The 15 Best Minecraft RPG Servers

Are you an RPG player searching for some cool servers to play on?

Roleplaying Minecraft servers can be very attractive for the RPG community, especially when they are made by professional development teams.

To give you the best RPG experience, we have created a small list of the best RPG servers in Minecraft, which are highly recommended by every gamer.

What are RPG servers in Minecraft

One of the best things in Minecraft is the RPG plugins, which started back in 2014. Such plugins are keeping the players much more stable in-game while providing various fun activities.

At first, players were introduced to the mini-games, known as Sky Wars. Minecraft Sky Wars are simply islands, where players are being spawned and quickly need to search for a chest to get items.

With the items acquired through these chests, the players can equip themselves and start building their way to the other island and kill the enemy player.

After the basic Sky Wars showed so much interest, the plugin was updated to actually give players classes with starter armors and points that they can assign to their character and be buffed for the games.

The points cannot be gotten so easily with paying money, which eliminates the factor of Pay to Win. The only way you can get points is to actually start playing.

After the Sky Wars, many other popular mini-games came out, such as the popular Hunger Games in Minecraft.

In the Minecraft Hunger Games, you actually do the same as they did in the movie. Wait for the timer to end and quickly run for a chest with good items.

After that, the only thing you need to do is to hide fast and wait for your prey.

Eventually, after mini-games, things had to be taken above the ordinary, so Minecraft server developers started something so big, that was taking months or years to just complete a small part of it.

What does RPG Stand for in Minecraft

In Minecraft and other games, RPG stands for Roleplaying Game. Minecraft RPG servers are created by professional players and include many different plugins, to give Minecraft players what they actually want.

As you may have heard, there are actual Minecraft RPG servers with custom mobs, drops, weapons, and farmable items, which are exactly like the items you know but have custom stats on them.

What does RPG stand for in Minecraft

Such items are used to enhance the gameplay and bring more fun to the old days of Minecraft.

Most of the server developers in Minecraft had actually dedicated more than 5 years to creating a WoW-like Minecraft server, which has almost the same mechanics and much more adventure in the dungeons.

How to play on a Minecraft RPG Server

To play on a Minecraft RPG server, you will need to have either their special launcher or use a Minecraft launcher with mods.

If a Minecraft RPG server contains mods, it will not be possible to join in without a special Minecraft-modded launcher.

If you try to access a Minecraft RPG server, which contains mods, without a modded launcher, you will not get anywhere.

To prove my point, I have tried to access MC-Complex from the vanilla Minecraft launcher and entered the server.

When I tried to access the Pixelmon RPG server, nothing was happening. I was only receiving a message that I do not have the mod installed to access the server.


But why can’t I access Minecraft RPG servers without using a modded Minecraft launcher?

The answer is simple. Minecraft mods are built in a complex way, which your default Minecraft launcher cannot read and will not know how to deliver the type of content.

When you have your modded launcher and it contains the mod required by the RPG Minecraft server, only then it can read the mod and display it.

What are The Best Minecraft RPG Servers

Once you know what is an RPG server in Minecraft, it is for sure known that you will start searching for a one of kind of your taste server, which will have everything that you need.

But why should you spend so much time accessing and registering in each server, when we have the perfect list, which will be by your taste and can save you a lot of time in searches and dedicate more time in playing.

Good RPG Servers in Minecraft should have many features and item sets that you can possibly waste hundreds of hours on them, have no pay to win features and an opportunity to unleash the pro within you.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers MineScape

As one of the best Minecraft RPG servers, Minescape takes our first place for 2 simple reasons.

It lets creative players build and compete in thrilling building battles, which reward them after hard work and has the ultimate RPG experience with their custom sets of items, dungeons, and mobs.

Building battles can also be a fun way to compete with people you don’t know and friends. Once you had found a good competitor you can always add him to your Minecraft building team and create more stunning projects together.

As for the RPG experience in Minescape, there is no other like it. The Minescape team has dedicated more than 2 years of building and customizing, just so they can win the top place in our hearts.

If you ever stumble upon their creative ideas for mobs, dungeons, quests, skill trees, and weapons, you will never want to turn your back on them.

Minescape offers a RuneScape-like experience in their server with trading NPCs, raids, and the opportunity to create your own mini market, selling for thousands.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers SchoolRP

If you had ever wondered how Japanese schools work, you should definitely go and try out SchoolRP.

SchoolRP represents real life at school with absolutely real teachers and players, who attend classes and interact with each other in real-time.

The cool thing about SchoolRP is that you can live the school life that you had ever wanted, without feeling shy to go for it.

In fact, you can be the cool kid at school, if you show them your skills and some pranks, which will not get you banned but sent to the principal’s office.

The realistic life of the school in SchoolRP became so popular that they always hold a strong player base ready to learn and earn through school lessons.

