The 5 Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

Have you ever wanted to create modern quest content for your members?

A quest system helps players stay engaged and play more on your server.

To help you find a good questing plugin we have outlined the best Minecraft RPG quest plugins.

What are RPG Quest Plugins in Minecraft

Each of these RPG plugins is free and can be tried by every player. As some projects have been abandoned, any person can try to improve them.

For improvements, pull requests will need to be made from the author’s GitHub.

Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

1. RPG Missions

RPG Missions Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

RPG Missions is a great solution for RPG servers running Minecraft 1.7-1.8. It’s a very simple RPG quests plugin filled with endless tasks.

RPG Missions lets you create a task, and assign it to an NPC. The plugin can create NPCs, which are treated as quest givers.

To set a mission, you will need to use commands as the plugin doesn’t have a GUI. However, setting missions is easy.

All you need to do is write 3 commands and specify the rewards.

Players can take the mission from the respective NPC and view their logs. Missions appear in chat and can be seen through commands as well.

Another way to view the missions is through the scoreboard. Using a simple command can make the scoreboard visible or invisible.

Upon completing a mission, the specified reward will be given automatically. There is no limit to completing missions, but it can be set in the config.

Players are also allowed to abandon missions through a single command.

RPG Missions is a lightweight plugin and can be used for unlimited tasks. There are no permissions either. Players can use all commands, except, for the admin ones.

2. NotQuests

NotQuests Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

Not Quests is the most popular RPG Quests plugin for Minecraft servers. It has over 14,000 downloads and hundreds of positive ratings.

NotQuests comes with an easy-to-follow GUI and unique features. It lets you create simple one-time quests or interactive storylines.

Each quest can have multiple options and requirements to be finished. The best of all is the ability to integrate with plugins like MythicMobs and others.

To integrate the plugins, all you need to do is use API placeholders.

Upon finishing a quest, each player receives quest points. Similar to achievements, quest points show player progress inside the server.

It can also be used for event purposes, rewarding players based on their progress. NotQuests is a no-brainer RPG questing plugin, available for all Minecraft versions.

On top of that, the NoQuests offers 19 language versions for a better experience. However, support is only provided for 1.19, so newer versions can be developed.

To install on older servers, you will need an older version of NotQuests. For older version performance issues have been fixed.

3. QuestWorld2

QuestWorld2 Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

QuestWorld2 is a dedicated RPG questing plugin for scenarios and story quests. It contains 45 category slots with 45 quest slots per category.

Players can use them to create multiple or single-mission quests through a simple GUI.

QuestWorld2 comes empty and it requires server owners to create their own quests. Yet, creating a quest takes only a few clicks.

With QuestWorld2 you can create citizen quests, voting tasks, and even chat missions. All it takes is downloading the required plugins, and the integration is complete.

The missions from this plugin can also have cooldowns. If you don’t want grinds and farming quests, you can set condition timers for your players.

You can also set chained quests, where players need to follow objectives. After the chain quest is finished, players automatically get the next one.

QuestWorld2 is currently abandoned, but can always be resurrected by players. It has been left as open-source for modifications by the owner.

If you have a Minecraft 1.12 or lower version server, it will still work. But, for newer versions, an update is required.

4. BeautyQuests

BeautyQuests Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

BeautyQuests is the most powerful quest plugin for Minecraft servers. It comes with an easy to setup GUI, and hundreds of features added to it.

Server owners can easily create quest branches, story quests, or even daily missions. To accept missions, players need to visit NPCs and have a conversation.

Once the dialog is finished, players can view their quest from the scoreboard menu. Each quest is displayed separately, allowing players to track and finish them.

Quests can contain item gathering, mob slaying, or even crafting. After the requirements have been met, players can return to the respective NPC.

Finishing quests also grants points and achievements. Achievements can be viewed in the rankings, showcasing top players and missions completed.

BeautyQuests works with permissions, so you will need a permission plugin installed.

5. Quests

Quests Best Minecraft RPG Quests Plugins

Quests is the best quest plugin for Minecraft servers. With its current 200,000 downloads, it has become a flexible solution for the community.

The plugin itself is translated into 9 different languages and continues.

Compared to other RPG quest plugins, Quests doesn’t have a GUI. Yet, setting up chained missions or daily ones is easier.

Server owners can create thousands of quests, and save them in a YAML file.

Missions can also be assigned to NPCs, but requires Citizens or similar plugin. Once you assign a quest to an NPC, a note will appear above its head.

Players can read the quest description and choose to accept the mission. Abandoning a mission causes NPCs to revert and offer the same mission.

On mission completion, the NPC will give rewards and show other quests. Players can take single or multiple quests, without worrying.

Active quests can be seen with commands or from the scoreboard tab. But, a scoreboard plugin will be required for the quests to be seen.

Quests and their translations are available for all Minecraft versions. Support also covers each version, but is active only on Discord. For more information or support, you will need to join their group.