5 Best Minecraft RPG Data Packs for 2023

Do you want to improve your Minecraft server, and bring some RPG experience to it?

Buffing your server can happen easily, without the need for plugins, or mods that waste space. We have conducted research and picked the 5 best RPG data packs, that you can include in your server, and bring a ton of players.

What are RPG data packs in Minecraft

Data packs in Minecraft provide players with extra content, which can be customized without the need for RPG plugins or RPG mods. RPG data packs add more mobs, recipes, dungeons, biomes, and much different in-game content.

Each RPG data pack can take up a different amount of space, but will not trigger lags on your server, as much as a mod, or plugin.

On top of that installing a data pack on your Minecraft server will act just like a plugin. There is no need for players to download any extra content, or use any modded Minecraft launcher to play.

RPG data packs are completely safe from Minecraft servers when downloaded from trusted sources, and do not require any login credentials, or server information to work.

Best Minecraft RPG data packs

Xylo’s RPG

xylo rpg data pack best minecraft rpg data packs

Xylo’s RPG data pack is an all-in-one solution for RPG server owners, who want to buff the player experience, without the need for technical knowledge.

It includes 5 different classes with 2 effects and 6 elemental stats, with an option to further level them up, causing more damage, or tougher buffs.

By default, there are 14 different skills a player can use, and increase their ability while gathering experience through killing mobs or other players.

The data pack includes a wide variety of custom-developed weapons with elemental stats and custom damages, which can be acquired through crafting or mob hunting.

Mob hunting will require a different set of skills and professionalism due to mobs getting stronger every 1,000 distance from the world starting point.

Items can be further enchanted or improved with the help of other plugins, without destroying the features of Xylo’s RPG data pack.

The same goes for the player skill levels, which can be upgraded from a skills table, and require skill points, acquired from mob kills.

With simplicity and pre-configured settings, Xylo’s RPG data pack is by far the easiest to plug-and-play data pack ever released, scoring 2000 downloads, and a great active community.

Medieval Destiny

minecraft medieval destiny best minecraft rpg data packs

Medieval destiny is a predefined RPG data pack filled up with adventures, and small configurable content. In terms of simplicity, the Medieval data pack includes small features, which can be used to create a bigger, and everlasting Minecraft RPG experience.

At the start of the journey, players can pick amongst 3 different classes, and rank their classes, until they have reached the maximum tier.

Once a player has chosen his starter class, it will become soulbound, preventing the player from changing gears, until fully reaching the tier cap.

Upon leveling up, players receive a large set of weapons, which can be changed, and the armor will become stronger, until tier 5. Reaching the max tier level gives allows players to remove their gears, and carefully pick their next class.

Currently, there are 3 different classes – Mages, Rangers, and Knights. Each of them can wield different weapons, and have their custom abilities, which are unique to their classes and role play.

In order to obtain the maximum tier for any of the classes, players will need to fight custom mobs, such as bosses, and obtain the special diamond loot.

It is used to upgrade classes, and upon each upgrade, more diamonds will be required for the next tier level to be achieved.

Dungeons Data Pack

The Dungeons Data Pack is more like an add-on, which is meant to be combined with other RPG data packs for a better experience.

It’s a small data pack, which includes a wide set of weapons with different rarities. All weapons are balanced and have their own sets of bonuses, which can be acquired by completing an armor set.

For example, wooden weaponry will result in faster attacks but will deal lesser damage, and netherite equipment will be stronger but have lower attack speeds.

Item sets or non-set items can be dropped by fighting mobs, killing bosses in dungeons, or crafting them. Despite the high chances of getting uncommon items in your first tries, many players have gotten their legendary item sets pretty fast.

As for bosses, you can find them in 5 different sets, starting with veteran bosses, and ending with raid bosses, which require a full part of well-geared players.

If you are looking for an adventure data pack with role-playing like Diablo, or Elder Scrolls, the Dungeons data pack is a perfect fit and requires little to no knowledge to operate.

Essence RPG Sunrise

minecraft essence rpg sunrise best minecraft rpg data packs

Essence RPG is a completely new game-changer for Minecraft RPG servers. It’s packed with custom features, which overwrite Minecraft, turning it into a brand-new role-playing world.

With Essenr RPG Sunrise players jump into a fantasy world, where they can craft tiered gear, and level up their skills for higher damage, buffing, or even cursing enemies.

It consists of hundreds of items and skills that players can take advantage of. Each skill is limited to a certain amount of levels, which can be achieved by killing custom mobs, packed with their own skills, and features.

And if you are thinking to combine Essence RPG with another data pack, the mobs, and items will scale perfectly, without causing any bugs, or glitches in the server.

All mobs will have their separate stats, and custom item drops, which can be edited and further developed to fit Essence RPG.

One thing to note about this RPG data pack is that for smaller servers with low RAM this may not be the best choice, as it’s content-heavy, and can cause glitches while fighting bosses, or other mobs.

However, the developer announced that he is working on providing a better experience, by cleaning the back-end code and struggling to create a cleaner data pack for RPG Minecraft servers.

RPG Combat Datapack

minecraft rpg combat datapack best minecraft rpg data packs

Whether you are an old or a newer player, you have probably tried older versions of Minecraft, and have seen the big changes in PvP mechanics. Back in the day, Minecraft servers were all about PvP and strategic movement.

But after 1.9 came out, the game had changed massively, by eliminating PvP mechanics and putting cooldown timers between attacks.

The RPG Combat Datapack solves these issues, by developing an even better mechanics system for PvP-ers allowing them to move just like in Dark Souls, and any other hack n slash RPG game.

The RPG Combat DataPack doesn’t include any other features, aside from the PvP development, however, it can be used in a wide variety of projects, improving the content in Minecraft servers.


While making an RPG server may seem hard for most newbie server owners, these 5 data packs can tremendously improve the experience, and give you an idea of what your server will need for scaling and growth.

Each of these Minecraft data packs can be combined with role-playing maps and edited without worrying about breaking the server or causing glitches in the system.