, and start leveling right away.

Skill trees can be set per player groups, or globally for all members. With player groups, you can restrict certain skills for donators and non-donator players. On top of that, each skill group provides conditions and status effects. These effects can result in more resources, damages, defense, and others. Increasing your skill level will unlock extra modifiers and status effects.

Each buff or effect can be further set to work at a certain distance. Along with that, buffs can have active and cooldown timers set in the config.

In terms of user-friendliness, EcoSkills is the easiest one to configure and use out of the box.

8. Skills Pro

SkillsPro Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

Skills Pro is a semi-abandoned RPG abilities plugin. With that said, the author provides updates, but only on the plugin versions.

Development on the plugin’s characteristics has been stopped. Yet, it’s still a great plugin for adding extra abilities.

Skills Pro comes packed with 10 different skill trees, which can be leveled together. Each skill tree provides a special status effect for its respective weapon.

Players can choose to set triggerable abilities on tools or weapons like swords and axes. The status timer of the ability grows after a skill level has been added.

To make it even better, each skill has its advantages and weaknesses compared to others.

It is a great additional plugin for Vanilla players, who wish to add a bit more role-playing elements. Skills Pro integrates well with custom mobs and custom items plugins as well.

9. UltraSkills

UltraSkills Best Minecraft RPG Skills Plugins

UltraSkills is an all-in-one RPG skill Minecraft plugin. It adds exclusive visual effects to role-playing items, and abilities.

It comes packed with 10 skill sets including special items like trinkets and wands. Players also gain buffs, which allow them to fly, increase attack range, or even absorb damage.

Status effects can be set by applying certain items, and skill levels. The higher level a player has, the increased stats and effects he gets.

UltraSkills uses a cap of 275 levels for all skill levels combined. To earn XP levels, players will need to farm, mine, or start hunting.

Mining awards players with mining XP, while planting crops with farming XP. Each profession will level its certain skill up to the max level.

Once the max level has been reached, players can no longer upgrade their respective skill. However, they can start leveling another skill group without restrictions.