Rumors have it, that even some teachers are teaching their students in this Minecraft RPG server because kids seem more entertained and educated while being present in a game.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - Wynncraft

If you are looking for a Minecraft server with classes and quests, Wynncraft is your number one fantasy Minecraft RPG server.

Wynncraft is a custom-made server containing many creative maps, waiting to be explored by their player community.

Not to mention that you can find many chests dropped on the ground awaiting to be picked. The downside is that sometimes you may encounter other players wanting the chest, which will eventually engage you in a PvP battle.

Wynncraft is although a fun Minecraft RPG server, which lets you explore and relive the adventure of a real-life server, which can help you out in understanding life better.

The server encourages the players filled with imagination to spread and help out others. Multiple currencies and custom-made items exist, which let you trade and become better in Minecraft.

As a Minecraft RPG server, Wynncraft has constant updates filled up with new content, such as weapons, more RPG mods, and role-playing maps.

If you wish to be an early tester of the new RPG settings of Wynncraft, you will need to be a “HERO” or “CHAMPION”.

Even if you can’t become one of the top-tier ranks, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to enjoy the new update.

Wynncraft will release its new RPG updates once the bug testing has finished and everything is stable for their community.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - DemocracyCraft

If you are looking for a business like real-life RPG servers in Minecraft, DemocracyCraft can help you out in starting your small business.

DemocracyCraft is created in a way to show us the reality we live in, and how we can change it with our power and knowledge.

The official currency in DemocracyCraft is the Eco Dollar, which lets people buy better items and trade with others, so they can receive goods.

The players in DemocracyCraft can sell items between the countries for creating a better ecosystem and even set tax payments, so they can run a stable environment.

The best thing about this server is that you can use its features, such as auction houses or public markets, which help players make more income.

The thing that makes DemocracyCraft one of the best Minecraft RPG servers is that even if you spend real-life money on the server, you will still be equal to the others.

And if you would like to donate to the server, you get awesome in-game perks, such as your own DemocracyCraft nickname with colors, chat colors, pets, and more accesses.

In DemocracyCraft each player can create his own country and democracy, fight for it, and make a better world for a living.

If your country runs out of money or gets into political issues, you have many ways of restarting the whole system and continuing ahead to build something better.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers PirateCraft

Do you want to wander the seas and battle with pirates in real-time? PirateCraft represents pirate life and looting adventures around the 7 seas.

PirateCraft represents the famous RPG game Sea of Thieves, where you can build your own bridges, boats, and cannons along with your crew, so you can start fighting with the sea monsters awaiting.

In PirateCraft you can protect your plots and make them your own crafting lands, for future ship builds and more.

Engaging in the PirateCraft PVP is a bit more serious and can get your ship sunk if you are not careful, while your crew gets dominated in the fight.

To unlock a better ship in the PirateCraft RPG server you will need a higher rank, which is acquired by traveling, building, fighting, and being active.

The higher your rank is in PirateCraft, the better ship and cannons you will receive, to fight your enemies and get to the loot first.

Every month after 20 days have passed, they reset the legacy nether world and bring you an opportunity to re-live and make your experience better.

While PirateCraft is different from other RPG Minecraft servers, it also has many similarities to the fighting system and crafting.

Like other servers, they also offer a great and balanced economy, more than 300 recipes, and specialized crews, which represent teams or guilds in other Minecraft RPG servers.

Picking your pirate crew is the most essential part of this RPG Minecraft server, so you will need to be careful and be prepared for the worst… Pirate invasion!


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - Potterworld

Do you want to be a magician, which will be studying in the school of Minecraftwards? Potterworld is a Harry Potter in Minecraft adventure, where you study and create your own story.

Potterworld is one of the best Minecraft RPG servers like Wynncraft, which lets Minecraft players discover magic, learn new spells, and fight against other players.

The custom-made Harry Potter school started bringing so many players to join and start their adventure, that the server became a hit in the game and amongst the best Minecraft fantasy RPG Servers.

The thrilling adventures in Potterworld are infinite and you can always discover a new magical way to develop your character and score on the games, which they have prepared for you.

Becoming a student of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the main alliance that you can join in Potterworld.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers MassiveCraft

MassiveCraft is a medieval RPG Minecraft server with classes and quests. You can choose between their 5 game modes and start your journey right away.

The roleplay in MassiveCraft will take you to another world, where vampires, dwarves, orcs, humans, and elves meet for a final battle.

This RPG Minecraft server has been built around various rules, which had been kept strict and lets players choose a side, which will fight for their deadly alliance.

Each class in MassiveCraft has its racial abilities, which makes it unique from other classes, however, it has a weakness and makes it vulnerable to certain enemies and entities.

Each class has been made with custom scripts and took a long time for the MassiveCraft developers to do, but in the end, it resulted in one of the best RPG servers in Minecraft.

MassiveCraft is a WoW-like Minecraft RPG server, which has its economy, custom-written lore, various quests, and many maps to explore.

