The 6 Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods for Servers

Have you ever wanted to add RPG HUD to Minecraft for easier health trackability?

With our top picks for Minecraft RPG HUD mods, players can easily improve their Minecraft experience, and bring roleplaying to their favorite blocky game.

What are RPG HUD Mods in Minecraft

The basic HUD (Heads Up Display), shows information about the player and gives a brief of their food health (displayed in hearts), hunger, experience level, and hotbar for items.

To toggle the Minecraft HUD, you will need to press the F1 button, and again press F1 if you want to disable the HUD from your screen.

While a HUD bar is already integrated, using HUD roleplaying mods in Minecraft can tremendously improve the gaming experience, bringing a more RPG-like feeling.

RPG HUD mods give players unique player designs with HP, experience, and level bars, along with mod health bars, just like in most RPG games.

Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

Downloading these Minecraft mods can be relatively easy, and follows the same installation process. Each RPG hud mod for Minecraft has its own version updates, which will be listed for compatibility reasons.


RPG HUD Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

RPG-HUD is the most basic Minecraft RPG HUD mod, including professional bars to track player stats. The mod completely transforms the basic bar and displays all the needed roleplaying aspects on the top-left side of the screen.

Except for the tracking of food, armor, and hunger, players can view their armor and tool durability. As for swimming, there is a special bar, counting the breath left underwater.

Stumbling upon the nearest animals will also display their names, and health bars, giving you an idea of how strong a mob is.

RPG-HUD is exclusively available for all Minecraft versions, starting from 1.8.9 up to 1.13, and can be installed with Forge or Fabric.

2. Neat Minecraft UI Mod

Neat Minecraft UI Mod Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

The neat UI mod is a perfect solution for players who wish to join multiplayer servers, and team up with others.

Using this mod helps identify if mobs are coming in stacks (e.g jockeys), and displays their current health, along with dropped health for the stack.

As for players who have joined parties, the Neat Minecraft UI mod will display all players with colored names, and use a party health indicator.

Configuring the mod can happen from its settings tab, and features special keybindings for toggling health bars easily.

The neat RPG Minecraft mod is available for all Minecraft versions starting from 1.11 up to the latest versions.

3. Traveller’s Titles

Travellers Titles Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

Traveling through biomes and different dimensions in Minecraft can be boring without seeing the name of a current spot.

Traveller’s Titles aims to make this a lot more fun, by adding the name of each biome or dimension a player enters while adventuring.

The Traveller’s Title RPG mod gives players the ability to customize the name view of each place they enter, by adjusting the text’s size, color, and much more.

The mod also comes with custom titles for modded biomes like Atum, Lost City, Bumblezone, and much more.

For client versions above 1.18, Traveller’s Titles can be used for adding custom sounds that will be played once a player enters a location.

Traveler’s Titles is exclusively available for Minecraft versions starting from 1.16 up to 1.19.

4. Inventory HUD+

Inventory HUD Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

Inventory HUD+ is a complete transformation RPG HUD mod for Minecraft, which includes all the features a player needs to start adventuring.

With Inventory HUD+ players can completely scale, and review their collected items, without having to access any other screens.

The mod displays all inventory slots with items collected, buffs or debuffs active, and mainly the durability.

The Inventory HUD+ RPG mod can be styled in any kind of way, by changing the place of each HUD.

Inventory HUD+ is available for Minecraft versions 1.14 and goes up to 1.19.

5. RPG-HUD Reborn

RPG HUD Mod Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

The RPG-Hud Mod is a lightweight alternative, giving the precise features of other RPG mods, but without huge design changes.

With RPG-HUD Reborn players receive special breath and stamina bars, to help track time underwater, or sprint power for avoiding mobs.

The HUD also comes packed with armor and tool details bars, which track the durability of each item, and indicate when it is going to break.

Along with the professional additives, players also receive special mob UI and location compass, for a better understanding of locations and different mob features.

RPG-HUD Reborn is available for Minecraft versions between 1.14 and 1.16. It has been official that the mod will not receive any further updates.

6. Torohealth Damage Indicators

ToroHealth Damage Indicators Best Minecraft RPG HUD Mods

Torohealth is the simplest Minecraft HUD RPG mod, which was ever introduced. It consists of one basic feature, and it is to indicate the mob type and its health.

With Torohealth Damage Indicators players receive 2 UI bars. The main mob bar can be placed anywhere on the screen and will display a single mob’s stats.

The second bar will display small HP bars above the mobs, indicating how much health they have left.

Torohealth Damage Indicators is exclusively available for all Minecraft versions starting from 1.9 up to 1.19.


Minecraft RPG HUD mods are a very special additive, used by RPG servers as it improves the traditional gameplay and gives a more RPG-like experience.

Aside from RPG plugins, the mentioned RPG HUD Mods will require either Forge or Fabric to be installed into the launcher, to become playable.