The 4 Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins for Servers

Have you ever wanted to customize your Minecraft RPG style server?

A great way to do that is by adding custom HUDs. While customizing HUDs requires resource pack knowledge, we have found a better way.

To help you out we have listed the best Minecraft RPG HUD plugins for servers.

Each of these plugins can help server owners to achieve better-looking visuals, and add trackers.

What are RPG HUD Plugins in Minecraft

Similar to HUD mods, HUD plugins let you change the overall look of Minecraft.

However, these plugins aim to implement role-playing visuals directly into your RPG server.

With RPG HUD plugins, changing visuals will not require your players to download any mods. Since plugins are server sided, they only need to be installed on your server.

HUD plugins don’t slow servers, meaning you can add more RPG plugins, without causing server lag.

Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins

1. BetterHUD

BetterHUD Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins for Servers

BetterHUD is an old HUD plugin, that allows players to re-design their HUD without mods.

It lets you create unlimited numbers of HUDS, and use your own placeholders. Expressions configuration is also possible from inside the plugin’s YAML file.

Styling the visuals can be done from the plugin file, but requires basic X, Y, and Z coordination knowledge.

Server owners can program events, and choose when to display certain visuals. Each visual requires rendering, so you should be extra careful. Loading too many events at the same time may cause small lags.

Another great feature of BetterHUD is designing GUIs. Any server owner can create a nice-looking GUI without knowledge.

The best part is, you can create a GUI for each plugin or usable items like crafting tables.

BetterHUD is a free RPG-HUD plugin available for Minecraft 1.14 – 1.16 only. If your server operates on a new version, you will need to check for alternatives.

2. HappyHUD

HappyHUD Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins for Servers

HappyHUD is a similar RPG HUD plugin, but for newer Minecraft versions. It allows you to create and style unique HUDs out of the box.

While you need expert knowledge in coding, HappyHUD aims to solve this.

The plugin integrates with placeholders, which eliminates the need for coding. Now you can choose a small list of flashy plugins, and make a great design.

On top of that, it takes no server resources. The plugin takes a small fraction of RAM to operate, and does not require CPU comes.

For HappyHUD to work, you will need a resource pack and textures. You can use an all-in-one resource pack, or just add textures separately.

Once you’ve done building your textures with HappyHUD, they will be instantly added to the server.

You can use separate HUD bars and styles for each item or even usable items. Nonetheless, it blocks plugins that overwrite your visuals.

With that said, your visual can never be changed or glitched from other plugins with visuals.

3. ActionHUD

actionhud Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins for Servers

ActionHUD is a resource pack plugin that does not require ItemsAdder. It’s a stand-alone solution with hundreds of new features, currently under development.

If you want to integrate resource packs with placeholders, ActionHUD is a perfect choice. By working with PAPI, you can re-create any resource pack per your liking.

ActionHUD works with both dynamic and static placeholders. You can also use third-party plugins to design your HUD.

The most unique feature of this resource is the ability to use animations. Without causing bugs, you can re-create the visual effects of each bar in your HUD.

Re-styling your HUDs will require you to use the plugin’s YAML file. Currently, there is no in-game editor, yet, the developer is working on making one.

4. RPGHuds

RPGHuds Best Minecraft RPG HUD Plugins

RPGHuds is an open-source addon for ItemsAdder. Combining these 2 plugins gives your server new opportunities to grow.

With RPGHuds you can add new skill, mana, or inventory bars. Each bar can represent resources left with powerful animations.

You can add powerful GPS tracking systems, and follow waypoints as well. On top of that, RPG Huds is optimized for big servers.

RPGHuds also allows players to change existing features and animate them. By using lightweight code, you can efficiently customize without causing lag.

RPGHuds is completely open-source, meaning every owner can customize per liking. Changing the code is also allowed, but will need to be re-added onto new versions.