The 5 Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

Have you ever wanted to implement Minecraft RPG plugins on your server?

We have outlined a very important aspect of the core RPG gameplay. It consists of health plugins, which give a more realistic role-play feeling.

You may not believe it, but RPG health plugins are core to the overall gameplay. After all, a health plugin can further enhance the visuals in any server.

In this article, we are going review the 5 best RPG Health plugins in Minecraft that every server needs to have.

What are RPG Health Plugins in Minecraft

RPG health plugins in Minecraft are used to display player and mob health bars. They work dynamically and track the overall and remaining health.

When you receive damage, a calculation starts to deduce the hit points from the total health.

The same goes for healing. Each heal adds points until it fills the gap between your current health, and the overall result.

The maximum amount of health in Minecraft is set to 10 hearts. Each heart represents 2HP, or 1HP represents 0,5 hearts.

While players cannot display or change the heart system, RPG health plugins tend to solve this.

Best RPG Health Plugins in Minecraft

1. RPG Health

RPG Health Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

RPG Health is a small but unique plugin for role-playing servers. It consists of a visual system that cannot overlap with traditional Minecraft settings.

With most plugins having too many hearts will fill your screen, and cause bugs. But, RPG Health solves this problem.

It transforms player health without touching the heart system. An individual can have up to 9000 HP, without bugs or overlaps being caused.

The more interesting part is that damage can also be modified. Players with 100HP can get killed in a hit, and it depends on your setup. RPG

Health can be configured per liking and works with all Minecraft versions.

2. RPG Health Indicator

RPG health Indicator Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

RPG Health Indicator is a simple Minecraft health plugin, designed for smaller servers. It’s a very simple and lightweight plugin to fit every server’s needs.

Once you plug in RPG Health Indicator you can set its visuals. Currently, you can customize health bar colors for bosses and mobs.

Server owners can choose between different types of bars for both mobs and players. Respective colors and names can also be added.

RPG Health Indicator also works with other plugins such as custom mob and player names.

Unfortunately, the plugin is available for Minecraft versions from 1.9 up to 1.12.

3. OmiHealth

OmiHealth Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

OmiHealth is an RPG health plugin, which gives you to upgrade your heart levels. By crafting a custom recipe, players can receive an extra permanent heart.

This recipe can always be changed, and conditions can be applied for receiving hearts. For example, a player’s extra hearts can be reset at any given time.

On the other hand, players can also get cooldowns for healing depending on their heart level.

OmiHealth also comes with an admin-friendly GUI and a set of executable commands. Through single-line commands, player healths can be altered easily.

This means that autoresponders can also issue adding or removing player hearts.

On top of that, OmiHealth works with permissions. You can easily use a permissions plugin to give the maximum amount of hearts per player group.

If your server relies on donations, you can set a higher amount of hearts for donators.

OmiHealth can be used on servers from 1.9 up to 1.16. The plugin could also work with newer versions but is not confirmed.

4. BossBarHealth

BossBarHealth Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

BossBarHealth is by far the best RPG health plugin used on Minecraft servers. It comes with a ton of unique features, including a wide variety of placeholders.

Server owners can integrate plugins with BossBarHealth through a PAPI call.

BossBarHealth consists of multiple health bars, which depend on the mob type. Each bar can also have a unique design by using the color hex system.

Depending on the mob and its level, HP bars can be hidden for the player as well. As for bosses, directions and hit indicators can be placed for a better experience.

Custom mob names can also be included through the plugin yml file.

BossBarHealth is still under development but has been released for all Minecraft versions.

5. Hardcore Lightly

HardcoreLightly Best Minecraft RPG Health Plugins

If you love challenges, then you will like Hardcore Lightly. While hardcore mode can’t be added to servers as worlds can’t be deleted, this plugin solves the issue.

Hardcore Lightly aims to reduce player health after each death. With that said, if a player dies one time, he will be with 1 heart less upon respawning.

Even if he dies from PvP-ing, mob damage, or falls, a life gets deduced. However, the killer will not get any heart from his victim.

Once a player loses his heart, they will be transferred as basic spectators. The only way for a player to start playing again is by waiting for the timer to end.

You can completely leave them as spectators forever, or respawn them with half hearts.

Hardcore Lightly is designed to bring punishment without using bans. This way your players can fight less, or else they get punished.