The custom-made plugins allow players to create friends and alliances, which set you to fight in real time and bring the win for your alliance in MassiveCraft.

For those who prefer to fight in dungeons and explore new areas, MassiveCraft offers them 4-man dungeons and raids.

Each dungeon is gear specific and will be a hard task if you are a newbie. The custom-made bosses and mobs are strong, but once killed, they drop precious loot.

With the boss drops, you can gear up yourself and become a PVP legend, or use the drops to create powerful gears and make your enemies fear your presence.

MassiveCraft is also one of the most recommended Minecraft servers like Wynncraft, due to the similarity between the Minecraft Fantasy RPG roleplay.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - PokeLand

Pokeland is a Pixelmon Minecraft server, that offers a complete RPG experience to newcomers. The main idea of Pokeland is to catch Pokemon while roaming the world, and train them until they evolve to their fullest.

The players of Pokeland gather to make special PvP Pokemon battles, where they show off their strongest Pokemon and engage in battles versus stronger opponents.

While newbie players would go into the world to gather creatures and heal them in the Poke center, professionals try their hardest to get themselves into tournaments.

And that’s nothing bad. The great thing about Pokeland is that they offer RPG game lovers to clash into battles for real money.

If you are a professional Pokemon trainer, who wishes to show your skill in the arena, you should join. The prize award for the best trainer is $500 and it is awarded every time, there is a tournament.

The Lord of The Craft

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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - Lord of The Craft

Lord of the Craft is a fantasy roleplay server, which turns the vanilla way of playing Minecraft, a bit more fun. To be correct, The Lord of The Craft is a popular medieval RPG Minecraft server, which lets you create your character and experience a whole fantasy storyline.

Once you have created a character in TLTC, you can start going into many adventures, and clash with enemies standing in your way.

And while you are getting used to the server, you can choose to play a certain role with your character, which will create a whole new storyline, especially for you.

You can become a happy farmer, and live your whole life on a small farm, without getting bothered, or become a very known monster hunter.

Monster hunters are very interesting to be honest, because they fight against all kinds of monsters, and demolish hoards.

But if a hunter doesn’t suit your liking, you can always become a powerful spellcaster, also known as a mage, and travel the world, learning new spells and meeting more people around your way.

Or you could become a king and establish yourself in a nice kingdom, full of strong players, who are ready to protect you and your kingdom.

Or strive to become the world’s most powerful mage. Perhaps they will even become kings and have an army of players of their own. The choice is yours.

The Lord of The Craft is one of the most popular medieval RPG Minecraft servers, which has managed to rank in the 2nd place and is a close competitor to Wynncraft and other servers of the same genre. In fact, it is one of the best MMORPG Minecraft servers like Wynncraft.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - BCraft

If you love watching anime, especially Naruto, BCraft is the best server you could join.

BCraft is a Minecraft server, representing Naruto, by allowing you to study in an academy and join higher rank missions, from which you can learn powerful jutsu, and become the next Hokage.

In BCraft players are allowed to choose their path, and can choose their fighting style. As we all know in Naruto there are different types of jutsu, which you can learn by training hard.

It’s the same in BCraft. Players are allowed to choose what jutsu they wish to learn and acquire it by completing missions, gaining experience, or participating in special events.

BCraft is a special Minecraft RPG server, gathering thousands of players, who enjoy watching the anime and playing it on their favorite game.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - ZeldaCraft

ZeldraCraft is an open-world modded RPG server for Minecraft players who love the popular RPG Legend of Zelda.

The server consists of special dungeon systems, and various maze-like maps, where players need to acquire hints, so they can proceed to the next level.

In ZeldaCraft players earn various items while battling through the dungeon areas, or can upgrade themselves by trading in the open-world space.

ZeldaCraft’s ultimate currency for purchasing items is emeralds or the so-called gems, which can be acquired by battling mobs or selling your items to merchants.

It is also one of the first Minecraft RPG servers, which started way back in 2012 and continued its development by releasing massive in-game updates with new features.


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Best Minecraft RPG Servers - Mayhaven Project

MayhavenProject is one of the most unique RPG servers in Minecraft, where you can experience the great story of Atheria and Mianite. For more than four years, Atheria has been the greatest story ever experienced on RPG servers and finished with a good ending.

After Atheria has finished its development, Mianite took over along with new gods and goddesses.

Once a player starts on the MayhavenProject, they can choose their ultimate God, or Goddess to follow. You can also become godless, and follow the unique Mayhaven path drawn based on your choice.


Minecraft RPG servers can be an awesome way to play Minecraft, which is a bit different from the traditional ways of playing the game.

They bring a new way of playing the game and unleash many new battle strategies for dungeons, raids, or war zones, where players clash against their worst enemies.

If you want to become another featured role-playing server, learn how to make a Minecraft RPG server.