The 5 Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs

Are you an RPG players, who loves to play on RPG servers? If your server doesn’t offer a resource pack to download, it may be a bit boring to experience the in-game content.

RPG servers are usually heavy in content, giving you the opportunity to get custom items, fight in dungeons with team mates, and mainly for the PVP lovers, try out the battlegrounds.

In this article, we will review to you the best Minecraft RPG resource packs, which can replace your server’s existing one, making it more enjoyable.

What are Minecraft RPG Resource Packs

When playing role-playing servers, you may notice that the usual stuff on survival Minecraft servers cannot be done. Speaking of which there is no crafting on basic gear, and sometimes no house building.

It may sound strange to the vanilla content lovers, but that’s because we are all used to mine and craft items with whatever we have.

However, there is something fun to RPG servers, and that’s the content it offers. You may find it odd at first, but it’s a very fun experience to collect gears, experience, and more items while going into raids, or finishing quests.

And since we will not be using the usual items in Minecraft, server developers decide to use resource packs, which change the way that your usual items will look. Along with that each item has a different name and usability.

But some servers are less coded, and use textures, that just improve the item display. In such servers, the resource pack can be changed without thinking.

Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs

Even though we will be showcasing Minecraft RPG texture packs, they can be used in many cases. You can install resource packs on your server or in your Minecraft single-player world, and enjoy its content.


Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs - Ayrithias RPG Resource Pack

For the people who love to play on Minecraft 1.8 servers or single-player worlds Ayrithias is one of the best RPG resource packs for Minecraft.

The Ayrithias resource pack is more of a realistic one, but can be used for RPG purposes, and bring a great experience. It is an optimized 32x textured resource pack, which can turn your ordinary game, into a high definition one.

Ayrithias doesn’t have requirements to install Optifine or any other RPG mod to the game, but if you experience lag or your game glitches, you can use to optimize your Minecraft client.

For those who wish to try out the RPG resource pack on a newer Minecraft version, you should be aware that some of the blocks may not have textures applied, and will look ugly.

Since Ayrithias can be resource heavy on some computers, Optifine will be needed. It can prevent lagging and glitches, and also improve your FPS in-game.

Chroma Hills

Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs - ChromaHills Resource Pack

Chroma Hills is a special RPG resource pack, which offers players a special experience with spooky textures, and special mob designs. Chroma Hills comes in 2 variants. One of them is for the low-end computer users and one for the high-end ones.

For the low-end there is a 64x textured variant, and for high-end ones it can be upgraded to 128x, which gives you higher definition graphics, and better view of the game.

Chroma Hills is available for players who enjoy older versions of Minecraft, and is always updated to fit the newer ones. You can find the resource pack’s supported downloads, which start from 1.7 and go up to 1.19.

If you are a Bedrock or MC Pocket edition player, Chroma Hills is also available for you to download.


Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs - StoneBorn Resource Pack

Stoneborn is a high-definition RPG resource pack, offering players a unique experience with cool armors, and better-looking weapons. If you have ever played games like Skyrim or anything similar, you will find so much similarity between the 2 games.

Except for the textures in the gears, you will find even more. For example, furnaces, crafting tables and many other items haven been upgraded to give you a better view and RPG-like experience.

Not to mention that this RPG resource pack comes with a better UI design, which is easier to understand, and better to use.

The Stoneborn texture pack is available to players who play Minecraft 1.7, and goes up to Minecraft 1.19. It has many updates, and is handled by the original developers.

Wolfhound Fairy Resource Pack

Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs - Wolfhound Fairy Resource Pack

Wolfhound Fairy Resource pack is 64x textured pack, unleashing the full potential of Minecraft looking like an old RPG game. It is more of a realistic RPG resource pack, which enhances player graphics, as well as mobs and items.

The detail given in this resource pack is seen at 64x textured level, and can be played by most of the computers, without any issues.

However, the villagers in-game may look a bit too realistic, which is confusing for the RPG crowd. In Wolfhound Fairy resource pack you will see improved UI graphics and many supported versions.

Currently this RPG resource packs has updates for Minecraft 1.8 and goes all the way to Minecraft 1.19. It comes pre-optimized so you will not need to worry about your speed.

Wuyukian Resource Pack

Best Minecraft RPG Resource Packs - Wayukian resource Pack

The Wuyukian RPG texture pack is more of a WoW-like resource, with 64x textures. The detail added in this resource pack relies mostly on the cartoon visuals in-game.

Wuyukian enhances your boring old mobs, and turns them into RPG monsters, which you can battle with better looking mounts and gears. And not only your gears look improved, but also the ores and houses built.

The texture pack is not heavy and can be played on almost any computer, which handles both older and newer versions of Minecraft.

However, if you wish to use the Wuyukian resource pack, Optifine will be required for a smooth experience, and additional tweaks wherever required.

The Wuyukian RPG texture pack is available for all Minecraft versions starting from 1.6 and going up to 1.19. There is additional support for Minecraft Pocked Edition players, and Minecraft Bedrock.